• Grant Jacobson

    the discard in its eternalize means it doesn’t keep the same card advantage that other eternalize have. But, in an eternalize/embalm deck where you would want cards in your graveyard that could be an upside.

    • galen150

      hm, thats an interesting idea. dont think that will become a real deck though :/

  • Shagoth

    Why? Why discard a card?

    • Zombie

      To Eternalize something else

      • Shagoth

        Still pretty lame.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    It’s an Eternalize for 4 and you’re still complaining ? This won’t be played outside of Limited anyway, and there, discarding extra lands or other Eternalize / Embalm cards is sweet as long as you get a 4/4 for 4 gaining you 4 life.

  • Happy The Cat

    Champion… of the sun?

    • Brams

      Flavor text should mention he’s a master of karate, and friendship.

  • Gregory Walter

    Ribbon dancing, weee! <3

  • ymmij X

    well this is limited playable for sure

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    This is the one of the few I could see someone playing.

    • Random Guy

      Why? It’s lifegain, whixh is weak.

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        Life gain on a very serviceable body has been historically good. Thragtusk and Centaur Healer come to mind. Annointed Procession also feels very rewarding with this.

        • Random Guy

          Are wee talking standard?

          This just doesn’t seem helpful against most decks.

          • Happy The Cat

            it seems helpful when there is a 5/5 horse that makes 5/5 horses if you gain life

          • Polis_Ohio

            That would be an 8 mana turn, not very effective in standard. EHD mayhaps.

          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            We won’t know what kind of meta we’re in for a bit. Has standard even stabilized since Marvel got banned? Last I checked people were back on the Mardu train.

          • Random Guy

            On the triple energy train actually.

          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            Energy and BG counters are both getting a really rough hate card.

          • Random Guy


      • Life gain for the sake of life gain is weak. Lofe gain that is also on top of another effect or a body is great, especially if the card itself can reenter.

  • Random Guy

    I’d like to note that everything in this cycle is a Wizard that cares about power. Makes for a decent tribal setup, the cards probably aren’t strong enough for it to be competitive in any format tho.