• Marky Day

    Amazing! I was already running my Meren EDH deck as a Black/Green Titania deck! Wizards is reading my mind! YES! Land shenanigans like crazy.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Praise the toad! He is risen! Embrace the nothing! Hail! Ia ia!
    All seriousness, this is pretty awesome. Passes vanilla, interesting mechanics, and that card advantage is a delight. 10/10, would play.

    • The_Good_O

      Just have to get my hands on a crucible of worlds… I want this to be my next commander.

  • Hairpay

    Loampox Intensifies.

  • MrAptronym

    An excellent toad.

  • Melissa Juice

    Didn’t expect this to be so good. Wow.

  • Gitrog the Musical

    HES HERE!!!!!!

    • Gitrog the Musical

      Return to Return to Ravinica confirmed. This is the new Golgari Guild leader

  • Gitrog the Musical

    Hey, what do you think the price is going to be at on this bad boy?

    • Miles Krause

      9 million buckaroos

      • Miles Krause


    • locololo

      less than $10 right now. Probable less than $5 if it does not find home in standard

  • The_Good_O

    Yessss… Gitrog Lands commander deck. Tutors, scapeshift, urborg, Gaea’s cradle, cabal coffers, any untap land creatures/planeswalkers crop rotation. Genesis wave

  • Derek Mullins

    So, any discard effect pitching lands can net you draws as well… That’s awesome.

  • Rœkja

    I’m hoping this means we get a cycle of enemy color Legendary Horrors.

    • Dr. Burn Crow

      My hope exactly.

  • Julian Allen

    this thing, every fetch…ever, titania, maziriek crucible of worlds strip mine, fastbond and courser of kruphix, omnath LOR, hello combo my old friend~ on top of where he’s 5 for a 6/6 deathtouching beatstick, gives you an extra land drop for more landfall fun, and is a legendary /frog/. sign me up plz

  • Zombie

    Without a doubt the next powerhouse GB General for EDH.

    Absolutely disgusting with land-abuse strategies, as well as cards like Azusa, Crucible of Worlds, and Life from the Loam.

    Keep in mind that his last ability also works with Self-Mill, Dredge, Mulch and cards like it, like Grisly Salvage, etc. This guy is going to be absolutely nuts in Commander. You dumping lands into your yard from ANYWHERE lets Gitrog draw you a card. That’s just simply flexibility you can’t ignore.

    I don’t know how well a GB deck that isn’t all-in on Eldrazi will be supported in Standard, or if it will even be good enough to justify to possibly justify shoehorning Gitrog into the preexisting GB shell, but this will be the backbone of the deck if it’s possible. A 6/6 for 5 is already good, but on top of that it trades with anything and can potentially help stem the bleeding of your lands with its own ability.

    • Will

      And don’t forget Deathtouch.

      • Zombie

        That was assumed in the “trades with anything” statement.

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    I am in no way disappointed.
    This is awesome.

  • Gord

    This plays pretty well with the drownyard temple from this set

  • michael ciriaco

    LOVE IT, everything I ever wanted, a big frog monstrosity that eats and poops out lands. I need a crucible of worlds.

  • yolksoup


  • yolksoup


    • Mr.Mayhem631


      • h2opolo2903


        • Arcus Diabolus


  • Nick Hannah

    I was hoping it would be blue, but this is still an amazing card. I might play this in EDH, and maybe even standard.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Ahhhhh… So awesome. I do wish it didn’t say “When one OR MORE land cards are put into your graveyard from anywhere, draw a card.” But then, i mean. This would be terribly overpowered in EDH if it didn’t have that clause.

    Still thinking it’s going in my Nath deck! Stax on stax on stax!

    I’m genuinely surprised this isn’t UB as well. I was very much imagining this as a UB card and never imagined it to be so interesting.

    • Somnom

      Until I reread that clause, I has thinking I had found a use for Inverter of Truth.

      • Blahblahblahbla

        Inverter is pretty brutal to build around. Shame because the art is so amazing.. :p

    • Happy The Cat

      how is it not good enough as is with that clause? between crack fetches and just generally throwing lands away for effects you get a card, if that doesn’t make you happy add some cycle lands to your deck and have two slightly weaker than ancestral recalls

  • h2opolo2903

    Does anyone think that this card could see play in modern loam strategies?

