Stormchaser Chimera - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Stormchaser Chimera

  • Color: Blue, Red
  • Type: Creature - Chimera
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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1 ManaBlue ManaRed Mana: Scry 1, then reveal the top card of your library. Stormchaser Chimera gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is that card’s converted mana cost.

  • prometheus

    Blue Green gets a 3/3 flying death touch creature with flash…(and a monstrosity of 3) and Red Blue gets… This? Seriously… Unless I’m missing the potential here guys.

    • Whiskerbro

      Its pretty good. About as good as that Winged Coatl-like thing.

    • guest

      And red/blue gets the better god for standard.(not best but better than kruphix).

      • prometheus

        I wouldn’t say either god is going to be good in standard. The Red/Blue god isn’t useful until turn 6. They are both going to really good in group play, and commander, but I doubt either will be used that much in standard.

    • kmk888

      Those two both seem like stinkers to me. Playable in limited, sure. But I actually think the U/G one is worse. Like what do you do with it? Flash it in as a flash blocker? In all likelihood either the creature it’s blocking was too small for deathtouch to be needed or too big for the rest of the card to matter (in which case you paid way too much for a removal spell at uncommon). Or you can… Flash it in to do damage at the next turn? Then why is deathtouch stapled on there? It’s just a stupid card. At least this one has a clear use. Sad to say sometimes you’re just like gambling to get the bonus, but in a dedicated scry deck you can fix that issue.

  • Triven

    if you reveal turn/burn, wouldn’t that give it +5? seems pretty cool. not to mention things like blast of genius