• Son Goku

    For those folks predisposed to freak out: This is not as overpowered as it looks. While it’s basically a combo-killer, it’s expensive for a counter and realistically not likely to hit more than a couple things at once in any given game. When was the last time you went up against a deck that required a lot of things to hit the stack at once and all resolve to win? It’s not that common. A couple of times using this and your opponents might slow down a bit, let one thing resolve on the stack at once, but otherwise, it’s alright. It’s not OP, it’s not broken; while it’s powerful, it generally will have less relevance than a Mana Leak.

    • Ben

      yes but it does answer storm.

      • Son Goku

        True, but I don’t consider that “overpowered,” I consider that justice. ;) And even then, a storm deck should be able to cast their spells and let them resolve one at a time, unless I’m severely mistaken in recollection. Storm just looks for the amount of spells cast before the storm spell, yeah?

        • Gildan Bladeborn

          That is how Storm works, yes, but that’s not how this “answers” it – you cast this when they try to resolve their actual storm payload, since it will exile that spell and all the copies.

          • Son Goku

            Ah, okay, I see it now. You have enlightened me, good sir!

          • tonaced

            Ever goku losses sometimes and is elegant about it. My hat of to you Sir.

          • Son Goku

            Every struggle makes you stronger. ;) I learned something and now I am the better for it. If I’d stopped to think about it, I might have realized that’s how it worked, but no one in my groups runs storm decks, so now I know.

          • ashton

            this just in. goku gets taught by a bald anonymous….

        • Ben

          ye, bust storm also creates multiples on the stack, which is the whole point of it and you stop the ultimate goal

      • DJ Pad

        It does so much worse than mindbreak trap and flusterstorm unfortunately. 4-mana counters are rarely useful against a deck that routinely wins before turn 3 and runs duress/cabal therapy/thoughtseize main.

    • Asghaad

      this is clearly intended as infinite combo breaker for EDH – only format where its mana cost isnt a problem i think – especially in decks like Mizzix that can play this for mere 2 blue easily

      • Son Goku

        ‘Tis a weakness of mine that I very rarely consider EDH. The format just hasn’t yet grabbed me. I’d like it if the commander part of it was ported over to the regular game, but otherwise, it’s not something that really excites me. So when I evaluate new cards, I tend to do so from a standard game of Magic perspective.

    • Tyrell Snelling

      In standard it beats Eldrazi with cast triggers. Nowhere near overpowered, but it might have its place in sideboards.

  • Edward

    Does this stop abilities that say “when you cast this spell?” I assume it would but i am not sure

    • Pulverizerg

      You counter “when you cast” ability with it, yes

      • Edward

        Ok thanks . That makes it so much better then. Will probably see standard play in the sideboard at least. Maybe it is worth main board since it exiles all spells on the stack

      • eltratzo

        you do if you cast this at the right time. you can absolutely let the cast trigger resolve and only after that counter the creature. don’t know why you would want to but the possibility exists.

  • maxime legault

    the thing that i like about this is that it do not counter but exile the spell so it can get around uncouterable card

    • Pulverizerg

      It can completley counter, for say, old Ulamog or Emrakul without consequences

      • Arcus Diabolus

        Thats interesting. This card seems really powerful, but at the same time, super frustrating when some card’s worth comes from being uncounterable.

        • eltratzo

          yes it’s powerfull. 4 mana is also a lot for a counterspell. so much so that the 4 of seems hard to justify for most decks even in standard.
          in the nonrotating formats this might just be to slow since most decks it wants to stop ( storm variants in modern mainly. legacy has flusterstorm and as such an alternative. also the legacy variants of storm tend to be even faster) want to finish on turn 4 at the latest which this won’t be able to answer half the time and can finish turn 3 which this will never stop (unless you accelerate which seems unlikely for decks that want this kind of effect). EDH has Time Stop. which costs even more mana to play but in edh stronger is very often more important than more efficient. things might be different in this case though.

  • Ben

    Finally another answer to storm!

    • DJ Pad

      I don’t think there enough sideboard slots for 12 counters against storm (With mindbreak trap and flusterstorm both being better)

  • Nick Art

    “Nope.” -The Spell.

    • Kahai

      I’ll still take Time Stop over this. Might cost 2 more mana, but when i don’t like what’s going on, i want the turn to end. XD

  • Arcus Diabolus

    This is powerful. Unfortunately, since its so expensive for a counter spell, it won’t be fast enough for decks where you would want to exile all spells, like storm.

    Also doesn’t stop mana abilities, I’m pretty sure, so it means nothing to my mana dorks. Still very tempting to look at if only for the fact that it can tell my opponent to efff off with some more annoying abilities. I need to see the rulings for this card ASAP.