    • Jacob Kuntz

      I wish it could, at 5 mana I doubt it will be playable in modern

    • Blahblahblahbla

      Doubtful. You need a lot of control elements in your deck to be able to use something like this in modern.

      The only shell i could see this played in is BUG control. A little Thought Scour maybe to feed the beast? Seems alright with Deprive as well since you can play the extra land after returning it to your hand?

  • Cullen Straut

    Abundance + 8 cards in hand at end step.

  • ZomboJenkins

    Want! Want! Want! Want! Golgari self-mill wants! “From anywhere” is the selling point! I want it! Every time I mill myself I’ll get a draw! Want! Want! Want! Want!

  • Lord_of_Riots

    Wow! I was totally expecting a sh*tty UG +1+1 counter Frog legend, but this is great!

  • Toadbringer


  • Chris Uy

    All hail the hypnotoad!

  • Blake

    Gitrog + Dredge + Sidisi = Zombie Army

  • Edward

    Oh look just what I needed for my Sidisi deck. It draws cards, allows me to play additional lands, and it has a good body. Oh and this with Life From The Loam is so good. You never have to worry about lands.

  • Edward

    Oh and can we just take a minute to appreciate how good this is with retrace. It is so amazing. Oona’s Grace draws 2 and Worm Harvest can draw you a card and you can enable Dredge. So many ways to abuse this car.

  • Anon

    This frog loves Zuran Orb

  • Snievan

    I toadally dig this card.

  • DJ Pad

    Unfortunately, it might be a bit too expensive to get into a competitive modern or legacy deck (where it could really be abused). Definitely a very interesting general to build around in EDH though. Seems like a very powerful engine.

  • TenK

    so please let eternal masters have a crucible reprint cause i really dont want to have to start at 65 dollars just to build a commander deck with him.

    • Christopher Lacey

      I love this guy =).. Perfect for my mimeoplasm deck, which already runs a crucible of worlds in it, obviously ;).. and yeah, I built my mimeoplasm deck just in time before the retarded explosion of the card’s price.. I have no clue why it is like $65 now.. so dumb.. I hate the greed… I got mine for like 16$ I think and I already thought that was expensive at the time.. O I just checked TCGplayer has them for only 52$ ish NM as low.. I guess prices are falling back down as people fear the Eternal Masters reprint, which is really ought to be reprinted in, hopefully as rare.. no mythic rare B.S., hopefully..

  • Julna Buras

    Gitrog? More like “Gitrightonthehypetrain”.

  • MagicGALAXY

    Welp, so much for making Crucible of Worlds more affordable. RIP wallets everywhere.

  • alexander stanislaw

    I love cards, that make you go “Huh?” at first and then you keep reading its actually better than you thought.

  • RM_Horeeh

    Unload the Toad

  • Coulter Baker

    This thing is so broken in edh as a general, it’s not even funny. As a commander, you can easily combo off turn 2-4, in the same manner as hermit druid. This + any dredge card + a free discard outlet – putrid imp/wild mongrel/oonas prowler/Loteth troll (creatures only) gives a very very good chance (Almost guaranteed with dredge count of 4+, or Dakmor salvage) chance to mill your whole deck, from there you just need dread return + Necrotic ooze + haste activated ability(lunar avenger costs no mana, just a +1/+1 counter, and combos with lotleth troll) + Devoted Drid + Boa Constrictor (All of which will be in GY) yielding infinite green/whatever other color of mana you have abilites for, and infinite untaps of ooze, and infinite power on ooze. Add in Jarad, Golgari Lich lord to sac it off and you just wipe out the whole table. It’s sad, honestly, because it’s so flavorful and cool for EDH, and plays so nice with valuetown strategies, but make no mistake, This thing is gonna be up there with Wanderer/Narset/Niv-Mizzet in terms of Super-Degenerate Combo Generals, and I would wager, possibly worse due to the black for tutors and recrusion.

  • Certified Hussla

    I got to hand it to Wizards. They actually crapped out a set worth looking at.

