Tamiyo, the Moon Sage - Planeswalker - Avacyn Restored

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Planeswalker - Tamiyo
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+1: Tap target permanent. It doesn’t untap during its controller’s next untap step.

-2: Draw a card for each tapped creature target player controls.

-8: You get an emblem with “You have no maximum hand size” and “Whenever a card is put into your graveyard from anywhere, you may return it to your hand.”

  • kyklops

    Not kamigawa again………….who the hell is she need demon plansewalker

    • Rogersttman

      So true! +1 Demon Planeswalker

      • Damocles

        Can demons even get a spark?

        • Empyrean

          I’ve wondered that, too considering they’re ultimately constructs of concentrated mana. Supposedly Ob Nixilis had one, but that’s just speculation.

          • Magicalman

            Ah…. as the years go by, you learn so much

        • Wisdomseyes

          If a cat can… and a dragon… why couldn’t a demon? How does a demon getting the spark make any less sence then Ajani or Nico Bolas…

          or Karn (even though his spark is Urza’s Spark but that’s besides the point)

          • Cob Khuraibet

            The Karn thing isn’t really beside the point. Also, now he has Venser’s spark. But if a spark can be given from a planeswalker to someone/thing without the spark, it stands to reason that sentience is the only “requirement”
            There’s no official limit on the species/race of planeswalkers to my knowledge.

          • Angels cannot have sparks, being simply constructs of pure white mana…

          • Cob Khuraibet

            So the requisite is not just sentience but, also being constructed of a non-aetheric material?

          • guest

            Whoa guys, when we’re talking about what CAN and what CAN’T happen in a world of MAGIC be sure to back up what you say with official canon statements from WotC, otherwise everything you are saying is speculation and therefore only confusing, and causing rumors and arguments.

          • Mullerornis

            Because unlike those things, demons are constructs of mana.

        • Ob Nixilis had a spark and was a demon, so yes Demons can unlike angels…

          • Mullerornis

            Ob Nixilis wasn’t a true demon; he just got stuck in that form

          • Oh, okay, that makes a lot more sense…

    • Cob Khuraibet

      She’s been studying the effects of the Silver moon on all the species in innistrad and now all the new ones. She’s with the astronomacner who works out of a silver observatory. You know…. that story that they’ve told us so much about before just now. But, are you really going to complain about the plane she’s from when she’s so useful?

      But I DO second the demon planeswalker

  • Wisdomseyes

    Wizards said on their website a while ago they aren’t going to be making new planes for a while and reprinting a lot of old sets. It is likely after ravnica they go back to kamigawa.

    I am not a big fan of her abilities… I can’t see them being game changing useful… even her epic.. although there are some abusive combos with that.

    • Busterswrd_maniac

      U/W. feelings of dread. nuff said.

    • Empyrean

      If I were running W/U, I’d rather run her than Gideon.

      • Wisdomseyes

        Well, if your running WU control yes.

        WU aggro does exist, even in standard.

        her +1 isn’t anything new. RW Ajani only will a little boon of actually tapping the permanent.

        her -2 is fantastic, but situational based on your own or opponents creature base.

        her -8 is so abusive and amazing it isnt even funny. But at +1 a turn, 4 turns in and then on turn 5 you can set it off… takes to long.

        There is a lot of holes in her abilities, but she is flexible enough where yes, she could surpass gideon (I personally still like gideon… but I don’t imagine myself running either in a competitive deck.)

        We do have to consider that there are some control options rotating out soon, so this may end up being one of the better options. And In blue, I agree this is VASTLY superior to Memory adept.

        oh, and lets give her art some credit, because i think its nice.

  • Jaryntaylor

    I think her and a demon planeswalker will be the two.

  • Xzoah

    Hmm…. Meh. I was hoping I’d finally get a G/U planeswalker… oh well. Huh, No land bounce… and she’s supposed to be a soratami?
    On a side note: I’m rather pleased we’re going back to Kamigawa… It’s one of my favorite planes and new, playable, soratami would be great.

  • guest

    I’d rather have a Tamiyo any day than a Jace today.

    • Guest

      agreed -_-

    • Ethanvandeberg3

      Yeah you can have her in with jace and while you have tamiyo tapping your opponents creatures while you have jace milling the deck… While your opponent is gaining anything you can gain up on creatures before your opponet burns or o rings or what ever he/she does….

  • Guest


  • Busterswrd_maniac

    wow, can’t believe how many people have hate for this card. i personally like the addition of a new planeswalker, rather than some reprint knock off. and she would be amazing in a creature control deck. dungeon geist, feeling’s of dread, gideon’s lawkeeper, hello? a tap down deck using her would just be absurd. you keep your opponent’s creatures from attacking her, and the whole while you keep building her up

    • Asphodel …

      That’s all very well, but these so called ‘knock off’ reprints have, for the most part, been in keeping with the storylines of the planes in question. This planeswalker, however, has a tenuous and fragile link to the plane of Innistrad. I can’t help but feel they might have been a tad more inventive, and just saved this Moonfolk ‘walker for the inevitable return to Kamigawa.

      • Sajomir

        Well honestly, what connection did Garruk have to Innistrad at all? He just decided to follow Liliana there. Whoopdy doo.

  • Ethral

    Let me get this strait her emblem lets you put a instant/sor. once it’s played back into your hand for example: player A: has emblem play’s time walk then after it resolves instead of going to the graveyard it goes back to the hand?

    • Flosscar

      Any card, actually. Creatures, enchantments, artifacts, etc. And they go to your hand when they hit your graveyard from anywhere, including from mill. Basically enables any number of infinite loops. That’s probably why it’s a -8 when she starts at 4. You’re probably never going to be able to actually use it

    • Jesus

      If you’re reffering to temporal mastery, no it will not come back to your hand because instead of hitting the graveyard, mastery hits exile immediately. Anything else that hits the graveyard though, yes, it comes back to hand.

  • Pixelplx

    LOVE this! now THIS is what Wizards should be throwing at us. Cards that surprise! Not a timewalk2.0. Excellent choice.

  • O_o so, you can remove 8 when she is at 8, and she will return to your fucking hand D:?

    • she wont just return your hand, everything pretty much keeps getting flashback.

      her + jtms+ some mana cards like dark ritual and a mana ramp combo will do billions of dmg

    • Damocles

      I don’t think so. You pay the cost of her ultimate ability, state-based effects check for 0 loyalty counters and sends her to the graveyard while the emblem is still on the stack.
      (I could be wrong!)

  • Howlingerx3

    I want two copies of this card sooooooo bad, BUT…. i have a feeling the price on this card will be over priced from the moment it hits preorder in onnline card stores. I feel this card shouldent break the $25 range, but… it will, and to me and many others… anything over that price rang will be over priced for a card that has such a high casting cost in such a fast format as standard.

  • use her and dark ritual

  • Mustamakkara

    This lady deserves a medal. Thinking of manamorphose + rite of flame + shock. Instant win.

  • meowmix

    Well guys lets just slow down the whole set is yet to be released. who knows… maybe, a demon planeswalker is making its way to the stage.

  • I read an excerpt about her from the Avacyn restored booklet, She is indeed from kamigawa, but she is on inistrad using her new found spark to travel the planes and learn more…. This is…. pretty legit :D lol

  • Guest

    That ultimate ability.. Just freakin’ awesome! Practically a free optional “buyback” on ALL your cards.

  • kyklops

    thinks that need a plansewalker are devils demons and gobbos
    ANd demons can get the spark if vamps and golems and kamigawans can hmpph

  • kyklops

    whered u find info un tamiyo and no jace is d bomb but tamiyo is better card

  • meowmix

    I’m very happy that we have another planeswalker, but you can’t just stop at this one for this set. There must be one more planeswalker left for wizards to reveal.

    • K Tessier

      There are Two Planeswalkers confirmed in AVR. The first one is Tamiyo, the Moon Sage.

  • Breakbeatz420

    that ultimate ability is almost a game over! Played with time warp you’d have an endless amount of turns!

    • Megablaster326

      what? how does that work?

      • Sajomir

        Play Time Warp. Play it again after it bounces into your hand. Next turn, do whatever. Turn after that, play Time Warpx2, repeat

        • Sajomir

          Also, even if you only have mana to play it once, keep playing it each turn till you draw more land. Cheers :D

  • Chip_the_squirrel

    holy crap this is going in my tap deck

  • Cob Khuraibet

    Jace is in my U/G opponent milling deck. There’s no substitute for the mind sculptor. But THIS is going into every other deck I can find a place for it.

  • Howlingerx3

    Well… i gave in, and shelled out the cash for two copies. I just hope this card is worth the $50 bucks i payed for both. As of now, i’m in aw at the things that one can do with this card. Makes me wonder what else is in store for blue….

  • How do you play this card ? What is +1 -2 -8 is that amount of counters on it if so how do u put counters on it…..sorry im outdated and haven’t played it in 4 to 5 years….

    • Tainted Soul

      She’s a planeswalker. The counters are called loyalty. Each of your turns, you use one of the abilities on the card for the required loyalty payment. The plus adds loyalty and the minus takes away loyalty. When a planeswalker has 0 loyalty or a planeswalker with the same sub-type enters the battlefield, it dies.

  • Avenger

    This guys don’t understand… Most people (me included) HATED KAMIGAWA. The only thin I want to know/see about KAMI-SHIT again is when PHYREXIA conquers it and devour all its crappy legendary creatures, artifacts (the only true exception is Umezawa Jitte’s thats a good card) and boring legendary useless lands.

    • guest

      :< I actually liked Kamigawa. I hope they reuse the "Splice onto Arcane" effect… ON CREATURES! *shock and awe*

      • Damocles

        Kamigawa will be part of the Grand Compleation. It’s just a matter of time…

    • Sajomir

      I love that “me” somehow becomes “most people.” :P

  • P50tek

    Emblem + (r) goblin + Infernal Plunge = win game

    • Atrubshaw1

      No. Emblem+omniscience+sorin’s vengeance = win game

  • Guest

    Kamigawa was ****

  • Childofalessergod

    im not impressed…thats until i play against her and all my creatures end up tapped lol.

  • Calviin

    I just want to pair her with Foil and/or Dream Halls.

    • Calviin

      Or Rewind, Frantic Search, etc.

  • Howlingerx3

    Lol Her last ability+Jace’s Archivist=funny. Test played this, and the result was funny as hell.

  • Gffg

    increasing confusion + last ability= awsome