• Rocket Raccoon

    Really nice god for Zombies decks!

    • Ultramegalord

      I’m just glad I have most of the pieces for ub zombies…..I think they are gonna go up more

  • Kaiser

    I am sad and happy with this one.

  • aur

    Wizards, what the heck? Come on, this thing it’s broken

  • Kaiser

    What i love about you: you are a nuke that takes lifes for all the opponents like my dear Consuming aberration takes the deck of everyone, finally another good UB big creature for multiplayer hyper fun. What i hate about you: i expect you come with a army of black or blue zombies that make you worthy to use in HoD limited cause if not, you are the weakest god in limited D: you were supposed to be my strongest option!

    Bonus: well atleast you have the strongest mana ab

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I just converted my zombie deck to mono black.
    On the up side, this thing is RIDICULOUS. I feel cackling is appropriate. Bolas apparently has a favorite god.

    • Kaiser

      Yes. The secret Crow God

  • Soren Szilver

    This is easily the strongest god on this plane. This thing has real power and would be really cool to build around in Commander or even standard. I really hope I open one of these in my drafting events.

    • Absinthman

      Totally in agreement. The moment I saw it, I thought exactly the same thing.

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    I have to completely revamp my zombie deck now, which luckily I haven’t really purchased any cards for yet. It was BW with a splash of G, but I can’t really make it four color and still expect it to work.

    • Mov

      Esper zombies with annointed procession?

      • Demiurgo


      • Daniel Kaine Allen


  • Joseph Myles

    **Plays Training Grounds**

    Did you say Blue/Black make a 4/4 Zombie that’s a copy of any creature I exile??

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    I remember some guy really didn’t want this to be about milling. Well, his wish was granted.

  • LetsGetReal

    Was gonna say that this is worse than a good cause it can only be beaten by exile effects… then noticed that this is in fact a god. Makes those amonketh “gods” look like disabled idiots xD Is this good enough for standard maybe with gisa and geralf?

    • Kaiser

      He alone is very powerfull in standard for 5 mana. You NEED to kill this guy or the next turn is going to take a creature into a 4/4 body with all the abs. So can make a little life linker into a beater, for example. The problem is, well you need to wait to the next turn to start to win the game. But is fine, a little slow but strong effect, better than the scorpion god for sure. Locust god is “faster” (if you can combo draw cards when he touch the field you pretty much win the game). I say this is the second stronger god of the 3 evils in terms of value. But is the strongest of the 3 in terms of playability.

  • Tolle

    Meh. Didn’t we need another zombie commander? Come on!

  • Happy The Cat

    there seems to be a lot of love for a card that gets shut down hard by Leyline of the Void and like effects. I’m just not sure he’s that good compared to other grave interaction commanders. yeah, he uses every players yard and can make 4/4s,which are big for zombies, but the other two gods have loops that instantly win games, which seems quite valuable.
    standard, this guy is heavy, but outside of there are just better options, but he’ll at least be a nice card for your 100.
    also, he has to be a card your opponent cant see coming, or they’ll just use graveyard denial, so having him as your commander would be a drawback compared to just having him in your deck.

    • Jonathan Reynolds

      I disagree — largely because of the first ability. There are a lot of graveyard-matters commanders that get completely shut down graveyard eraser cards. The Scarab God avoids that due to his first ability. His first ability does not require his second ability to work. Maintaining a zombies theme in addition to the graveyard-matters theme should be easy due to the large scry.

      Sure, he’s hurt by graveyard eraser, but he’s not completely shut down. That’s a world ahead of Alesha, Gitrog, Meren, Mimeoplasm, and Gisa and Geralf.

      • Happy The Cat

        well, gitrog, meren and mimeo generally run removal that can deal with that kind of stuff thanks to being gb, and Alesha is normally in a rush down deck so losing her ability just means you don’t rely on her. the biggest problem Scarab is going to have is he NEEDS to maintain board in order to still be a factor, of course you can build for more of a go wide zombies and accept that you will be eating wraths, but with an effect that says “each opponent loses” makes you a big target. 1v1 he might be a factor, but multiplayer you would be better off with him in your 100 for sidisi or someone who screams “don’t let me go off!” instead of “don’t let me exist!”