    • eltratzo

      it does stop eveything that uses the stack. mana abilitys don’t. so yes they aren’t affected.

  • Breallea

    Wouldn’t this exile ALL permanents because they’re all considered spells? Like a split second boardwipe.

    • Nebulium

      No, a card is only a spell while it is on the stack. Once is resolves it is just a permanent. No longer a spell.

  • Nebulium

    Not an insane card because of the mana cost but man can it be a satisfying spell to play.

    • Nharzhool

      Strictly better than an overloaded Counterflux though.

      • Hedronal

        Unlike Counterflux, this can be countered though.

        • eltratzo

          also unlike an overloaded counterflux this eats your own spells. couterflux could in theory be used to protect one of your spells. this can’t

  • Adrián Antonio

    This stops eldrazis and their abilities with a single spell, not to mention prosh and other “Cast” triggered habilities. I like it

  • Ryū

    Stahp all of the things!!

    • Zombie

      Doesn’t stop Split Second tho

  • Curundil

    So you ultimate your planeswalker? I don’t think so…

  • Nolly

    Stops planeswalker ults… stops the donated pact combo for a turn.

  • Togg

    Well not the Flusterstorm we wanted but ill take it.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    That’s a fat nope bomb. EDH staple fosho.

    • eltratzo

      Might be. on the other hand Time Stop does the nope bomb even better, this is just way more efficient. which is not always that big of a concern in edh. though in the case of counterspells it might be.

      • Nharzhool

        Though, this is fun for when the Izzet players get into a counter-spell battle on the stack, and somebody overloads Counterflux…this puts a stop to even Counterflux.

        • eltratzo

          as does time stop.

          • Nharzhool

            Lies! Nah, I know…I wasn’t saying it doesn’t. Just saying that this is fun to pop in after those counter spell battles. :)

          • eltratzo

            or you could just wait for the battle to resolve and then counter the source of the battle with for example counterspell ^^ while i get what you mean since this isn’t counterproof itself it isn’t really any better at ending them than any other counterspell.
            and regarding counterflux. either you want the source of the war to resolve in which case this wont help you.
            or you want the source to be counterd. if so either the flux will do that or you let it esolve and then counterspell.
            where exactly do you need this effect?

          • Nharzhool

            Need has nothing to do with it…lol.

            I’m an EDH scrub, so it’s all about which is more fun for me. I use Counterflux when other people are going at a Counter-battle…then I wait for it all to finish, and then overload Counterflux. You know…because screw Blue players. :D

  • DirtyHoboLord

    Aaaaayyy, another mindbreak trap for EDH! For when you can accept only the hardest of hard counters.

  • MrAptronym

    One step less severe than a time stop, (a little more than a voidslime?) for a bit less mana as well. I’d call it a fair trade. Its a less exciting but more workable card and I can’t wait to play it. Art, name and flavor text are great as well.

    • Zombie

      This isn’t Time Stop, this is just the obese combination of Flusterstorm and Stifle.

      And it’s likely not going to be too relevant considering Standard really doesn’t have many stack-wars.

      It might be a relevant Modern sideboard card at some point for the Control mirror.

      • MrAptronym

        I honestly think it feels closer to Timestop to me. Mindbreak Trap at least, Flusterstorm works too differently mechanically for me to compare it. Similar use cases, but a lot of different details.

        I think its point in standard is probably as a counter usable on all of the cast-trigger eldrazi?

      • Robert FakeLastName

        modern already has Mindbreak Trap?

        • Zombie

          Mindbreak is a thing but narrower, it’s more of an answer to long-chain combo decks like Storm. This doesn’t have the chance to be free but applies to far more potential scenarios.

          This erases any current stack at any point in the game unconditionally for 2UU, it’s a potential catch-all to break any stack necessary in a Control mirror, no matter the size of the stack.

          • Nharzhool

            Well…anything under it on the stack, yeah. :)

  • Nanya

    Can someone explain how this works exactly? I’m not sure how it works and want clarification so I don’t assume anything and screw it up horribly.

    • BinkyMcCummings

      yeah same goes for me, cant quite imagine the counter all abilities thing to be that useful, ddont know when this card would come in handy really…

      • Nanya

        The counter all abilities is easy enough to understand. Think of lands that do stuff like Maze of Ith or landfall abilities creatures have and this can stop them.

        I’m confused at the exile part mostly.

        • Mikail

          It simply counters all other spells that are on stack and exiles them instead of putting them in graveyard. It additionally goes around the “can’t be countered” ability though, since it’s not literally a counter spell.

