• Christopher Lacey

    I love it, “survive the night”, girl holding a door back to a room full of or a barrage of zombies/ghouls; Nice and flavorful. This is a pretty sweet instant: gain indestructible and a little power buff + u investigate. I am really liking the investigate mechanic. I want to see investigate cards everywhere!

  • Fran Álvarez Méndez

    If the flavour was something like “They said it was an easy job, only look out the taber for all night” or “while the candles still liting it’s ok”, it would be perfect

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      I like the original fine.

  • Nyx

    Reminds me of that part in Resident Evil 4 where Leon, Diego and Ashley have to fight off and block all entrances in the house to keep all the zombie villagers at bay. Good times.

    • Dave

      You probably mean Luis Sera, not Diego. :)

  • MrAptronym

    Not an exciting card, but it’s a common and I potentially could see myself casting it in limited. Art and flavor are nice.

  • Asghaad

    well this card is absolutely pointless as long as “Make a stand” from OtG is legal – aside from draft of course but it would seem we are now getting the jank of the set and its bad, reeealy bad …

    • Melissa Juice

      “aside from draft”

      Well, seeing as that’s why the card exists at all…

      • Asghaad

        which is exactly the definition of jank card – usable in draft only, otherwise waste of cardboard …

        • Melissa Juice

          So. Not a waste of cardboard, then, seeing as it’s so useful.

  • DCM

    Victorian-style Claire Redfield

  • Jody Williams

    Good to see the guys from Army of the Damned are still getting work.

  • Happy The Cat

    why not add “and can block any number of attackers”?
    more flavor, better trick and it would be a card we haven’t seen seven renditions of.

    • the mad seer

      i think the idea is to use the main idea of an old spell and modify it to use the new mechanic

  • Evan Panek

    Is that a gun she’s holding :( MaRo is gonna be angry at the art direction team if so.

    • Melissa Juice

      Hand crossbow. :)

  • Bige Boiy

    If those thirteen 2/2 zombies have been there since OG Innistrad, this is looking to be one long night.

  • space-coyote

    “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse”