Teferi, Temporal Archmage

Teferi, Temporal Archmage

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Planeswalker
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+1: Look at the top two cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the other on the bottom of your library.

-1: Untap up to four target permanents.

-10: You get an emblem with “You may activate loyalty abilities of planeswalkers you control on any player’s turn any time you could cast an instant.”

Tefri, Temporal Archmage can be your commander.

  • Brom

    Teferi, finally. A little on the weak side though I’m thinking. That minus 1 could be abused in many ways I’m sure.

    • Xero

      It’s obviously for a Commander deck and fits that niche exquisitely. His ultimate makes all of your Planeswalkers for the rest of the game many times more dangerous. Think Nicol Bolas, or Karn.

  • Lisky_Frisker

    WHAT!!! This cannot be real.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    So…Wizards has gone and done it. They made an official Planeswalker commander. Honestly, Planeswalkers should just be able to be commanders. I mean they are just as legendary as the actual legendary card type. What’s the issue?

    • MrAptronym

      Many normal Planeswalkers would be unbeatable. Just imagining Tezzeret as a commander, ugh. These are especially weak.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        I do wonder which Tezzeret you are thinking of. There are certain tradeoffs that you must make to have a planeswalker commander. 1) Commander damage cannot be dealt with a planeswalker aside from Gideon. 2) Planeswalkers are attackable and damage dealt to a player can be redirected to them. This a big downside especially in EDH. 3) There are plenty of spells capable of dealing with planeswlakers that specify “non-creature” , “non-land”, and “any” permanant. Planeswalkers are not as broken in the command zone as you might think. It just takes an open mind and creative solutions to deal with them.
        As a side note i am surprised that you did not mention “Jace the Mind Sculptor”, “Nicol Bolas”, or “Sorin Markov”.

        • certee

          Tezzeret agent of bolas would be rather unfun to play against.

        • MrAptronym

          I would say Jace the Mind Sculptor, Liliana of the Veil and Tezzeret the Seeker are the three worst as generals.

          Nicol Bolas is of course a pain, he is expensive enough that I wouldn’t be too frightened? By the time you have him out, his + ability can be eaten for a bit, though he would be powerful. I don’t see him being overpowered in any case. Sorin has that minus ability that people really seem to fear, but I am not as afraid of him as I would be the first three. His plus ability is pretty awful in EDH especially, and he doesn’t have a full on “I win” ultimate. (But mindslaver is fun in multiplayer)

        • Kameenook

          Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker would like you to edit your comment.

  • Gujin

    That minus 10 though. Does that mean there may potentially be planeswalkers in this EDH deck?

    • Yes.

    • Kameenook

      Can I ask a stupid questIon? I’m going to go ahead anyways, does that mean you can use planeswalker abilities on my turn, your turn, his turn, her turn, and my turn all in one go around?

  • Punkre

    The reason planeswalkers shouldn’t be commanders is that planeswalkers are harder to kill than creatures by the pure lack of kill spells that target them. Plus they get bigger each turn so trying to kill them becomes harder and harder each turn.
    What the people who ban EDH cards should do is ban this as a commander just to give wizards the middle finger.

    • da

      At the same time, however, they loss the ability win by commander damage. So I think it’s a fair trade-off. You’d be surprised how many games I’ve won with 2 power commander simply by locking down the board and poking my opponents to death (in 1v1).

      Seems like a decent commander, through in chain veil and generate quite a bit of mana using the minus 1…

      • John Jones

        When was the last time someone beat you in the face with a blue commander?

        • da

          I don’t run mono blue, I do W/U, but, the last time I played my Brago I beated someone in (That one doesn’t count tho I guess, since the entire deck is focused on making him unblockable to exploit all the ETB effects), but then my prior one was Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer, but then again, that entire deck focuses soly on locking down the board (so I guess that one doesn’t really count either, since it lacks a reliable win condition).

          (I only do 1v1 because how amount of people play in my local store, tho more and more people are joining up)

          I really don’t find planeswalkers that hard to kill tho, and I love the prospect of using “Word of Seizing” when he’s up to 10 points and using it’s ultimate.

          • Happy The Cat

            my Thraximundar edh is like a super friends deck to distract from thrax’s swings
            I bring it up cause I REALLY want to see that -10 next to a nicol bolas, nuke/steal something on every players turn sign me up!

        • Marzen64

          My Thassa deck says hello.

        • Silver

          Well, from where I play venser and vendilion clique are some of the stongest commanders in mono U. They lock you out with the sheer force of counterspells and card advantage and win by poking you. Clique is very good at this. Also the blue godess form theros does that, but she’s not played as much as those two for the comander position

  • xSiNx SHADOW

    just broke my screen out of rage…thanks wizards

    • Sabisent

      Rage that Wizards made a planeswalker able to be a commander, something that could well end up being overpowered? Rage that they took one of the coolest characters in magic history, someone who has needed a PW card for years, and given him a frankly quite boring card? Or Rage that Wizards are trying with all their might to push the PW type as it’s generally the most expensive, are starting to think more and more about short-term profits, and worst of all wasted Teferi with this money-grabbing bullshit?

      Rage doesn’t quite do it…

      • xSiNx SHADOW

        the first and last

  • tyke5140

    This is amazing, I look forward to the coming commander set.

  • MrAptronym

    Its weird seeing wizards push the envelope this much in a format they don’t really control. I am a bit worried, but the card seems fun and balanced. What a boon for superfiends commander though! (Not as the commander yet, maybe in years when we have many more blue walkers) Suddenly activating every planeswalker you’ve got every turn, even in response to things? That’s some sufficiently batshit Teferi shenanigans.

    • Antares

      Add in the Chain Veil for fun and profit. XD :D

    • Kameenook

      In a way Wizards controls every format. They have the power to make official banlists, and they SOLELY have the power to print new magic cards, delegating either of these responsibilities when they feel necessary.

      • MrAptronym

        They obviously control what gets printed, but they do not control the banned lists for formats like commander. They can’t delegate these because they do not regulate tournaments for the formats. They don’t have any particular power over the format, and nor have they sought any. As a matter of fact they have consulted the EDH rules committee for advice on their commander products.

        • Kameenook

          Have you seen the official EDH banned list? That is wizards.

          • MrAptronym

            No, it isn’t. It is put together by the commander rules committee which is a completely independent group. (Though they are all DCI sanctioned judges) Wizards just hosts a copy on their site. It is also on the official EDH site.

          • Kameenook

            Ok, I’m sorry, I was wrong.

  • Xero

    Oh my god, Teferi. What’s your deal, man? Calm down.

    Yeah, so I want this card.

  • Richard Ashendale



  • Bento

    I cant even breathe.
    I knew he’d rise to this position at some given point. :D

  • Teferi, Stasis Archmage…?

    Will he be legal in Legacy? He could be a nice tool in stasis decks… untap 4 lands a turn, or 3 and a creature. His cost is high, but that just means he gets around counterbalance.
    I’m not sure.

    • Polaris

      Yes, he will be legal in legacy (unless he gets banned for whatever reason of course).

  • Dr. Burn Crow


  • Druid knight

    First thought, If you are okay with just playing casual magic, add Teferi to a deck of planeswalkers with proliferate, the chain veil, some mana ramp and thinks like fog bank. I think this will be a great card for the casual players!

  • Cd Game Trader

    I don’t usually post things, but I kinda have to ….Teferi. Ok this card is great, but Wizards is sending a message with it. The great thing(s) about Teferei is that it is “free” to get out. 2 islands, a ancient tomb, city of traitors, temple of the false god, or gilded lotus, thran dynamo, etc…( you should get the idea by now.) Activating loyalty abilities on other players turn, just nuts depending upon what planeswalkers a player decides to use. Especially when an ultimate ability goes off only after 3 added abilities! Example Karn, Ral Zarek, Garruk- pretty much the bulk of Garruks, Jace Memory adept, Jace the living guildpact, ah….get the idea in a 4 way match? The idea of using a planeswalker is cool idea, but this is where the message from Wizards comes in. Mind you EDH (the original title for “Commander”) is/ was a player created variant. Just like a previous variants someone had to interfere. Why does Wizards get to make the call that a planeswalker can be a commander? Especially when players created the format!!! Players should have decided on their own (through the chat rooms), NOT Wizards to allow planeswalkers as commanders/ Generals!!! I’m sorry, but this looks as if Wizards is giving the proverbial finger at the players saying, “It is our game and we make the rules! $%^# the players!” When EDH came about Wizards started to shove mana expensive cards into the sets where the cards took away from the sets and formats (Just look at the Shards block). Then they created the “commander sets” and that actually messed up the other formats (ex. Flutterstorm in legacy. What about a reprint? no….it would destroy old formats? Hence it about $40+ card). Why not just reprint the reserve list and tell all the players to %^$# themselves more. Seriously, some one over there is not thinking about the entire game or the players. I really would hope Wizards would not take MTG down the road that Wiz Kids did with Mage Knight. Please Wizards stop!! I’ve enjoyed the game since Urza’s/Mercadians. Please do not send cards like this down the pipe! It sends the wrong message and tells the players that have been playing a long time that you have lost heart with your game and you only want $$$.

    • Hosh

      I fail to see why you feel that way. Yes the game started out created by players and Wizards completely supported them and even started adding the format to tournaments. They started making rules for the format (Like banning certain cards I am looking at you prime time) that made it unbalanced. They then started taking EDH into consideration with the newest sets being printed so that those who like EDH more then standard (like myself) have something to look forward to towards new generals and new combinations. People get stuck in a rut because they believe/know what is best. For the longest time if you played any green EDH deck you HAD to have a prime time. And speaking as a blue player it got boring fast. Every green deck I played against had the same concept and it got to the point it was like playing a NPC and I knew exactly the right spot to place a counterspell or anything to disrupt the flow of the game. I will admit there was exceptions those really good players who knew this and pulled a quick one but they where far between.

      So they changed that because 1: Green was too unbalanced against other colors (looking at you red) 2: The format was getting stale and 3: It made the players relook for combinations. Now they are introducing a new concept for EDH and one I am surprised and happy to see. When I first say tefferi my first thought was actually more mono blue mana ramp. His -1 ability as everyone has said makes him free his plus 1 ability lets you dig into your own deck to find answers or in my case more blue mana ramp. Then i started thinking outside of mono blue to my second favorite: Simic. With gilder bairn and a paradise mantle you can get his ultimate off extremely early in game. Honestly maybe turn 3. Then paired with Chain Veil as someone suggested it means every turn you have infinite planewalkers abilities with the ability to be used on anyone’s turn. Paired with Galvanic Key you get a powerful combo with just chain veil and Teferi.

      This changes the format greatly in my opinion and it shows they are trying something new. I hope they will at least do this for every color so blue isnt by itself though. Not all at once mind you but slow integration. As for them only caring for money. You already made the point that it isnt all they care about otherwise they would have reprinted the reserve list for the money. They didnt. So why do they reprint the other cards? For the newer players. The players who are trying to enter those other formats but do not have the 40+ dollars to drop on a card. Personally I have never spent that much for a card yet I have them. Why? Because I am not a new player and have those cards from when they where only 7 dollars because it was still in print.

      This card shows Wizard is trying to keep it interesting and thinking outside the box abit. Even if you use him as a general for the reason he likes his +1 and -1 ability and does not care for his ultimate.

      As for them giving us the ‘proverbial finger’ that is also wrong. We got into magic because we liked what Wizard did with the game. We liked the format they presented and the reason EDH came to be was because people wanted to try something new. If you wanted to stay true to EDH you could only use the elder dragons. Because that is what EDH stood for: Elder Dragon Highlander. However wizard changed that and allowed any legendary creature can be used as a general not just the Elder Dragons. Should we have voted to let the non-elder dragons become generals? No. They make the cards that effect game for good or bad. Yes every once in awhile we get to vote on a card or have a player design a card (snapcaster mage) which is fun. However does that mean we should always have to do it? People are mad that morph is back should we have voted for that? No. What about the story line? No. Remember MTG is a story and to vote for something ruins the surprise. Imagine if JK Rowling had us vote for if Harry could be considered a horocux.

      But that is getting off point the thing you could view it as is this: What is a planeswalker? It is a person who was able to use his spark to rise to the status of Planeswalker. So he was once a legendary creature. Why are planeswalkers normally not a general? They leave the planes. What if Teferi doesnt leave his people and leads?

  • cdgametrader

    don’t usually post things, but I kinda have to ….Teferi. Ok this
    card is great, but Wizards is sending a message with it. The great
    thing(s) about Teferei is that it is “free” to get out. 2
    islands, a ancient tomb, city of traitors, temple of the false god,
    or gilded lotus, thran dynamo, etc…( you should get the idea by
    now.) Activating loyalty abilities on other players turn, just nuts
    depending upon what planeswalkers a player decides to use. Especially
    when an ultimate ability goes off only after 3 added abilities!
    Example Karn, Ral Zarek, Garruk- pretty much the bulk of Garruks,
    Jace Memory adept, Jace the living guildpact, ah….get the idea in a
    4 way match? The idea of using a planeswalker is cool idea, but this
    is where the message from Wizards comes in. Mind you EDH (the
    original title for “Commander”) is/ was a player created
    variant. Just like a previous variants someone had to interfere. Why
    does Wizards get to make the call that a planeswalker can be a
    commander? Especially when players created the format!!! Players
    should have decided on their own (through the chat rooms), NOT
    Wizards to allow planeswalkers as commanders/ Generals!!! I’m sorry,
    but this looks as if Wizards is giving the proverbial finger at the
    players saying, “It is our game and we make the rules! $%^# the

