• Blahblahblahbla

    Holy epic artwork..

  • Avery Standley

    King Kong 2017 in Kaladesh lol

  • james hegge

    one that artwork is epic, and two i want to see someone get this in a draft just to see hell break loose.

    • Zombie

      If you play this against someone in draft I’m pretty sure there’s a rule somewhere that says your opponent is allowed to punch you in the mouth.

      Same with Mana Vault/Mana Crypt/Sol Ring.

  • Ryū

    Easily my favorite of the inventions. Thar be a killing machine.

  • Zombie

    Oh my goodness I’m definitely picking up one of these for my Madcap deck. That is amazing art. Like the Gearhulks, but better in every way.

    • mehngo

      Sundering Titan is the colorless Gearhulk xd

      • Zombie

        I mean, it kinda is.

        It also just happens to be infinitely better than all of them, but that’s none of my business.

        • mehngo

          Imagine a world where sundering titan was actually reprinted in this set and how it would ruin standard.

          • Zombie

            Sundering Titan back in Standard would actually make me play the format again.

            Crushing people with my OG foil Darksteel Sundering Titans in Standard would be so feel-good I might even enjoy playing Standard.

            Plus Sundering Titan in Standard might even make Madcap Experiment viable.

            Right now it only works in Modern because R/W can abuse the hell out of Nahiri and Blood Moon and just stop your opponent from playing Magic so you can combo off safely and then just shut your opponent out.

            Madcap Experiment -> Intervention Pact it -> Hit Sundering Titan T3 and gain as much like 45+ life.

          • mehngo

            Didn’t realize the deck ran Intervention Pact, seem’s like a pretty fun combo. What tier would you consider the deck?

          • Zombie

            Eh… 2.5 at best.

            It has the potential to Turn 1 kill with Combustible Gearhulk, which is ridiculous in Modern (the pure combo version, not the R/W Control variant that uses Madcap as its win condition alongside Kiki Jiki/Resto).

            I won a game at FNM while testing it on T1.

            Land, Spirit Guide, Desperate Ritual, Desperate Ritual, Madcap Experiment, hit Combustible Gearhulk. Opponent chooses for me to mill 3 instead of draw 3, and I mill Emrakul, Sundering Titan, and Nahiri, meaning they just took 27 damage to the face at the top of Turn 1.

          • Steak Sauce

            MUD in Legacy runs it just because you can get it out so fast with Metalworker and/or Kuldotha Forgemaster. Plus access to Cloudpost and Grim Monolith.

  • BusinessmanGinger

    Nice, needed a reprint :). Also I love how you know it’s badass when you can’t even see the full scope of it on the card.