It say’s just “… with converted mana cost X without paying its mana cost.” not “…or less” which means you can cast just cards with exactly the same mana cost.

    • Shagoth

      It’s also blurry so it could be wrong.

  • Gżeś Wrona

    Draw combo Deck…

  • Deadly Berry

    I was gonna say Jeleva approves, but now that I read that the revealed card must be of the same cost, that’d be a little awkward.

  • Cthulhooo

    How the hell did somebody decipher it? :O

  • Edward

    I saw a better resolution version and it definitely says you can cast a card with x or less cmc. Yidris will be happy

  • jaya

    Red was the last color i expected this, Im not complaining tho! I loved it, more red draw pls.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      to be fair it would either be red or blue and no other. if it was blue it would have been x or less. the fact that it is only = to x means it will be more risky and random just like red. However, this is definitely constructible. likely cmc 3 is the best choice to use for it.
      EDIT: well it seems to be x or less anyway lol.

      • Ryan Sullivan

        Could you imagine casting something like Auto-Wurm by convoking and mana dorks, and revealing an Emrakul? Hell, that’d be a really cool Naya combo deck.

  • Random Guy

    Double the mana and cards for only 4 mana. Plus CMC matters is fun. I love it.

    • Random Guy

      It’s okay… but you stole my name so…

  • Arijit Mazumdar

    normally i dont like red cards like this. but then i read “without paying mana const” now i think it would be alright in edh

    • Random Guy

      Red is gaining a lot of mechanics since it’s historically been too straightforward, but especially the “stormy mechanics”.

  • Vizzerdrix

    Everything has cascade, oh you’re playing yidris with double strike so triple cascade? Extra combat you say so penta, delve a temporal manipulation cascade 10 cards for a 10 mana spell 5 times, busted in yidris

    • TogetherAlone

      I wouldnt call this cascade, casting a 2-4 drops may not get you anything at all. Cascade is great because you get something every time. THis can whiff and it can whiff hard. it also does nothing when it enters so this card is super bad like possibly even in commander.

      • JD Farrell

        There are plenty of cards that do nothing when they enter that see play in commander. Maelstrom Nexus comes to mind – and this fits in far more decks.

        This can whiff, but it’s definitely similar in context to cascade. Mono Red decks, Boros, and potentially any number of colours, will love this card.

    • Random Guy

      Ydris doesn’t play from hand so this really doesn’t have any special synergy.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        The point is it’s like Cascade.

        • Random Guy

          Only in a very narrow sense. It lets you cast more spells when you cast spells, yeah.

  • Mini Zem

    This seems ridiculous.

    • Random Guy

      I don’t think so. It doesn’t do anything the turn you play it, and at best it doubles your mana and draw. Compare that to GFG which gives you massive presence the instant you play it. In EDH it’s playable but not insane.