  • Jacob Sevenfold Crow

    Dark Depths says hi

  • EJ

    Suddenly that land that can enter the battlefield from the graveyard doesn’t look so bad.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Woof…. Just playtested this in my Nath of the Gilt Leaf Stax/Discard/Lands EDH deck and holy mother.. I really hope they don’t ever ban this in EDH..

  • kmk888

    “from anywhere”

    Man does that phrase cause problems.

    Awesome card.

  • Coulter Baker

    I think this thing will almost certainly be banned as a general in french, the redundancy brought on by multiple discard outlets and dredge cards means that it can run like 3-5 copies of its combo pieces, but perhaps the lack of entomb + Vampiric tutors will help rein it in, still, the dredge + discard outlet combo with this makes for a very good hermit druid impression. As for standard multiplayer EDH, they let a lot of stuff fly, but this thing’s going to be a “Monster,” mark my words.

  • Steak Sauce

    Borborygmos Enraged just got even hornier.

  • Gregorio Stevenson

    So. Powerful. This will see play.

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    This card is seriously on a broken level with tarmogoyf. I hope i get one of these. Or more for that matter

  • xxxx

    the gitrog edh deck @[email protected]

    ! lake of the dead + crucible ! flavor win and quite strong :D

  • Bige Boiy

    MY BOY

  • MagicGuy12

    Anyone see a jund vortex deck?

  • Bige Boiy


    • ZomboJenkins

      Same place as this puppy

  • Occam Fontaine

    GetWrecked Toad

  • Deadly Berry

    I don’t care what effect it has, Frog Horror and that art made it for me. My Commander can be a Frog Horror, awesome.

    • Happy The Cat

      I’ve been playing the spirit of a frog(Tomorrow) just for that reason

  • Stinker289

    I must have one.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Does anyone else think deathtouch on a 6/6 is hilarious? It’s seriously overkill for most things.

    • Happy The Cat

      well, he is going to be boxing eldrazi in standard so it doesn’t hurt and it is rather easy to give green creatures trample

    • kmk888

      It screams, “Grant me trample”

  • Bige Boiy

    according to his story on wizards’ website, it actually has mind control powers
    we actually got a hypnotoad.

  • jonathan broughman

    Well how bout a crucible of worlds frog

    • Baggsy

      No such luck but he does have the reprint of Groundskeeper to mitigate his downside. Float mana before saccing the land, tap 1 more n get the land back to your hand. Now play the land and another if you so wish. Rinse/repeat. His upkeep becomes “tap 1 land”

  • guy

    whats the lore about this guy? was this guy referenced in the original innistraid?

    • Nolly

      You should go read the official magic fiction about him.
      He’s a giant frog that eats things and takes over peoples minds.

      • kmk888

        It’s rock solid horror actually. They did a very good job.

        • Mr.Mayhem631

          AND the author has the friendliest smiliest game store ever!

  • Happy The Cat

    I’d rate about a 7.5/10 for this. sure he’s powerful but there are creatures that just if not more broken than him, yes you can build a deck for him but it’s not even close to one of the fun decks you could build for others. yes he will be a good general and yes you will enjoy playing him but he’s about on the same General level as the Dragonlords. people will build him while he’s new and some people will keep his deck if they really REALLY like him

    • Deadly Berry

      You haven’t stared enough at the Hypnotoad.

      Just stare at it… and don’t blink.

      • Happy The Cat

        yeah, Futurama did it better

        • Bige Boiy


          • Happy The Cat

            m8 you do know what Hypnotoad is right? cause it’s a joke from Futurama that’s almost ten years old.
            I love Futurama and am still waiting for them to reboot it…again(they will one day!!)

    • Coulter Baker

      We can hope, but this thing has a ton of redundant combos with dredge cards and free discard outlets that can lead to instant self-mill loops Ala hermit druid, without even needing to untap allowing for very quick and easily tutored combo kills.

    • Lord_of_Riots

      One big difference is that the dragonlords were abhorrent to build around, since they all had one off effects that were pretty mediocre.

      Gitrog is a build-around-me type of card, and that makes me as an EDH player very happy. Is he the best? Nope. Am I going to play him? Naa. But I’m still ecstatic that this sort of design direction was utilized after some of the other legends proved to be very disappointing.