    • Robert FakeLastName

      Though, if Teferei is your commander you are locked into the color blue. So, i don’t think many people will actually use him as one if they really want to make the most of his abilities.

    • Kameenook

      Or it’s saying, we’re specifically broadening the format, so you can have more fun, but in a way so you don’t always have to see JTMS commander decks.

  • DA

    Really isn’t that broken as a commander when compared to some of the other commanders they’ve printed last set.

    First off, he’s mono blue, leaving the only planes walkers you’d only be able to use with are a bunch of Jaces (we all know the best one, and if you cast him, you’re going to be target #1), a Tezzeret (Doesn’t really play nicely with the Jaces, I guess you can tutor up mana rocks), and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, which I will admit is pretty bonkers.

    If you’re playing a 4 play game, and you manage to get off his ultimate, if you drop a planeswalker with a busted ultimate like Tamiyo, the Moon Sages, everyone is going to go out of their way to kill the planeswalker, meaning you’d have to somehow fend off 3 other players late game three turns in a row for her to get off her ultimate.

    I could potentially see him working with winter orb like cards and spamming his -1 (but you can only do that so many times per summon), he’s far better in the deck not as a commander, 5 colored super friends planeswalker deck, for example. He’d fight right nice in Deveri, and most decks with Blue in them (He can get Maelstorm Wanderer out a turn or two earlier, etc).

    • Niels Steg

      you forget 1 crucial thing, If you play 5 coloured planeswalkers in EDH this guy gets his emblem on turn 5 if you ramped and played doubling season. He is quite insane for that fact

      • da

        Yes, exactly, the best decks he’s in CAN’T have him as a commander! That was the point I was trying to make (I guess I didn’t word it well :/)

        • Niels Steg

          Ah, well you’re in my eyes absolutely correct about that, I read your comment more as this planeswalker really isn’t that broken then I stopped reading XD. Hes quite nuts if you have his emblem on turn 5 or 6

      • Josh

        Even so, you mana ramp into doubling season into this guy and get a turn 5 emblem (assuming you managed to have all those cards in an EDH hand) you have 0 defense against anyone attacking your planes walker, and even STILL have nothing to show for it except the emblem waiting for the NEXT plains walker – lets say this is the purpose of your entire deck and it’s still less than a 2% chance just for the card draw alone (not to mention the luck that no enemy stops you). Seems like a pretty crappy concept.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    Should have been jace, the living guildpact’s +1

    • Vizzerdrix

      Wow yes it really should have. A jace that doesnt draw cards. i really hope no standard or modern decks use him bc his last form disgraces his name

      • Xenos

        Wrong. As the user of a spell heart chimera/basically Izzet dredge deck, new Jace is beautiful.

  • Dr Claw

    How can people even argue that this guy is broken? If he is your general he takes a long time to go ulti and if you do he seriously restricts what you can have in play. And if you want to argue that he is broken when you play him in a multicolor deck he either still takes a long time to activare or if you have doubling season there are several PWs that are way better at winning the game for you with their ulti.
    Given the choice I would prefer the ulti of any of the following over Teferi:
    Dack Fayden – Steal stuff just by targeting makes is really easy to win.

    Jace, Architect of Thought – Tooth and Nails on steroids = good wincon.

    Liliana Vess – Very probable win if someone doesnt sweep. (and even if they do you get a bunch of ETB effects)

    Tamiyo, the Moon Sage – Not the strongest immediate threat, but makes you really hard to deal with for the rest of the game.

    Xenagos, the Reveler – Anyone ever won a game with genesis wave? This is a very similar effect.

    Heck, in the doubling season scenario Id even prioritize a Ral Zarek ulti over Teferi, he survives the ulti and statisticly he should get close to a seccond ulti during the extra turns you get. (and during those turns you get to tap peoples dangerous blockers and swing with your creatures repeatedly wherever the defences are down.
    Teferis ultimate is strong for sure, but Id rather take any of the ones I mentioned for the purposes of winning.

