• galen150

    going to 5 life does not feel like it is worth this effect, unless there are some strong life gain synergy cards.

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      These flip lands all hardly feel like they were put in the set for synergy. They’re feeling more like an aborted Expeditions 2.0 plan. That being said, this is still a cheap Commander option and it’s funky tech in Death’s Shadow decks lol

    • kekek

      Idk Lich decks will love this card.

    • Santuli

      There might be, since supposedly that’s what the vampire tribe plays around with. And arguably a lot of that life you can spend on the card draw from the flip side, and make up for it later once you flip onto the land?

    • Happy The Cat

      well, the flip trigger is a may, and since when you’re at five or lower you probably won’t be using Greed anymore in a set with Lightning Strike.

    • Mikey Brooks

      I think it’s not what you should be aiming to accomplish with the card unlike the other flip lands, but rather that it can save you when things get precarious. The draw effect isn’t good when you get that low and so if you do flip the extra mana and the ability to gain back life to keep yourself in the game is a decent fallback that keeps an already playable card relevant when you can’t use it.

  • Falconfly

    Camazotz analogue confirmed.

    • Eventide

      I hadn’t even thought about that! Awesome!

    • Eventide

      AKA, the Camel-Sauce bat. XD

    • Chaospyke

      Dang it you beat me to it!