• Ben Grondin

    Is turning your opponents Lightning Bolts into Ancestral Recalls… good?

    • Andrew Rapp

      would have to say no

    • Zombie

      Nope. But the caveat to that is that you can burn your own Swans to draw that many cards.

    • Melissa Juice

      It’s AMAZING with the right cards, yes.

  • A Mother*ucking Sorcerer

    ….Mill, maybe? Other than mill or burning it yourself for the draw, I don’t see any good use of this card, even in draft

    • Kaiser

      Is a 4/3 Flying for 4 this is very very agressive card with a good deal drawback. Huhuhu draw-back (?)

      • Kaiser

        AAANNNNDDD you can burn this guy to draw as you said, two plus one minus

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    lolololololololololololol…. .. . . .. .

  • Ryx

    well this is instant sideboard for my R/U delver deck. Trade a lightning/Rift bolt for three cards, plus a solid blocker, SOLD!

  • NC


  • Garrison Tran

    how to use this? 0.o

    • sn1per

      Step 1. Play it.
      Step 2. Laugh as your opponent realizes that they can’t Abrupt Decay or burn it.
      Step 3. Keep counter spells and redirection spells in hand.
      Step 4. Draw a lot of cards.
      Step 5. Win.

      • BlahBlahBlahBla

        Your opponent would love to point burn spells at this. It turns Lightning Bolt into Ancestral Recall for them.

        If you aren’t playing this in a convoluted combo shell it’s basically a 4/3 flyer that has the potential to allow your opponent to win faster. If you intend to point your own burn spells at this, you’re going to find yourself with alot of control cards in hand, but completely out of firepower.

        That said, i do intend to resolve a Blasphemous Act with this on the board some day before i die.

    • MARPJ

      Sn1per is wrong :)

      This is part of a combo deck that has popular befor twin, use 40 lands, this and Seismic Assault (and other things to close the deck). Use the Seismic Assault to do damage in the swan, draw a lot with it, then discard 10 lands and kill your opponent :)

      • Garrison Tran

        40 lands wtf, but that combo sounds awesome

    • NC

      There was also an Extended combo with Chain of Plasma years and years ago, but Chain of Plasma will probably never get a modern printing.

  • Mark Bass

    Don’t people remember this used to be the center of some good decks back in the day in Modern? (years back)

    • MARPJ

      Seismic Swans is the deck you want, and yes it has popular before twin (twin is better, so people prefer twin)

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    More like Swans of ArgLOL.