Thousand Winds - Speed vs Cunning Spoiler

Thousand Winds

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Morph {5 ManaBlue ManaBlue Mana When Thousand Winds is turned face up, return all other tapped creatures to their owners’ hands.

  • Kahai

    First up: 4(U)(U) to for a blue flyer with 5/6 is actually right in line for normal blue flyers (id est sphinxes are powered and costed near this)

    For 5(U)(U) after the initial 3 to play as a morph creature, you get to all other tapped creatures to their owns hand. The closest other card to do this similar effect is Evacuation, which for 3(U)(U) you’d return ALL creatures to their owns hands.

    8 mana for a 5/6 flyer that can return all tapped creatures to their owners hand is right in line for costing purposes.

    Possible combos: Cryptic Command for 1(U)(U)(U) you can tap all creatures your opponents control AND something else. You can Deluge for 2(U) to tap all non flyers down, great in a blue flyer deck. You can Ensnare, which in my opinion is the best card to combo off with this new morph creature, by returning two of those islands you tapped the floating mana to morph this guy face up, you can cast Ensnare rather than pay it’s mana cost, and tap all creatures. Pretty damn efficient! :D

    As for the art, i can’t tell if there is a new morph ‘spider’ being used, this could potentially be due to the way the art was spoiled on the site (at an angle) or the fact that it’s a giant elemental creature! XD

    • Madness

      4UU for a 5/6 is literally a Mahamoti.

      • Kahai

        True enough. :D I mentioned Sphinxes because 1: i love them all. 2: they are the Iconic blue. 3: they are the only blue flyers normally found to be huge power hitters, with Djinn’s coming up second.

        • Madness

          Dare I say strictly better? Will I get punished because of the different type? Only the Dragons know.

          • Kahai

            Why would i punish you?

            I prefer sphinxes to other blue flyers. I have no right to say what you can or can’t like.

            I agreed with you. I don’t know what’s up with you.

          • Guest

            You’re the one being weird,

          • Kahai

            How so?

            Because i agreed with him, then wondered if he was talking about me punishing him?

          • Madness

            I didn’t mean you would have been the one to punish me, I was discussing about the community at large.

          • Kahai

            Roger roger.

            I was simply at a loss due to your strictly better comment. xD

          • Madness

            Hehe :)

      • satori

        that’s another thing. mahamoti is a great card for every core set and i don’t know why they waited so long to reprint him with m15. just imagine if it was thousand winds instead. jesus.

    • Antares

      Or, you know, Morph on 3, take a hit, blink on 4 for profit. XD

      Most people think Morph gets stupid because you can just blink EVERYTHING. Heck, you can play a deck with only one color of lands as long as blink effects are added in. :P

      • Derek Niles

        I don’t think that works, you would blink the face down creature and it would return face up (I assume) but it wouldn’t activate its ability because it was never “turned face up”……or are you just saying to get it into play early?

        • Antares

          Yeah, I thought of that. Sad thing, but oh well. I’m sure there will be a way to flip cards without paying the morph cost (or at least the full morph cost). One can only hope, right? :P

          • Derek Niles

            Yeah I would almost bet on it, there are going to be a bunch of morph tricks.

  • Zombie

    I don’t see this hitting Standard.

    It’s not powerful enough to be a finisher for Control, its ability relies on you being reactive (getting attacked), and both its CMC and Morph cost are outrageous for what’s looking to be a fairly aggressive Standard format.

    Keep in mind decks like Rabble Red are going to convert to the Mardu style (RWB), and will still be fairly quickly paced. If that’s any sign of the new Standard environment, creatures like this have no chance whatsoever.

    Best case scenario this is a delayed “wrath” effect, but if a Control deck wants a 7 mana board wipe, there’s no reason to not play Fated retribution over this.

    And then there’s Aetherspouts, JaceTLG, etc…, many more similar effects that are just better.

    This is an insane combat-blowout beater/ bomb in Limited, but I can’t really see it doing anything else.

    • Antares

      Hey, we don’t even know if Control will stay Blue (the faction with the theme of control is G/W/B). I definitely do not see this card seeing play. The big upside (morph) makes it one more expensive, and makes it far more vulnerable (nice bomb, he said before bolting it to Kingdom Come).

      PS. I *really* don’t see decks like Rabble Red being viable post rotation. We are living in a world full of Sylvan Caryatids, Coursers of Kruphix, and similar cards. Most creature decks can focus on two colors and outclass Rabble red easily (in fact, some of the worst match-ups for Rabble Red are mid-range creature decks that go bigger and start clearing their board). I’m very hopeful that moving along to Khans of Tarkir, aggro will be a viable strategy. I’m just not optimistic about it because Wizards is trying to crush aggro, and promote mid-range (heck, they’re even neutering control by eliminating the early wrath).

      This card is an insanely good limited effect, and can be a huge blowout with a few Fogs. Not the most intense thing in the world, but it’ll be cool, and frustrate many a player (likely myself included). Most rares ARE only good in limited and possibly EDH. Playing along the kitchen table is fun, and rares like this will always be in sets.