          • Nanya

            OH! It’s like Venser’s ability to bounce the spell off the stack then?


          • Mikail

            Yeah, spells are all things that have been cast and are currently on stack, and this simply removes all of them from the game.

      • Nharzhool

        Ashnod’s Altar, Marath, Cathars’ Crusade, Hardened Scales; and they only have one mana to start the combo – will stop this, lol

      • Mikail

        Counter all abilities can be useful against multiple triggers – e.g. when you have some creatures with Prowess or any other “When(ever) you cast…” ability.

    • aswanlikeneck

      There might be a much better explanation than this but I’ll have a bash

      I think of it as “counter everything that’s on the stack (and exile the cards that were spells)” – bearing in mind permanents are only spells when they are on the stack.

      e.g. if you counter a big Eldrazi with this, they (also) won’t get the “when you cast” trigger, which a normal counterspell won’t actually stop. This is “counter your pump spell AND nobody gets prowess”.

      This needs to be right at the top of the stack. It won’t stop things that happen in response *to it*.

      This card is really going to test people’s understanding of the stack.

  • aswanlikeneck

    “so that’s 10 Zulaport Cutthroat triggers and 10 Cata-…” “NOPE”

  • Tolle

    YES YES YES!!! Wizards has finally given us mass ability removal. Something EDH has needed for a long time!

    • Happy The Cat

      except you will need to use this when the abilities go on the stack, which is normally not going to be happening all at once. plus it doesnt silence creatures so they can just use the abilities again if they are triggered or activated abilities.

      • eltratzo

        might still be relevant if someone gets way too many die triggers of a wrath

        • Happy The Cat

          I mean sure but you could just counter the wrath. what this will do is punish players for going all in at once and setting themselves up for failure like how a overloaded Counterflux would.
          I’ve seen it happen before, this will make someone quieter than Silence. you just feel so defeated when one of these mass counterspells blows you out of the water.

    • eltratzo

      edh already had time stop. don’t get me wrong, this might be good but timestop does all this does and more. (it is worse at handling an opponents removal on your turn though ^^)

  • Hayley Teale

    ok how does this even work

    • Zombie

      Basically it counters everything on the stack for 2UU.

      Think of it as how Flusterstorm works, where it answers every single spell cast before it that’s still floating on the stack waiting to resolve, except this hits abilities as well.

  • Zombie

    Flusterstorm and Stifle made a baby and it got fat.

  • Chris

    Excellent sideboard card for blue control decks

  • VoiceofKane

    A counterspell that can even shut down original Emrakul? Every blue EDH will want this.

    • Jacob Feldman

      granted emerakul is banned in EDH but yes everyone still wants this

      • VoiceofKane

        Not sure how I forgot that, but hey, it also hoses both Ulamogs and Kozileks so whatever.

  • Peter Johnston

    gb aristocrats, try to make ormendahl. rect. counter transform ability and the 5-10 cutthroat triggers.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    well that happened.

  • Liam Hector

    exile-counter target eldrazi AND counter cast trigger …. counter Ormendahl transform and other triggers … exile-counter uncounterable cards? sweet.

  • Kozilek

    R.I.P Strom. I do not look forward to seeing this come out of somebody’s hand when I cast Maelstrom Wanderer, this just sucks for me, hopefully I can have something that cost 4 in hand and I am in play when they try.

    • Tye

      You could always choose to simply not cast the card off Wanderer.
      Edit: Ah, misread your comment. Yes. This actually counters Wanderer and friend(s).

  • TheAweDude

    Yes, yes, this beats Storm handidly, but imagine this in a huge EDH/other multiplayer game where a lot of spells/abilities are being played at the same time.
    “So, I take 4 damage, draw a card, make a dude, sac two dudes, you discard a card, exile the top card of your library, and-”
    “No. Nothing happens.”

  • Melissa Juice

    Wow. Great stuff.

  • Jaya

    This is 1 of the best counters I ever seen for EDH, gets around uncounterable spells and also counters abilities and triggers, it completely stops all eldrazi titans on cast, this is like a cheap time stop.
    Very Very powerfull.

  • kmk888

    This is a great blue counter in multiple formats and an appropriate and necessary tool for control decks in standard. They needed something of the sort to exist in a Standard with so many playable eldrazi around. The flexibility gives it a lot of play, I look forward to seeing it in action.

  • Corey Reks Anderson


  • silverhawk100

    I like it. Four mana is a tall order, but I still like it. It counters side-board hate for control, it stop Eldrazi ramp from gaining value (not that that’s been a deck for a while).