• Justus Bruestle

    It basically makes all your dino’s unkillable from damage but they still get their enrage triggers.

    • DJ Pad

      They can still kill them with damage, but require multiple sources. ie. a 3/2 could still be killed by two 1/1s

      • Arcus Diabolus

        True, but it does mean it takes a number of enrage triggers equal their toughness to kill them that way, and I doubt that would be worth it for the one trying to kill it.

        • DJ Pad

          Oh I agree, the efect works very well with enrage. The problem this card has is it’s a 5 mana 3/4 that doesn’t apply the effect to itself

  • Alex

    I can see this being quite frustrating to play against in limited.

  • Shagoth

    Jeez, this thing is super stupid. It basically is just the dino of dinos. Wish THIS card was legendary.

  • David S. McCrae

    2 of these + any enchantment that turns all your dudes into Dinosaurs.

    • galen150

      the second one wouldnt do anything other than protect the first and be a 3/4 body.

      • David S. McCrae

        The second one would protect the first one with its ability, and vice-versa, as they BOTH protect OTHER dinosaurs you control.

  • Happy The Cat

    Hedron-Field Purists?

  • Zombie

    It’s like a worse Timber Protector but for Dinos.

    Will definitely be a haymaker in Limited.

    • Idon’thave Aname

      Worse? Enrage dinos disagree

      • Zombie

        The enrage dinos already died to Slaughter the Strong.