• ymmij X

    pirates really wanna be aggro control.

    • Bobit

      That’s how raid works. Btw this is likely draft chaff.

    • Dave

      Huh, your name seems kinda familiar. Are you perchance Jimbox/Jimmy X from Destructoid a few years ago?

  • Happy The Cat

    so… is this a storm crow spy or a spy that is targeting a murder of storm crows? my god I hope it’s the former, the mere existence of the later would destroy the entire multiverse, I mean just a murder of normal crows was a 4/4.

  • Marky Day

    From the art I thought this was going to be a dwarf for a second, and then I let myself get excited about dwarf pirates.

  • Hedronal

    What’s that on their left shoulder?

    • FancyFox

      Really ugly pauldrons.