    • Taco

      T1 land Faithless looting, toad + dredger in the graveyard.
      T2 land, Goryo’s Vengance to get toad back,fetchland, instead of drawing, dredge. Now there are more lands in graveyard to repeat the process. repeat. repeat. repeat.
      You milled yourself to death T2. Congratulations. (I think that’s pretty fun.) You can also easily turn it into a T3 win or something if your into winning or whatever.

    • Blahblahblahbla

      Gitrog is infinitely more powerful than any of the Dragonlords.

      Gitrog + Crucible of Worlds/Life from the Loam + Strip Mine/Wasteland/Dust Bowl = Devestating. If you have anything like Azusa/Exploration/Oracle of Mul Daya/Rites of Flourishing on the field it becomes absolute and utter domination.

      Gitrog + Cunning Lethemancer/Stronghold Rats/Anvil of Bogarden/Necrogen Mists/Oppression = Huge card advantage while depleting your opponent’s hands and forcing them to play spells before they have to discard them.

      Gitrog + any Dakmor Salvage/GGT/Golgari Thug/Life From the Loam/Stinkweed Imp + Oona’s Prowler/Putrid Imp/Skirge Familiar/Trespasser il-Vec/Volrath’s Dungeon/Wild Mongrel any discard outlet = Throw as many cards as you like into your graveyard for whatever kind of combo you feel like.

      This is a huge range of ability that Girtrog has, especially compared to something like the dragonlords. I spent all day yesterday playtesting Gitrog in two different EDH decks and he is an absolute animal. If he were a different combination of colors, he wouldn’t be as good, but the fact that you can run things like Demonic Tutor, Vampyric Tutor, Worldly Tutor, Green Sun’s Zenith alongside him makes him an absolute bomb. Trust me, i’ve tested this pretty well already. He may not make huge waves in French, but 99% of people who play EDH don’t play French rules.

      • Happy The Cat

        you do know that I did not say he was bad right? all of the dragonlords have just as many deck options because they don’t have a niche ablity like him. yes he is strong but once he leaves standard most people are only going to play him if they really REALLY love his deck.

        • Blahblahblahbla

          It was the comparing him to the dragonlords that confused me because they are as mediocre as it gets, all of them, whereas Gitrog is a under costed, card advantage generating, combo monster. And yes, most people only play commanders in EDH if they like them. :p

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED


    I’m in love

    • Nautilus

      I’m so glad someone else thought of Tahm when they saw this lol

  • Bostorket

    Ermagurd! Churb Turd!

  • Anonymous

    Jund deck running this, Groundskeeper, Olivia, Minna, Omnath, and a bunch of Basic Lands…Git-rogt.

    • Anonymous

      And a sac-outlet like Nantuko Husk just in case you meet some kind of wall.

  • jonathan broughman

    I’m pretty sure there’s a land in this set that can be cast from a graveyard. I could see this being an interesting landfall commander too

    • Happy The Cat

      m8 ya don’t cast lands

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        Does it matter?

        • eltratzo

          technically? yes. ^^ for all kinds of things. in this specific case? probably no.

        • Happy The Cat

          kind of!!! imagine what storm would do if you cast lands!!!

      • Hedronal

        I hope at some Time-Spiral-Esque point there is a single exception of some sort to that.

    • Dave

      See Drownyard Temple. Return it from the graveyard to the battlefield tapped for three mana.

  • Long Rod Claude

    Fear the Ribbit of Doom

  • Juuchi

    I don’t understand why this has death touch. It’s already a 6/6 for five. I guess it’ll plow hard into multiple blockers. I give it an 8 out of ten because of the draw potential in a self milling strategy.

  • Fry



      • Tolle

        2.0? Who was the first Hypnottoad?

        • Witch’s Familiar from M15

  • Gitrog monster is most likely the most powerful combo piece spoiled so far. Off the top of my head:

    any self mill card will gain card draw
    Fetching will allow card draw
    Draw for every kotreliquary activation
    Magmatic insight= discard a land draw 3 for 1
    And my favorite… borborygmos enraged.
    Bobo will just kill your opponent. Gives every land in hand “cycle to lightning bolt your opponent”

  • Necrachilles


  • Billocles

    Gitrog Git gud