      • Zombie

        Rabble Red not being viable?

        You do realize Rabble Red has been outperforming decks that run Caryatid AND Courser, right?

        Just like Red Aggro, Courser decks are losing all of their beef from RTR Block and M14 as well.

        In fact, they’re losing MUCH more, and better cards to boot.

        Aggro is always viable at the beginning of a new Standard environment. If you don’t think that it is, then you’re ignoring a decade of statistics.

        • Antares

          I’m looking at Theros Block constructed. There is one viable aggro archetype in there, Red/White Heroic (Yes, there was a mono-black aggro deck. It was bad). It worked great, but had a lot of variance, and was very vulnerable. It was sort of like the Innistrad/RTR Hexproof deck that had huge variance, but was overall incredibly powerful.

          Red based aggro is always going to be a deck, but how good of a deck remains to be seen.

          PS. Those two cards were examples from Theros Block constructed (as they were very highly played). Honestly, it was more an extrapolation of Block Constructed (which worked fairly well for this year, as U/W based control and G/W aggro, which were the top 2 archetypes of RTR Block Constructed, were 2 excellent archetypes all year running). I certainly would LOVE to be wrong (I am an aggro player through and through), and will do my best to find a good/badass fringe-y aggro deck that wrecks the top decks in the format (I’m honest, I never find the back-breaking aggro deck that pros find. XD).

    • satori

      but aetherspouts and jace tlg aren’t better. jace’s appropriate effect isn’t entirely comparable and is a -3. thousand winds is aetherspouts + a big creature in the air to swing with, and there will very likely be cards in khans to flip morphs facedown again. the only drawback is the cost, and aetherspouts really isn’t much better about that. as for burn spells, those will likely be gone by the time winds needs to be used, and it’s always stupid to criticize something for “dies to removal”.

      it’s a good card. i think thousand winds would be better as a rare, but i dislike mythic rares anyway.

      • Zombie

        Aetherspouts resets your opponent’s draw steps or puts their threats on the bottom of the deck.

        If you Morph Thousand Winds, they can just replay creatures in the second mainphase the same turn.

        It’s a 7 mana fog on an overcosted body.

        It’s not good.

        • DJ Pad

          I’m not saying good, but bouncing your opponents board is not equivalent to fogging. It going to take them at least a turn to recast things (ie. buys you at least 2 turns before they attack again likely.). In the meantime you’re swinging with a large flyer. This thing will be insane in limited. Likely won’t see standard play unless tap-out control is a thing (even then, Soul of Ravnica is likely better)

          • Happy The Cat

            if we get sleep this will be good

      • Derek Niles

        I think Thousand Winds is a rare, not a mythic right?

    • Madness

      Just one thing you’re not considering, it’s still a darn mahamoti. Sure it’s overcosted, but you get a free Mahamoti. That’s not nothing.

      And yes, it’s not easy to find a spot, but I won’t write it off completely just yet, some clever builder might make something of it.

      Even just if it’s to have another Morph creature to keep ’em guessing.

  • Brian

    Definitely interesting. Best guess would suggest this won’t see any standard play, but we’ve all been wrong in regards to that before (considering how little we know about Khans still). But in limited, it’s a big hitter. A nice wipe effect for Blue, tagged onto a rather large flying body. And I can only guess what kind of morph tricks we might get in this set. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of the set as time goes by.

  • Crows_Flock

    This could be really cool. Hopefully they bring back skirk alarmist.

    • Daniel Gilmore

      I doubt they’ll bring back the card itself, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable that we get a functional reprint, though probably with a higher CMC and an actual cost for the ability. Probably not haste, either, since I’m sure WotC wants to maintain their “slower” standard.

  • Daniel Gilmore

    I can actually see this being a huge thing in Blue/Green ramp.Get your Kruphix going, collect some mana, then morph and flip this thing in one turn to bounce all your opponent’s creatures and leave them open to a devastating attack. Considering some of the best cards in standard are for ramping (Sylvan Caryatid, Courser), it could very well be a thing. Have to wait and see what other spells we’re gonna get, though.

    • Been waiting on a UG Monsters shell for a while. Maybe splash this?

  • Genio

    paying 10 for a 5/6 and an aetherize ? hell no, way too overcosted

    • xxKuro

      That isn’t the correct way of looking at it. It is a 3 colorless for a 2/2 Colorless creature that you can swing a few turns with first (assuming you don’t need to use it’s ability immediately), and it becomes a 5/6 for 7 and have the ability to be an uncounterable Aetherize. Remember Morph doesn’t use the stack, thats why Morph was somewhat broken when it first came out in Onslaught. Most morph cards that came out before tarkir have a flip face up or enter battlefield ability, the ones that don’t tends to have very low morph costs (usually 1 colorless more than just hard casting the creature). In Khans they try to fix it by increasing the morph costs of almost everything while having only a few at lower morph costs hoping they would be constructed playable.

  • Doodietang

    You can play this in Temur because of the huge mana ramp. What better way to surprise your foes than with a gale to the face that throws all their units back into their hand?