• ColorCaptain

    So BA, Want this so bad!

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    Wow, I don’t think Invocations would have gotten nearly as much hate if people could’ve seen the full set when they were announced. Thoughtseize, Cryptic Command, Force of Will, Blood Moon, Damnation, Armageddon, etc. Turns out really badass overall

    • TheAweDude

      The frame is still really dumb and unreadable.

    • Zombie

      The hate isn’t for the card choice.

      The hate is for them being ugly as sin itself.

      The frames are too visually noisy, the art is too small, the text is not quickly discernible IRL while playing a game, and the cards themselves are being printed on the newer, worse card material which makes all of the new Invocation Masterpieces extremely prone to warping, drastically reducing their collector’s value and in worse cases preventing you from playing with them without double-sleeving at minimum.

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        I double sleeve all the cards I play with anyway and I like the way they look. I actually haven’t heard anyone complain about the premium treatment. It’s not like normal or even masters foiling and it’s certainly nothing like FtV foiling.

      • TheAdventurer

        The frames are incredible in-person and much easier to read as well.

        • Zombie

          They most certainly are not

          Source: Someone in my meta plays with a bunch of Invocations in his EDH deck and they’re horrendous to look at.

          • Sylvio Tenenbra

            The quality does hop around from card to card. Some definitely look really neat, some really horrendous. In my opinion HoD Invocations so far look a lot better than the previous ones. Still, its a matter of opinion.

          • Zombie

            But they don’t look any different from the Amonkhet Invocations????

            The only good part about them is the art, and they made it smaller.

          • TheAdventurer

            Then you’re going to have to accept that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not everyone has the same taste you do.

            Source: I and others I know have pulled invocations over the course of this block. I’m not the only one who thinks they’re gorgeous in person.

          • Zombie

            If beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, then the Invocations are still ugly to the majority at large of players on social media polls, people I’ve talked to on Reddit, here, other forums, etc.

            The people who actually like them are a vocal minority.

            The people are voting with their wallets this time on the Invocations.

            The HOD Invocations are dirt cheap, except for 3. So I guess for the 6 people that actually like the Invocations, good for you – you can afford all of them.

            Even the huge bomb Invocations from Amonkhet aren’t holding price that well.

            The Force of Will Invocation has already lost hundreds of dollars in value from its preorder starting point of like $400-450. Around official release, they were just above $300.

            You can easily buy an Invocation FOW for $150-$180 right now, and they’re not going stop dropping.

            The simple fact of the matter is that most players and collectors find the Invocations hideous, and their prices are reflecting that.

          • TheAdventurer

            . . . and none of that can change the fact that I and others still like them. You can appeal to the majority all you like, but they’re gorgeous cards, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Even the comments here reflect both points of view.

            The price drop is also indicative of a glut in supply. Many of those cards haven’t been reprinted in a long time. Every time they reprint a card, the price drops. The high initial prices reflected speculative rarity. When the cards started appearing in larger numbers, the price dropped. Older, rarer cards are also in higher demand than newer, easier to find cards. Thus, the older cards often go for more. Also, only a couple of the HoD Invocations are actually that rare or valuable. Context is everything, junior. You wasted quite a post on being wrong.

          • Zombie

            You and the 5 other people have made it known.

            We get it, you have no taste.

            That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with you

            (there is)

          • TheAdventurer

            Cute. You should have tried a little harder. Must be hard to admit when you’re wrong.

            The only FACT of the matter is that this is a subjective evaluation. There is no way for you to make it objective, though you’re welcome to more poor attempts. I like them. Others like them. You don’t. Others don’t. It’s an opinion, but there is more than one. You’re just going to have to live with that.

          • Zombie

            Trying harder is what Wizards should have done with the Invocation card frame

  • ColorCaptain

    Anyone have a guess as to where this will end up? $40-50? or north of that?

    • Zombie

      Foil Lorwyn Thoughtseize is around $500-$600 currently, foil Theros Thoughtseize is around $40-$50.

      I’d wager it would settle around $100~ish given enough time, but it’s already pre-ordering for $150+ right now.

      Hour of Devastation isn’t a good set for Masterpiece value, though.

      The vast majority of the Invocations from HOD are $30-$50. Only two are hovering around/above the $100 mark, and that’s Blood Moon and Thoughtseize.

      The next two priciest are Through the Breach and Omniscience, around $70-$80.

      • Jay Kenley

        You forgot damnation wich will be up around 90 bucks

        • Zombie

          Damnation was recently reprinted, and like Thoughtseize has a first-printing foil that’s far rarer than the Invocation will ever be.

          Damnation will likely settle around $60-$70 ish, barring there’s no buyout like there was for Engineered Explosives.

  • Jay Kenley

    50-65 bucks it will sell for, I want a couple for sure!!

  • kmk888

    The frame is still an abomination but the art is dope

    • TheAdventurer

      The frames are incredible in-person. Online doesn’t do them justice.