• Alexandre Donnart

    Sorcery speed Anticipate for graveyard decks. Meh.

  • Gabe

    An almost strictly worse anticipate

    • E.

      Not really. If you want cards in the graveyard this is arguably better than anticipate albeit the sorcery speed causes it to stumble in comparison.

  • Spyboy

    why isn’t it an instant goddammit!

    • Jurre Nieuwenstein

      It’s a reprint from Portal: Three Kingdoms.

      • Alexandre Donnart

        Indeed. Used to be uncommon though.

    • Random Guy

      They probably figured it would be too strong for a draft common in a deck with Embalm.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Jace vs Gideon: Dawn of Jacestice

    • Hedronal

      Or the good one, the Dark Jace Returns.

  • Kaiser

    “Tell me Gideon, do you bleed?”

    “You WILL!”

  • Alexandre Donnart

    “1, 2, 3 !”

    “Rock beats Scissors ! I win !”

  • Stinker289

    The strategic planning should have occurred back when Ajani said “we should go to dominira first”

    • Chaospyke

      Nu uh, Why would we do that? That’d make too much sense – Gatewatch

  • Chaospyke

    Art makes them look like they’re bout to face off against each other.

    Can’t wait for the inevitable civil war set we’re gonna get .

    • Nathanael Lambert

      Gatewatch: Civil war. with guest appearance by spiderman

  • Landon Martin

    The art looks so……awkward

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Jace looks like he’s about to shank Gideon with an invisible dagger.

  • jaya

    “Gideon look over here, bro to bro, I know your head is empty and all but I think we should go cautiously on this.”
    “…I tried.”

  • Dan Langevin

    People used to pay $150+ for this card. How the mighty have fallen.

    • Vizzerdrix

      Now they can buy foils

    • Cthulhooo

      150 bucks for a common? Why?

      • Hedronal

        Something about it being from one of the Portal sets.

  • Shagoth

    Important reprint is important. Good that this is pauper legal and a bit cheaper, though the commander set did a number on this, too.

  • Jack

    Captain Obvious is using his superpowers today…

  • Necrachilles

    Jace with the stance of a sassy black woman and Gideon looking like “Can you teach me to football?”

    • Will

      LoL x3

  • Vizzerdrix

    Dude your eyes are so pretty.
    Gideon seriously we need a plan, complement my eyes later

  • Nanya

    Another Anticipate/Telling Time/Impulse/Serum Visions/Preordain, huh?

    I do love me some cantrips.

    Edit: Before anyone says anything, I had NO clue that this card existed before in Commander 2013 and Portals: Three Kingdoms

  • Guest

    Why not just have the art be the whole gatewatch in a sports huddle?

    • Hedronal

      Nissa’s anti-social, Chandra’s impulsive, and Liliana is self-determined, even in a team fight. Jace and Gideon are the ones that care about strategy and tactics, respectively.

  • Will

    I just realized…Why is Jace wearing his leather cloak and hoodie in the MtG Saudi Arabian Deseret?

    • Typhuzuzu13

      Because without his underground lair or super secret gatewatch hidey hole, it’s all he has to keep up his brooding persona.

  • Eli Eyal Broide

    Ok gideon… Are you ready?

    Rock… Paper… Scissors….!

  • Marvin Sürig

    I think I’ll buy a lot of those cut them into different layers and make a life counter for two out of them.