Terminate EN


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Destroy target creature. It can’t be regenerated.

  • Christopher John Lancaster

    I believe this is Sun Titan being terminated.

    • Snievan

      Yes, the art matches the regular m11/m12 card.

    • Jakob Schneider

      So we’ll either get him at Rare or Mythic in this set.

      Although Mythic seems the most like, I’d be hyped to see him at Rare.
      It should work there as well considering the power level of the format; and it would make for just the right kind of Rare for a product with such a high price tag — the card isn’t that valuable, but at least it’s worth a buck or two, and something that’s actually useful in constructed (as opposed to so many draft chaff rares from previous MM sets).

  • Devinske Haggitt

    *cough, cough* Uncommon not Common (If Magic Spoilers even looks at this).

  • wiseguy

    Now we know what happened to Sun Titan before Animate Dead… poor Sunny

    • Kahai

      That full circle.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      *record scratch*

      *freeze frame*

      I bet you’re all wondering how I got here. Well…

  • Jakob Schneider

    Huh. I’ve seen various Japanese cards before.
    But it’s just now I realize that italics on Japanese card apparently are not a thing, and that they instead get flavor texts with smaller font.

    • Bostorket

      Written Japanese (and Chinese) kanji is very dependent on precise, intricate strokes at definitive angles. With its many characters being similar and oft reused for different words and phrases, italicizing would obfuscate a lot of necessary context – especially with the font size they use to fit the cards.

      • Jakob Schneider

        Thanks for the response. Yeah, I almost thought the intricate nature of Kanji would be the reason.
        It looked like the Japanese card text only used Katakana, which are at least not as intricate as some Kanji, though I can see how they still have the same problem.

  • Happy The Cat

    due to my respect for what is probably the best removal spell that requires red mana I’m going to refrain from making an ex-terminate joke.
    this card is just good. see that thing? dead. period. can’t see it due to shroud or hexproof? well sorry, you’re playing rakdos.

  • Zombie

    Sick new art, would love foil copies of this.