        • BlackManaAddict

          “He’s not good because X counters him and I think he’s not a good card” or he is a good card and you just don’t like the style of play or maybe you don’t want to build around it.

          • Happy The Cat

            I’m not saying he’s not a good card,he’s actually pretty great. It’s just that he makes you a threat to everyone for not that big of a pay off , I even said “1v1 he might be a factor, but multiplayer you would be better off with him in your 100 for sidisi or someone who screams ‘don’t let me go off!’ instead of ‘don’t let me exist!'”

            he is the type of card you don’t want to tell all your friends that you pulled a foil(or an Invocation) of him in a fat pack so you can get that shock and awe moment when you drop him on a board filled with zombies. If people see something like this guy coming they will go out of their way and get the cards they need to deny him and keep him off the board for as long as possible. he’s a windmill card. people don’t like when other people windmill on them.

          • raziel11

            “dies to path, not a viable commander”-some dude
            every single commander deck can be shut down with the proper removal spells (aside from a turn 1/turn 2 lock out, i suppose.), that is what removal spells are for. Thusfar every argument i have seen you make against him is “he is a target, but doesn’t instawin” which means, in other words, he is powerful without being oppressive. That is only a good thing. I’m assuming your meta is rather competitive, but in most commander metas people don’t just build decks to directly counter 1 or a few other decks, and then target that player from the start of a multiplayer game right out of the gate, because they don’t like the commander (which, as you’ve said, doesn’t even instawin) there are only a few commander decks who truly inspire people to build antithesis decks for, such as leovold decks pre-ban (but those decks didn’t even work to well against him, since he was just so oppressive).

            side note, zombie decks build tokens fast via sorceries like “army of the damned” and tokens via “zombie infestation”, making him at least some what resilient against board wipe decks (letting someone board wipe then springing an army of the damned always feels good), targetted removal typically sends him back to your hand, or at worst your command zone (oh no…) and he can easily sidestep graveyard hate with aforementioned zombles. he also makes a baller b/u control commander, by being his own graveyard hate machine and a reanimator to steal creatures from your opponents graveyard (with either the bonus or caveat of it being 4/4)

            all in all, unless your meta runs graveyard hate, creature hate, *and* counter-control, there is a powerful archetype he can be good in. not to mention decks in which he is sub optimal, but playable. such as mill, to provide a creature wall that mill decks can be light on sometimes (but he is outperformed by literal wall mill decks that use phenax), blue has enough “creature is unblockable” to make a 5/5 semi-voltron viable (though, you could play just about about any commander in an effective voltron deck. they are simple, yet effective)

            as for putting him into your 99? no. If you are in a meta that is not competitive and doesn’t brew decks specifically to pound your decks, he is a great commander. If you *are* in a competitive meta like that, it’s not like him being in your 99 suddenly makes your opponents forget he exists, and if we do want to go down the road of “dies to removal, bad card” how does scarab god in the 99 recover from a path or sword? y’know, those 1 mana things? simple: he doesn’t. He just turns into a basic land for the rest of his days. i ‘spose hiding your deck’s archetype will prevent your opponents from hate brewing you, but it only does so a single time if your meta really is that aggressive with their decks.

            how about a deck that hates on every possible thing he does or shuts him and other decks down immediately? something like stasis for example. why is someone playing a deck like that in a multiplayer game? control decks along the line of “i’ll counter this, and i’ll counter that” are annoying, but fine. decks built to either stop every single other deck (graveyard hate, creature hate, counters, token hate, artifact hate, and in general hate.) or simply be so fast they oppress every other deck should never be a part of a conversation about the viability of a commander in any context other than competitive. they are not fun in casual, and turn 1-5 lockdowns, infinite combos, or sheer fun ruining (i will never forghetti the days of leovold, i swear on my spaghetti) don’t make other cards bad, they are just simply broken.

            sorry for this unsorted, grammatically incorrect, possibly horribly misspelled wall of text. i am tired.