    As for claiming wizards are trying to controll this format that isnt even theirs, thats just silly talk. If you go browse the mtgcommander forums you will find threads about people already allowing PWs as commanders. Wizards are providing support for something people were already doing. Thats called taking care of the fans of your game. Even if you personally dont like that idea, enough people do to warrant supporting it. If they were to refrain from designing every card that someone somewhere doesnt like there would haveto stop making new cards entierly. :p

    • Steve Vogel

      even thought of a “counter/proliferate” commander, ? you can do shitloads of insane combos like contag engine/everflowing c, mana vault, grim monolith, chainveil and such other bullshit wich makes his -1 ability totally OP.

      the +1 more control ftw ;)

      the finisher says : hey you can planeswalk in multiplayer rounds x times more… i have near unkillable planeswalkers wich does evry turn ….and money jace turns into a powermachine wich does absolutly freaking out.

      • Dr.Claw

        Yes I have, I have played several variants of such a deck. It is way more potent to make it a multicolor deck than a mono color blue deck. If you make it multicolor you have acess to doubling season, and doubling season makes it childs play to do really broken stuff with a plethora of PWs.

        Im not saying Teferi is bad, this is a really good card and you can do really powerfull stuff with him. But is he broken as a commander or simply included in a PW focused deck? No, by no means is he even close to broken. Or to be more specific there are way easier two card combos that straight up win you the game if your oponents cant counter it right away.

        * Tooth and Nail –> into broken stuff.
        * Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Triskelion (hey he can be your general in a color thats super good at tutoring and/or reanimating in case someone has instant removal)
        * Boseiju, Who Shelters All + Huge Genesis wave.

        These are combos that outright win you the game. Perfectly legal two card combos. Pulling off Teferi ultimate does not win you the game, you cant do it as a two card combo if you want him as your commander, and there are already several planeswalkers that have an ulti just as potent as this if you do Doubling Season trick.

        He is simply good, but by no means an easier or better combo than many other perfectly legal combos. So are you arguing to ban a huge pile of cards that offer an easier autowin than this guy, or are you just crying wolf?

    • Trevor Terry

      Thats a maximum of five extra turns on Ral’s ult – assumming 50/50 on your coin flips, you’ll only get 3 extra turns if you’re super lucky – Which only puts him at 4 loyalty, i’m unsure how you consider this as “Close” to another ult.

    • Kameenook

      If this is the only planeswalker in your deck, and you pop an ultimate, the card advantage you could generate would be insane. Although It is sad that you can only activate his abilities when you have priority.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I like this dude, but honestly, I don’t get “Temporal Archmage” out of his abilities. I just kinda get “Generic Blue.”

    • Xero

      All three of his loyalty abilities are about time. First: Altering your future. Second: Rewinding four permanents. Third: Your ‘walkers get their time sped up.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        I guess. Still not crazy about “Temporal Archmage.”

  • Ryot

    I don’t understand why people say 6 mana is expensive, is it “that” hard to get 6 mana out during a standard game?

    • Xenos

      He’s not standard, brah…….

  • Dr.Claw

    Id have liked to see him do something with phasing. :) I realize its probably a dated keyword that wont be revived for not being what they feel the game has evolved into these days. I just cant help liking phasing for the flavour of it, and it would have helped him feel more like a Teferi card if his + ability had something to do with phasing creatures out reactively to defend them instead of yet another blue PW that manipulates the top two cards of your library somehow.

    But even if this PW commander didnt quite hit the spot Id like him to he´s cracking open a door that I very much enjoy having opened. They way I see it there was bound to eventually be official support for PW commanders. People were doing it indipendent of Wizards designs. So now we have one, and more are bound to follow. (I mean there will probably be even more than the obvious four mono colored commander PWs that this blue one implies)

  • TheEyeless

    Don’t listen to these fella’s wizards! Keep em’ comin.

  • lorescale

    I really don’t like non-activated abilities on planeswalkers, and since they are going to make it a cycle of five with the same ability, they could and should have made it a keyword. It could have been hidden away in the type bar, something like ‘Planeswalker Commander – Teferi’.
    Garruk Relentless was the first one with a non-activated ability, and I understand why they did it (so that they can hype a planeswalker with not three, not four, but FIVE abilities, and not immediately jump to six), but his first ability (‘fight’) could easily have had an extra few words counting his loyalty after the damage and then transform him if it’s two or less.
    But what is done is done, and we’ll have to deal with less elegance, with the potential for more creative pw designs, which, of course, isn’t a bad thing at all!

