Sylvan Messenger - Magic Origins Spoiler

Sylvan Messenger

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Creature
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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Trample When Sylvan Messenger enters the battlefield, reveal the top four cards of your library. Put all Elf cards revealed this way into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

  • Jordan

    wtf…… elves gets a ringleader now? Except better? At uncommon?

    • wwww

      This cards was first released at the same time as Ringleader in Apocalypse…

      • Jordan

        Ah ok. I was in Iraq at the time this block came out. I played goblins in legacy afterwards, so I was only familiar with that one.

  • ManuS

    except the card is exactly goblin ringleader and fromt he same cycle and original set lol

  • Zombie

    Damn son where’d you find this?

    And Elvish Goblin Ringleader has some potential in non-rotating formats that you just can’t ignore, especially Modern.

    With the current rise of Elf decks in Modern, both Aggro and Combo, this could be a massive player in those archetypes and could help push the decks into Tier 1.

    Man, Origins is just such a cool set.

    • wwww

      This or Compagny in Modern? Or both?

      • Kaiser

        This is more relevant, a turn four “draw 2-4 cards” body is pretty scary in aggro decks

        • BlahBlahBlahBla

          Turn 3 in Elves like 85% of the time. :)

          • Zombie

            Unless that turn 3 is setting up Elvish Archdruid, which might be more prevalent than playing Sylvan Messenger honestly.

          • Happy The Cat

            that is turn two thanks to the turn one dork
            this is elves man they can get as fast as a jaguar on crack
            also remember that argument about eyeblight’s end?
            I forgot what it is call but there is something that makes it better than Db but I can’t seem to remember what…
            maybe it will come to me during this set…

          • XC

            A four drop on turn two is pretty hard with just one mana dork.

          • Happy The Cat

            yes which is why I’m saying to play a three drop elvish archdruid not the four mana sylvan messengers

      • Zombie

        Probably both.

        This will act like Collected Company copies 6 -7, I mean even at CMC 4 there’s no reason not to play it.

        It’s also possible it could be viable in Legacy, given that it’s just the Elf version of Goblin Ringleader, which is a Legacy Goblins core card.

        Though, I doubt its existence in Legacy, honestly. It was first printed in Apocalypse, and I don’t know if it’s ever seen Legacy play yet.

        • Dillweed

          In standard? Yeah, I think this card is awesome. Modern elves doesn’t need it.

          • Zombie

            Does it need it to function? No.

            Can it use it to function even better, with Sylvan Messenger providing even more consistency to the deck than it already has? Yup.

    • Jazzyboy1

      Yeah, I can definitely see this replacing Chord of Calling as it’s an elf and usually gives more card advantage.

      E: Oh, forgot Chord has convoke so nvm.

      • Zombie

        Yeah I don’t know if it’s a replacement for Chord entirely, but maybe at least 1 of your Chords.

        I could see dropping both Chord and Company down to 3 copies each and bringing in 2 Sylvan Messengers.

        Sylvan Messenger lacks the guaranteed “Pick 1 card” of Chord, and the almost guaranteed “Pick 2 cards” of Collected Company, but can draw you a potential 4 Elves by turn 3.

        Sylvan Messenger’s ability has enough powerful potential to make it worth dropping a copy each of Chord and Company. It will probably average out to being basically Company’s value, but there’s always the potential for getting 4 creatures, or 2 Collected Company’s, for the price of one Messenger that also brings along a body with Trample.

        Having Trample also makes it a large theat in the current Elf Company decks, as they run Lords that pump your elves.

  • Guest

    Do we get the white version of this? Enlistment officer? Soldier tribal could then become a thing…

    • Jazzyboy1

      My soldier tribal is already pretty strong, thanks. I wouldn’t run Enlistment Officer. Windbrisk Heights and Surge of Thoughtweft give me just enough card advantage.

    • Happy The Cat

      soldier relies more on mass production and then throwing down globals
      this is more for the tribal instants and sorcerys that, well, do stuff

      • Jazzyboy1

        You can have different kinds of soldier decks. My soldiers deck acts a lot more like elves than some soldiers I’ve seen, except that it uses Ballyrush to reduce costs rather than making mana and Preeminent Captain instead of Collected Company, but with the chance of cheating out Captain of the Watch.

        If they had a white version of this that fetched Kithkin or Soldiers, I might run it because it could fetch anything in my deck, including Surge of Thoughtweft, which is a brilliant card.

        Unfortunately, Enlistment Officer doesn’t fetch enough since there’s only 1 non-creature tribal card for Soldiers and it’s not really worth fetching, even if it is fairly decent. (Veteran’s Armaments)

  • Swagsire

    So I guess Elves tribal is going to be a thing in standard now.

  • Happy The Cat

    … is she blowing a knife?
    I never understood why trample, I now elves get more global buff than (insert joke here) but 2/2 trample? what does that step over?
    also we got all of the elf deck cards thanks to this and the elite

  • Kameenook

    Was this previously modern-legal?