    • NC

      Good thing no one plays Leyline in my playgroup then.

      • Happy The Cat

        lucky you, I go one game leaving my win condition artifact in the yard until I can use it and now everybody grave hates. sure I had an “uncontestable board state cause nobody but me could draw cards” by turn 4 but it wasn’t that crazy.

        • BlackManaAddict

          See the problem there is that your group probably has more of those effects BECAUSE of your deck.

          • Happy The Cat

            that’s… that is literally exactly what I’m saying, I’m saying that people started to run more grave removal because one time the mill player hit the mono blue player and the mono blue player locked everyone out before the game really even started. why are you trying to pick a fight with me?

    • galen150

      remember they are 4/4 copies of other creatures, so in addition to the 4/4 body you could get an eternal witness and deny it for your opponents. also his first ability gives him an alternate strategy.

    • Shagoth

      I didn’t know that Leyline of the Void dealt with a board full of Zombies on the battlefield which now cause opponents to lose life and you to scry, as well as a 5/5.

      • Happy The Cat

        leyline shuts down the graveyard interaction, meaning that once you eat a wrath and no longer have a board full of zombies this card can no longer do much.
        really don’t know why people just read one line I say and assume that’s all I talk about. I’m saying he’s better when you dont play him as your commander so people are less likely to go fetch their grave denial and fetches, this card is fantastic, if he can catch people off with 4~5 zombies on board that can easly end a game from there, but this is a card people prepare to deal with. deny people time to prep and he gets stronger.

        • Shagoth

          “leyline shuts down the graveyard interaction, meaning that once you eat a wrath and no longer have a board full of zombies this card can no longer do much.”
          “really don’t know why people just read one line I say and assume that’s all I talk about.”
          You can still play more zombies, and this guy, and then he’s good again. I read that part. I read everything. I know you think he’s better in the 99, and it makes yourself a target, which I agree with, but if a commander makes you a target through sheer power, than it’s doing its job.

  • Shagoth

    Yay, not mill! Instead it’s the other overused build in Dimir.
    This is why I play Izzet.

    • Coulter Baker

      What. This is a card that’s unlike any other legendary available before in the colors. I’m really excited for this guy.

      • galen150

        its zombie mill. thats nothing new.

        • Coulter Baker

          His ability is very unique – stealing creatures from all GYs at instant speed? the closest we had was havengul lich, and he was nonlegendary, and required you to cast the card – this guy gives you any creature for 4 mana at instant speed, and while he may weaken some by debuffing them, he’ll always give at least a 4/4. he may not be the best thing in the world, but he’s quite unique – you don’t need mill to make him work – discard or self-entomb effects work well too. The way I look at it is “all creature cards in all graveyards have eternalize 2UB – only you may activate this ablity, and at any time you could an instant” if you compare him to sedris the traitor king, its easy to see how he has so much more potential than just mill. the first ability and fact the creatures are zombies is just gravy.

          • Happy The Cat

            it’s not that unique. we have stuff like Geth, Chainer, and Tariel. and that’s just legendary creatures. the value from this guy will be when he isn’t denied board and he can bleed people out over time. being 4/4 doesn’t really matter when most zombies would just run lords or globals or they plan on just killing off all the tokens, I mean you’d need heartless summoning and an opponent controlling Elesh Norn before you can give these zombies the clamps

          • Shagoth

            I do believe he’s powerful because he can switch gears back and fourth from pure Zombie tribal and being a reanimator, but someone convinced me that this guy can be built in multiple ways unlike other zombie commanders, he doesn’t even have to be a zombie commander to be useful.

      • Shagoth

        I mean, he’s a zombie tribe commander.
        Albeit, a very interesting one. You could just make him into a keywords soup reanimator commander. He’s not bad at all, but it does tamper with one of the two themes that are super common in B/U.

