• Merunemes

    That pic reminds me the 2nd colossus location on SotC…

  • Gregory Walter

    Heh, the emblem at the end of the title makes it look like it says “The Scorpion God!?”

    • Happy The Cat

      even the people who carved this weren’t sure about the name

      • Gregory Walter

        His true name is Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

        • Happy The Cat

          no, no that was Teth-Adam, that guy how does all the lightning and such

  • Hedronal

    Godly sarcophagi, background aqueduct?

  • BlackManaAddict

    Brown creature in a brown desert in a brown temple on a brown card.

    • Dave

      Incredibly bad art. Who greenlights this dreck?

      • DarthinvaderIX

        Why don’t you send me a link to some of your illustrations of magic cards?

        • Dave

          Yeah, because nobody is ever allowed to evaluate something others create for the public…

          • DarthinvaderIX

            But this art is still stunning and detailed, and it clearly depicts the same world we see in other cards, as well as adding some visual storytelling of what happened to these other gods

          • Dave

            Ok, to clarify. This is not bad art per se. But in the context of Magic art I find this rather lacking. Muddy textures, indistinct design, the creature is barely recognizable which is kinda okay from a flavor standpoint but not from a gameplay standpoint (which I find more important even for Invocations).

            But I see what they’re going for here. It will be a nice three card panorama of the three fallen Gods and I can appreciate that as a nice idea. Maybe put a cherry Bolas on top of the three striking a fancy pose (would explain the cloud in this one and the light in Locust guy). But that’s all it is to me a nice idea, not as well executed as I’ve come to expect from Magic’s level of quality art.

  • ningyouNK

    I don’t understand why all the gods on the invocations look so unrecognizable. We see them all from far away in a similar location, I find it super confusing…

  • Interesting. Did they do this with the Expeditions and Inventions too, do a second alternate-art run of a card from the actual set they were packaged with?

    Either way it means more chance of actually pulling this guy. Although this art is much worse. xP

    • Happy The Cat

      expeditions had the BoZ dual lands, inventions had the gearhulks, there are also a few more I think but those were full cycles.

      • Hm, interesting. Alright well at least I have a higher chance of getting mah evil gods. ^_^

  • Happy The Cat

    so this guys thing is he has a spike on his head that makes him look like master blaster, but they call it a tail and named him scorpion ki- I mean god.this guy is a weird mix of two movies that probably shouldn’t have mixed.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Did you know that The Scorpion God’s tail also doubles as a syringe for when the God-Pharoah becomes sick?

    • Giby86 .

      But the God-Phaaohr doesn’t get sick. If the God-Phorahoh was effected by common illness he wouldn’t be the God-Pohrhahoh at all. Immunity to mortal problems is the very first feature of the Dgo-Hphaahor.

      • Dave