    • Melissa Juice

      Agreed. it’s clunky on the bottom like it is.

  • MiND

    If they’re going to go this way, then perhaps planes walkers should be legal commanders. I don’t see why not. I think that it would make for some very interesting games.

    • highlander1

      planes walkers should not be legal commander because do you really want to see mind sculptor as a commander

      • Vizzerdrix

        Or the dreaded, *gulp* Tibalt the blood fiended edh?

        • Kameenook

          Did you just do that? Commander suicide red? OMG VIZZERDRIX IS THE ANTICHRIST.

          • Vizzerdrix

            i might have dabbled with idea i do have steamflogger boss and goblin game ready to go if they allow any pw to be general. mono red chaos tibalt lets do this

      • MiND

        Mindsculptor wouldn’t be the scariest Mono blue commander.

        • Manuel.Ge

          Oh yes it would.

          • MiND

            Arcum Dagson.

          • Manuel.Ge

            You joking? There is no comparison. Dagson is a deck which suffers any sort of artifact hate and thus dies on the spot with its own strategy. In addition, the creature is weak, without protection, and needs to survive a whole turn to activate its ability. Monoblu is counter-draw-control. I could hear discussion about Teferi creature, Vendlion or Venser, but none would be comparable to JTMS commander. THAT would be broken, thanks god is not possible.

    • Kameenook

      Think of some commanders that would easily be broken as commanders, Nicol Bolas, Ajani Venjeant, Elspeth Sun’s Champion, and Sorin (all printings). It’s annoying enough to have to deal with certain walkers in commander once, maybe it would be a viable rule change if their casting cost was doubled when they died. (Pay 16 mana for that Nicol Bolas, I dare you!)

      • MiND

        There are always going to be commanders that are easily broken. Those exist even without planeswalkers as commanders.

    • Jace

      If planeswalkers could be generals then the game would cease being commander of edh, it would just be Jace

      • MiND

        If everyone wanted to be the most broken Commander, everyone would already be using Niv-Mizzet the Firemind, but the MTG community is more creative than to settle on one commander. This is because people play commander for the many different outcomes of a game, not necessarily because they want to break the game the hardest. That format is called legacy.

        • Manuel.Ge

          Niv-Mizzet the most broken? Ehm, i think you must be really confused, that commander is not even in the first twenty stronger ones.

          • MiND

            I don’t need to explain myself. It was an example of a commander that 2 card combos.

            The point wasn’t that My example was the best, but that even if there is a strongest commander people wouldn’t settle on just one. That’s the same way every format is. Not everyone drafts the same colors or plays the same standard deck.

          • Manuel.Ge

            Sounds good. Well, if you spend time to communicate your opinion i think you need to explain yourself. And sounded like you thought Niv was the most broken. That’s why i underlined it absolutely isn’t.

  • Ryot

    I’m glad Teferi doesn’t have phasing, their are too many ETB ability creatures out right now, but I would like him for my Jeleva EDH.

    • Jack Jansen II

      phasing doesnt trigger etb

  • Kameenook


    • Kruphix

      I’ve build one with my regular Teferi (leganery creature) and one with Kruphix. Those Decks are dominating XD

      • Kameenook

        You might be able to help me out with my Kruphix. Right now it’s all random ramp spells, mana rocks, and draw power. A couple of x spells as powerful value or finishers (Blue Sun’s Zenith and Nimbus Swimmer, I’m too broke for anything better than that).

  • guest

    does his -10 mean that (let’s say he was at 11 and went to 1 to drop the emblem) you can cast his abilities as much as you want as long as you have the loyalty counters? or does his -10 just mean you can activate his abilities once per turn, every turn? it makes a big difference lol

    • Giby86 .

      It’s pretty clear: the only thing that changes is that planeswalker abilities are played at instant speed and also during your opponents’ turns, nothing else changes. You can still play them only once per turn, yours or theirs.

  • mcpilz

    Wow, he is weak for cmc 6…

    • Kameenook


  • Happy The Cat

    why couldn’t we get a multicolored version of this
    usa or bant or grix super friends edh would be awesome
    but no we get teferi the jace enabler
    sad panda is sad

    • Kameenook

      None of the commanders were multicolored, this was a mono-color commander release. Take your Angus Mackenzie and play Bant Superfriends, nobody’s stopping you from putting this in there.