• Jay Kilian

    Wow. It’s a 3/3 rattlechains in a strong tribe. Protects the lords. Even works with a more control shell where you keep mana up.

    • Random Guy

      Buuuut…more mana is bad for the effect (not worth the toughness) and it doesn’t have flying which is a big deal. Seems like a small nerf, still a strong card.

      • RRYGO7

        Aaand…he doesnt give them flash

  • Santuli

    This is neat…

  • 3/3 flash would’ve been decent enough at uncommon. So much versatility on this!

  • Shagoth

    Not constructed playable, but a solid card.

  • Zombie

    Oh man if this was just 1G or GG it might have even hit Modern in Merfolk Sideboards.

    That extra mana in the CMC is often the killer of playability.

    If Merfolk become a thing in Standard then this might have a home, but even then the format would have to change a bit to make it worth playing.

    • Jay Kilian

      Yeah, but Merfolk runs aether vial, often on 3. This guy can fizzle a Path or Push on a lord with a strong body.