Thoughtseize - Theros Spoiler


  • Color: Black
  • Type: Sorcery
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Target player reveals his or her hand. You choose a nonland card from it. That player discards that card. You lose 2 life.

  • Berdo18

    I remember someone calling this when the “a card that could have been in modes masters” thing was mentioned. Are you a wizard?

    • Joshua McTiernan

      This is magic my friend :) and THOUGTSIEZE!!!

      • mexican

        you can’t even get the card name right when its right there, lol

        • Joshua McTiernan

          Two exited! I can’t think strate!!

          • Brom

            Excited* Straight* Think straighter now, dammit!

          • Joshua McTiernan


    • Jordan

      That would be me :)

  • Zombie

    No. Friggin. Way.

    Thoughtseize is in Standard again, gg everyone, gg wp.

    • Jordan

      it’s been anticipated for months now :) Even in the scgames “economics” articles as rumors.

  • Berdo18

    I checked like 2 minutes ago. Thoughtseize sells online for about $65 a piece. Now I can buy a crapload of theros boosters and still make profit if I want to, hurray! This will destroy so many decks, also if the player made card is printed before this rotates out, we might actually see a standard discard deck in the future meta.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      It will probably be like Shocklands or Darksteel forge reprints with the new cards being worth less then the originals. Heck Darksteel forge reprint is a MYTHIC RARE and it still is quite a bit less in value.

  • Nickerton


    Also, NOOOOO

    • Ben Meszaros

      Haha! Exactly! Finally able to lock down a playset. Also, you will be on the receiving end of Thoughtseize quite a bit over the next two years. :)

      • Zombie

        Joke’s on you I play Jund.

      • Edogman9955

        Hey Ben! It’s edogman9955 from Google plus. And yeah, getting a hold of a playset is gonna be so fun

        • Ben Meszaros

          Hey brother! Good to see familiar faces in other places. :)

  • Joshua McTiernan

    Get ready guys, Evan Erwin is gonna do literal flips. Just wait

    • Zombie

      I’d actually pay to see that.

  • Pat Whitbeck

    Until i see the theros version with new art i am skeptical.

    • Carlos Pimpão

      yeah for me it will always be a no until it is officially spoiled.

      • Ben Meszaros

        Here’s the current body of evidence. Once a spoiler has this much weight, the deal is usually sealed.

        (copy and paste the parts off the url. I hate waiting for mod approval that never happens – forums.mtgsalvation. com/showthread.php?t=533408)

        I’m with you though. Don’t count your chickens, so to speak.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      This was claimed to be in this set/block by Trollcreature. Two days before the official Planeswalker Guide to Theros 2, he spoiled the fact there would be a sphinx named Medomai who would be the time walk saboteur. Needless to say, the fact he predicted something as unlikely to get right as a NAME, makes him suddenly very credible source of spoils. He seems crytpic at best which leads me to wonder if maybe it’s Viral work by WotC to give that prophesy oracle vibe to the spoils

      • Pat Whitbeck

        Given, the Medomai thing is impressive but i cant help being skeptical at this until i see it with some swanky new art(unless there are faeries in Theros dear god) and a symbol. When i know explicitly that wizards is reprinting such a beautiful card i will be as happy as everyone else here. i guess im just jaded.

        • Sequoyah Sebastian Hoffman

          Wish granted. It was spoiled tonight.

          • Jordan

            And the new art is sexy as hell.

  • Anonymous

    hell yes!!! i can’t wait to get playset

    • Zombie

      It’s funny because they’re probably going to pre- order for like $25-$35 each, at least.

      Lorwyn Thoughtseizes are $60. Considering how Thoughtseize is played in nearly every single deck with Black in it in Modern, the price won’t go down that much, considering how high the demand for them is.

      • David Fitzsimmons

        I seem to recall a temporary increase in value to the original Shocklands with their reprints. Everyone was suddenly trying to buy the old copies so they could have bragging rights that their versions were the originals. Eventually the prices settled down back to around 20 bucks for the more valued ones. The reprints maintained a rather steady value of about half what the originals were going for at any given time.

        Same thing will likely happen here, a sudden increase in value then maybe a dip before returning to normal price.

        • Zombie

          Unfortunately the price of Shock Lands might increase with the cycling of Buddy Lands and Core Set duals.

          Shocks are going to be among the only duals lands in Standard once those cycle, if not the only dual lands, if Theros doesn’t have any.

          • Jordan

            Yep, I’ve been buying/trading for them at low prices ever since that rumor was confirmed. But Theros is expected to have some lands as well.

          • Zombie

            I already have my playset from my stint in “competitive” Modern.

            But I might just have to get a foil for my cube if the one in Theros has new art. But only if it’s pretty.

            I get to be shallow when buying cards for cube.

          • well they do now. . .I see the price only raising a little bit. . .

  • king

    The price will go down, but not by ALL that much. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this as a mythic, though. Depending on the rarity, this will be a 20-30 dolllar card. Mutavault was around 32 and it went down to about 15 or 16 now in M14.

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      I’d be shocked if it was a Mythic, the card is a staple, it’s not actually that powerful, it’s only valuable because it’s the only thing that can do what it does, I’d expect it to still be rare…

      • Guy

        I agree, its a much needed staple. What force of will is in legacy, thoughtseize is in modern. It keeps the game ‘fair’ and keeping combos from destroying the format. essentially it keeps the game fair and keeps the game fast but not to fast. Any staple of the format with such a big responsibility needs to be affordable, I have 4 lorwyn thoughtsiezes, but wizards needs to reprint this to where one of its editions second market value is about 15-20 bucks. This card is to important to be a ‘collectors investment’ and is more of a actual practical card for the overall benefit of the game of magic.

  • tuccimane


  • Mark Rosewater

    “Suck it”-Mutavault

    • go ahead swing at me with it. . .all the kill spells to make it die as soon as it swings. . .it is a creature after all. . .

  • SonicSteel

    Quicken + Thoughtseize = fun

  • Putrefy

    Oh come on… Seems like Mono Black Hate will be a thing (Lifebane Zombie in mind…)

  • YouGotFranked

    Happy for modern players, afraid for standard players.

  • OrangeCatTurd

    $30 nonland discard? o.O 1B, 2 life :P suddenly only managing 18 damage on second turn seems okay lol, it’ll only work once though because of this card ;P so i can see it helping more than hurting