• Andy Upton

    lovely stats on this

  • Nolly

    Reminds me of Prophetic Flamespeaker. I wonder if it’ll somehow see more play than it did.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Well, the flamespeaker was basically a 2/3, and it was hard to get damage in. But this guy has higher power, so it can make better use of trample, and can sometimes cost 2 mana, while the flamespeaker always costed three. This is also more splashable, because he doesn’t cost double red mana unlike the flamespeaker

  • Dewill

    what exactly are some of the advantages for this ‘exile top library card and play it until end of turn’i just don’t see the appeal. this is like Abey of keral keep on steroids and i didn’t understand the appeal in origins either. anyone care to enlighten me?

    • DJ Pad

      It’s card advantage. Isn’t that enough appeal?

      • Dewill

        by card advantage do you mean a “virtual” max hand size of 8 for the turn? Its only the top of the library; its your next draw anyways. i almost prefer the tibalt method of drawing and discarding at random. by some strange turn of events this card will see a lot of play like sin prodder. Another card that i just saw too many drawbacks and not enough advantages IMO

        • Nolly

          Outpost Siege was probably the most reliable usage of this method of “card draw” because it was every turn and it was consistent. Putting it on a 3/2 probably isn’t playable, you’d rather use Sin Prodder.

          • Dewill

            i can see it now: red blue card draw decks giving it their best in standard while abzan tokens and black control still reign supreme. sphinx tutelage revival anyone?

    • Nebulium

      I think its wizards way of giving red card draw without actually giving them card draw. I kind if agree with you, its not my favorite. But I do like that its a pretty flavorful ability and it isn’t necessarily bad. Not my style though.

    • Deadly Berry

      Really? You exile a card and you cast it on the spot, if that’s not card advantage to you then what’d you prefer? Blatant card draws like the kind Blue can pull off? Keep in mind Red doesn’t leave much to imagination, everything pretty much resorts to the ol’ good JUST DO IT and this mechanic encourages that play style. I love how Wizards gave this to Red, they might not be the most expensive/showoff cards but they get the job done. #reddeckwins.

    • Kevan Kramer

      If you are playing a red deck, chances are high most of your card are low cost, so you can play them off the top of your deck.

  • Dominic Ng

    if only you can discard the top of your library for madness…

  • Nanya

    Neat card, not using it in Olivia though.

  • Happy The Cat

    you know what would have been great? “draw a card”. don’t want to blow anyone’s mind here but when you have a deck that wants to have cards in your hand to throw away in it’s madness enablers chances are exiling them so you can’t discard them and only letting you cast them for one turn might be a drawback.

    • Jonathan Mueller

      This is red’s way of card advantage, with a more impulsive flavor to it.

      Getting to straight up draw cards from dealing combat damage to an opponent is Blue and Green’s thing.
      (By gathering intel or insight.)

      • Happy The Cat

        your right, red impulsively is worse than all other colors. they could have made it goodcycle or just drop and draw and it would have been better cause you get to keep the card. As is anything with haste or madness is completely useless as an aggressive deck’s value engine.

        • EJ

          A mono-red aggro deck is mostly one-drops and lands. Imagine the rest of your deck consists of Lightning Bolt and Mountains, and this guy suddenly seems more appealing.

          That other creature they spoiled which can be cast from exile is probably a 4-of in a deck where you’re playing the “use it or lose it” card draw.

          • Happy The Cat

            in a world with lightning bolt I’m not running anything over two mana that doesn’t hit like a truck and most of the one drops I’m running have haste which will be useless if you can’t cast it main 1. use it or lose it effects are only good in mid/late game decks where red is a support color which have no counterspells and very little instant speed interaction. namely Jund. goodcycle effects actually do see play in red aggro decks because they let you turn lands into new cards, this wont see agro decks cause it turns good cards into exiled cards because you cast a haste creature or killed something before attacking like a normal person does.

          • Mack Tackleton

            Card is not bad for duels origins on xbox.

    • NoobOfLore

      “Draw a card.” is off-color, and would have been way too powerful for this card to have on top of everything else. They gave it an ability that wasn’t great because the card was already good.

      Exiling is also on-theme for the eldrazi-afflicted, and the block in general.

    • kmk888

      I actually disagree. If you really feel strongly you should just play Asylum Visitor instead but it looks like they are introducing a small hellbent theme into the set with cards like Lupine Prototype and Bloodhall Priest. I like being able to gain card advantage without actually increasing my hand size right about now.

      • Happy The Cat

        then why can’t we get goodcycle effects? let me draw and toss a card so madness can trigger and still be hellbent if I need it. use or lose is so much worse than any other form of drawing that naturally all of it’s cards are red.

  • Jaya

    going right into my mono red LD EDH, 3 to psyco draw a card in red is welcome.

    • Jonathan Mueller

      You mean “pseudo draw”, not “psyco draw”.

      • Angrygnome

        Well, it does have madness, so an arguement can be made…

  • Sulleshrub

    Anyone see the resemblance in the art to Pieces of the Puzzle?

  • Winter Trabex

    This seems like a good idea for Madness/Hellbent decks where you don’t have any cards in hand. You can keep things going with this guy.

  • Trevor Terry

    Isn’t it “Stromkirk” instead of “Stormkirk”?

    • Dewill

      i noticed that too. i hope that its just the editors mistake in the translation.

  • Mack Tackleton

    Could I play lands with this card? My guess is no since it says cast.

    • Zipy

      Depends if the translation is correct. I believe wording will be “play” since that exact effect is a red thing since Chandra, Pyromancer

  • kmk888

    Rock solid card. Probably will see standard play due to high efficiency in madness and vampire decks.