    • Edward

      The big difference is that the other 2 Zombie commanders both require 1 strategy to be good but The Scarab God doesn’t. Gisa And Geralf is specifically designed to cast Zombies from your grave which then leaves you susceptible to graveyard hate and the fact you can only cast 1 a turn from the grave limits what you can do. Grimgrin on the other hand just needs tokens or other creatures to sacrifice but he is a major threat. He also needs to attack to get his second effect which leaves him open to being killed. The Scarab God doesn’t have to specially focus on running all Zombies and graveyard hate won’t cripple it. That leaves a lot of room to build around unlike the others. You can also use its activated ability on any players creatures and use its activated ability at any time. You can get an instant speed Mulldrifter or Shriekmaw and who wouldn’t want that?

      • Shagoth

        They do play differently, and this god isn’t as delicate or all in zombies as the other two (it could just be a keyword soup reanimator and an opportunity to use Conspiracy type effects to your advantage for once), which is very much appreciated, but IMO, as a member of the Izzet master race, our commanders have
        Ludevic-Group Hug
        Kraum-Tempo, agree, thing
        Niv Mizzet V1 and the new god-Wheel effects and infinite combos (they also both have tribal sub themes)
        Nov Mizzet V2-Does anyone use this dork? I’d use him for a Tom the Wizard Tribal.
        Jhoira-Kill me before I cheat the nastiest spells in the game!

        Albeit, I was far too harsh on this guy the first time. The zombie commanders are pretty unique from each other and this guy can be built a variety of ways.

  • BlackManaAddict

    All hail our new god! My EDH zombie tribal is pleased.

  • George Robinson

    This guy and Rise of the Tides.

    • Miles Rinesmith

      Rise from the Tides?

      • pbtenchi

        A card.

  • Jorge Leal

    What happens if this god dies and then is exiled in the graveyard? It returns to my hand at the end of the turn or not?

    • Ryan Ulrich

      In Standard it remains in exile. In commander it goes back to the command zone.

    • Hedronal

      Still exiled.

  • MTG420

    Good card, bad art. Abysmal design.

    • Shagoth

      Why’s the design abysmal? I think it’s very well designed.

    • Kaiser

      “bad art” ? what?

      • MTG420

        Yes I’m not impressed with the skeleton arms, simple body, and downward facing Scarab face. I expect better.

  • Hedronal

    I almost want it without the life loss part, just so I could play it as my commander and not have it kill too much fun or be so much of a removal lure. Actually, not almost, I do want that. How counter-intuitive to want a card to be *weaker* than it was made.

    • Edward

      I feel like it would still get hate because scrying 3+ a turn is way too much card filtering and it can help get answers/ win cons. At least this way it actually wins the game

      • Hedronal

        True, but still, that’s much less threatening than before. Also in Commander, there’s lots of absurd things with the potential to happen, and it would be closer to the average level, thus reprioritizing what to remove. Given its recursion ability, it would get removed a lot less.

        • Edward

          I mean you can just play Graveborn Muse so everyone loses life on your upkeep.That is fair right?

          • Hedronal

            Sure, but not really going to stop people from disliking losing their life to it, and when every other player (probably) dislikes something, large chance it gets removed.

          • Edward

            I wasn’t being serious. You get to scry 5 and then draw 5 for 5 life on your upkeep? Seems fair to me. The Scarab God is just outrageously good and will draw hate unless you only have like 1 Zombie. The good part is that removal is a waste on it if it doesn’t exile since you can just cast it again next turn

  • Julna Buras

    Wow, I’d run this in sideboard in my control deck just so I could eternalize all the creatures in my opponents’ graveyards.

  • kmk888

    I didn’t really expect the UB god to be an insane beatstick, but here we are. A 5/5 for 3UB that’s hard to permanently kill is great on its own, but the thing I’m stunned by is the extremely efficient activated ability. Graveyard hate and a 4/4 with potential upside for 4 mana? That’s worth a card right there. The upkeep ability is just delicious gravy. This card is very pushed.

  • Johan K

    Yummy. I would use this simply for the reanimator effect in my Sidisi deck. The fact that it also has a zombie upside? Yummers. I can get my Gitrog or Meren-engines going again or maybe Craterhoof online. I don’t have issues with that. Scry to ensure milling creatures (and/or lands with Gitrog)? All upside.

  • potatogod442