• guest

    so are all the titans coming back?


      They got new art in Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 so it’s a possibility.

      • guest

        is the art greek-esque for all of them?

        • :D

          haha prob but will they allow primeval titan to come back?

          • guest

            we can only hope they allow all the titans to come back. titans are awesome!

      • risu

        it wasnt new art it was the promo art for when 2012 came out

  • paul

    the new sun titan… hnnnnnnnnng need.

  • Hersan Vargas Rojas

    Titans reprinted in Theros?

  • Pat Whitbeck

    i have a feeling that sun titan here is the duel deck mythic, but we will not be seeing him or the other titans in theros.

    • Jayzuz

      At ComicCon,Mark Rosewater said:”And here we have the new art Sun Titan in our new Heroes vs. Monsters duel decks,as you can see.the art is very Theros friendly”.Whether he’s pulling our noses or casually revealing that Sun Titan will be in Theroes,the art is pretty sweet. :D

      • William S. Miller

        fingers crossed for a grave titan return. . .

    • MtgMind-Welder98

      Amazing art! Wish I could put that Sun Titan in my EDH deck :'(

  • William S. Miller

    I was talking about the distinct possibility that the titans might come back. . . makes me happy that I held onto full play sets of each. . .

  • psyrencalling

    I don’t think they are coming back. If you take a look at the Theros spoiler page and take a look at the some of the god art, The few gods that they have shown look like they already have filled the gigantic 5 color mythic cycle. I do hope I am wrong though. It would be nice to get the chance to play any one of the 5 titans.

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    The Titans coming back….IN NEW ART?!? :D (Fingers crossed)