• thebulwark

    love the art

    • Sebastian Franz

      hate the art

      • Rafael Castro

        So many emotions generated from a single card

        • thebulwark


  • Marvin Sürig

    Nobody expected the Sudnering Titan XD. But yes it is from Mirrodin and it also fit the sharp edges of the design.

  • AustinSmith

    Lol all of you said it would be Blightsteel Colossus on that booster pack artwork.

    The only reason I’m not particularly enthused about seeing this is because I primarily play EDH. Legacy MUD always did look intriguing to me, but alas, my wallet.

  • DJ Pad

    What of the point of reprinting this card when it’s banned in the only format that would typically play it (EDH?). Of all the cards to reprint from Darksteel, they give us ANOTHER reprint of Sundering titan…

    • Zombie

      Who cares about it being banned?

      You do understand that Masters sets are designed as stand-alone draft environments first and foremost, right?

      Sundering Titan in what’s essentially an unpowered non-singleton Cube is perfectly fine.

      • Tolle

        They are also a way to get out much needed reprints. If the only format that would play it can’t play it then this isn’t a needed reprint.

        • Zombie

          Sundering Titan is literally played in both Legacy and Modern.

          • Giby86 .


    • Brandon William Burk

      Because it’s also played in Modern mono blue Tron.

  • Kaiser

    i love the flavor of the card its like “we really win? dont think so”

  • Happy The Cat

    You know, when you go back and look at all the bs in Mirrodin, it kinda makes you wonder how the Phyrexians managed to beat them. They didn’t even need to spend mana to summon them.

    • Tolle

      To be fair, the phyrexians corrupted a lot of what Mirrodin had. So the Mirrodins had to fight against these very things.

  • Kahai


    • Kahai

      In other news, YES! he’s super broken in limited. :3

      Love the new art!