Tezzeret, Master of Metal - Planeswalker

Tezzeret, Master of Metal

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Type: Planeswalker
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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*from Aether Revolt Planeswalker Decks

  • Graymalkin86

    “I am Tezzeret, Master of Metal! Gatewatch! Welcome to DIE!”

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Anyone else think the proportions on his robo arm is weird?

    • Derek Mullins

      It really is just the perspective, but you’re right; in my eyes, it’s like he’s holding a really weird sword.

    • Zombie

      It’s not supposed to resemble a normal arm.

      Tezzeret’s claw arm is Etherium from his shoulder down. It’s not supposed to be humanoid.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        I know, but in the past it’s at least been proportional to a regular arm. Here it looks like above the elbow is the length of his torso, which seems like it would make that arm 1) unwieldy to use and. 2) hard to conceal, which he’s been doing since he got to Kaladesh.

        • Hedronal

          Ajani has also been concealing himself, so I imagine Tezerret would be able to do just an arm.

  • Kevan Kramer

    The best PW deck PW so far. Sadly he is not Esper colors, because I really want the 3 color PW cycle to be completed. I feel that his pack PW card won’t be Esper either, if the PW deck card colors are indicators.

    • Avery Standley

      There is no jund PW card lol

      • Kevan Kramer

        I know, but I want them to work on the cycle.

  • Samuel

    Tezzeret is Rob Zombie confirmed?

  • Zombie

    I’m glad this is the one from the PW deck otherwise I would have been sorely disappointed.

  • Shagoth

    This could the best planeswalker so far IMO. (Due to having an ability that has potential to win the game on the spot that he can use immediately depending on what standard’s like)
    Kill me.

    • Pandancules

      What standard cards can you steal and win with on the same turn? If they’re creatures they won’t be attacking because they weren’t under your control during your upkeep so they technically have summoning sickness. Other powerful artifacts in the format require energy, so you’ll likely have to be able to last another turn to really end it.

      • Shagoth

        I’m referring to his second ability.

      • BusinessmanGinger

        The fact that his -2 says target player loses life equal to the number of artifacts you control and you get more from your opponent in addition to your own when he ults. Also even if you don’t get to -2 him after you ult, you still win because the majority of the time in a situation like this your opponent won’t be able to come close to matching your board state on their turn after you pop him or possibly even the turn after.

  • Kaiser

    -heavy metal song in the background-

  • Happy The Cat

    could see some grix/bug artifact edh that has Lattice. good way to lose friends right there.
    or it could just see a deck with Lattice and only two other artifacts so you can fetch three times and ult to end a friendship.

  • William Powell

    After the disappointing planeswalker intro decks from the last set, this card seems a while lot better. Here’s to hoping the rest of the deck is at least playable

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    No guitar in hand. Disappointing.

    • squid

      Brace yourself… Alters are coming.

  • chad

    definitely edh playable, but standard is going to find him hard to play..unless control becomes something and even then hes fringe in standard.

  • Jakob Schneider
    • Jakob Schneider

      (I’m exaggerating – being deliberately designed supbar for a starter deck, he’s not actually that intimidating.

      Nonetheless, making a Dethklok reference for the card title seemed appropriate :P)

      • kasigah

        Okay, so this is confirmed as the Planeswalker deck insert?

        • Jakob Schneider

          I haven’t read the article that spoiled the card, but judging by magicspoiler’s note (“*from Aether Revolt Planeswalker Decks”): yes.

    • NothingSpecial

      At least it passes the “wins the game with doubling season in play” test :P

  • Steven Wallace

    Actually… really good. Like not for standard, but for Commander? If your running artifacts your running rings, which can make his minus ability an instant kill if you set up right. On top of that with something like Mycosynth lattice it can be just obscene

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    I shall bring great suffering.
    You only need to click once, fool.

  • That Guy

    I honestly can’t believe I want both the pw deck’s pws considering the last ones.

  • Deadly Berry

    This is quite lackluster, considering this is from a PW deck. Meh, no further comment here, moving along –>>

  • Bostorket

    He probably has built-in speakers blasting Master of Puppets.

  • Bence Horváth

    “6/10 on metal scale” the Seeker played when magic was really metal!”

  • Tezzybros

    I feel like spreading memes today, so

    Tezzeret, master of MAGUKU

  • Vizzerdrix

    A higher cost agent of bolas to me, better plus digs more, – is close not as strong as ult on agent but immediate access could be better, ult is pretty nice, overall tezzeret and ajani are much better than Chandra and nissa

  • james cordova

    With a name like master of metal his ultimate should be – 20 all the members of Metallica appear and literally destroy all of your opponent’s permanents with battle axe’s. You then get to bottle your opponent’s tears and use it as pepper spray to spray everyone within 50 feet.

  • Driven

    I think the Ajani’s are much better than the Tezzeret, thus far, unless you’re running affinity. Almost needless to say that the Ajani’s go really well into the Atraxa deck.