• Melissa Juice

    I know a lot of people aren’t into the idea of eldrazi on Innistrad, but it feels like a great fit to me.
    If Zendikar is an alien invasion, Innistrad is an otherworldly corruption. Lovecraftian, of course, but it also reminds me of The Tommyknockers.

    Anyhow. Tentacles.

    • Hedronal

      Now that we’ve seen more of the feel of this set, I wouldn’t mind Emrakul being here, because that for sure wouldn’t make it into more of the previous block.

      • Melissa Juice

        I think it could be a fun addition, simply because the flavor of the plane is so different. It’s not an alien invasion here, it’s weird cults and psychological horror. Mmm.

    • boogers

      Calling it right now: Emrakul is on the moon doing some nasty jazz and that’s messing up all of the angels.

      • Melissa Juice

        I’m into it.

        But you should know that tons of people have already called that, bud.

  • Soren Szilver

    This is a strong card. 1/2 for one that give you the option to draw later and has good creature types for tribal decks. Nice

  • Julna Buras

    Anyone else thinking that stuff she’s holding looks like Eldrazi corruption?

  • xgmjvsftgjnkokn

    “absolutely disgusting”

  • MrAptronym

    Great bonus on a 1 drop. I really want to make an investigate focused deck now

  • EJ

    I’m desperately hoping that all of these free artifact tokens create some sort of degenerate combo with Atog or something which causes there to be an emergency banning in Modern.

    I’ll settle for Pauper.

    • Jody Williams

      Someone is trying to get Krark-Clan Ironworks banned in EDH…too. XD

      • EJ

        See, that’s the thing. You’re an EDH player and you saw that in 2 seconds. But when Krark-Clan Atog Summer comes along, WOTC will be totally dumbfounded, because “we don’t test for Eternal formats”.

      • Marvin Sürig

        Lol. There would be many other cards which should be banned befor that I mean why don’t we ban the Altars too. Phyrexian and Ashnod.

        • Jody Williams

          Not sure what you’re getting at here. Those only work on creatures. The Ironworks uses artifacts, which you’re going to be getting for investigating right and left pretty willy nilly. And investigate/artifacts deck could get out of hand pretty fast. Think a more clunky Metalworker, only exceptionally cheaper and easy to pile synergy into.

    • wwww

      Atog OP, new meta.

      That would be very fun, at least for a while. lol

  • graymalkin86

    Wasn’t Emrakul’s brand of corruption turning things kinda organic-y? Emrakul being here just seems more and more likely, and honestly, it feels like a good fit to me. SoI is delving some into Lovecraftian/Eldritch horror tropes (with cards like Thing in the Ice), and really, all these investigators running around makes it feel like a game of Call of Cthulhu. My guess is dealing with Avacyn is SoI, then come Eldritch Moon…

    Ia! Ia! Emrakul Fthagn! Ph’nglui mglw’nfah Emrakul Innistrad wgah’nagl fhtagn!

    • Kahai

      Emmy’s brood turns things yellow/dusty and organic. This may be organic, but so is plenty of classical lovecraftian things.

      The Eldrazi are no longer “lovecraftian”, they are clearly just an invading alien. Nothing from Battle or Oath gives them more of a horror feel, nor does it solidify them being Eldritch.

      • AJ

        Emrakul twists living beings only by turning them close to her resemblance, such as creatures and plants turning into sponge-like creatures like her, never yellow or dusty. She’s known to cause a silent terror wherever she soars to, embodies desolation, and the terror of being alone. Also the eldrazi according to Maro were inspired by the Lovecraftian horror stories.

        I’m not saying this is definitely Emrkaul’s doing, but I hate when people turn so against this for “not being logical” when it actually could be her being the one responsible for this madness, even wizards must want people to believe it’s her only to reveal it’s something else if they feel like it.

        • Marvin Sürig

          I don’t deny that Emrakul could be the threat. Still there are many thing in the history of magic that fit more into the theme and to the clues we get currently.
          First of all we saw a Poster where Nicol Bolas Shadow was behind a Castle or Church. His ability or his touch, “an inborn ability that causes a mind shattering effect with the slightest caress. It makes coherent thought nearly impossible.”
          With this we can assume that the madness comes from him. And I’d even go so far that he used it to provoke Nahiri to act vengeful.
          Nahiri can do many things with her stonemagic. As we can read on warped Landscape she bent the mana of the Plane with cryptolith which cause the curses to grow stronger because the Mana of the Plane changes.
          The question is what purpos is it?
          Many say it’s to summon an Eldrazi and a few mention Marit Lage. I have to admit that I think Marit Lage would be more likely because Eldrazi would mean a colorless theme.
          Points that speak for Marit Lage. Her appearance is similar to emrakul and she was the first thing Wizard created similar to an Eldrazi. More over she is the Cthulhu of the Multivers and has a cult which is similar to the cult that chant when the tide rises.
          Meaning no offense even if it could be possible that we get Eldrazi vibes Marit Lage is more likely.
          Plus when Emrakul still need to be summoned to Innistrad. Why is Avacyn already mad?

          As someone who studied gamedesign I have to say that from story Background and Gamemechanics I wouldn’t use Emrakul.

      • Phoenix UNBENCHED

        I don’t understand why some people keep saying that the Eldrazi aren’t lovecraftian or eldritch. By definition:
        ‘Lovecraftian’ horror is a subgenre of horror fiction that emphasizes the cosmic horror of the unknown (and in some cases, unknowable).
        ‘Eldritch’ describes anything ‘uncanny, unearthly, and weird in a supernatural way, not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material’.

        The Eldrazi (the titans, not all the little drones) are heavily inspired by Lovecraft’s ‘Elder Gods’ or ‘Old Ones’. Unknowable, tentacled beings of unfathomable power and nature, impossible to comprehend, causing insanity to mere mortals that acquire forbidden knowledge of them. The sense of ‘horror’ they impose is that of impending doom. Humanity is insignificant to them. They ignore the laws of nature. They cannot be stopped.

        I do see that printing lots of smaller eldrazi that function as an alien zerg rush does lessen the impact and detracts emphasis of the titans themselves being the focus of horror. In that sense, yes, they (the smaller eldrazi, not the titans) function a lot more like an alien invasion. The horror basis of inescapable doom is also lessened by the fact that two of them were not only defeated, but actually killed. Lovecraft would have had Zendikar obliterated.

        TLDR: While the Eldrazi may appear to be watered-down in comparison to the beings in Lovecraft’s works that inspired them, implying that they aren’t lovecraftian or eldritch is just silly. I can’t think of any thing more lovecraftian that isn’t his own work. Heck, I look up “Eldritch Abomination” and the first thing I see is a picture of Emrakul.

  • Aarhg

    Yup, I’m definitely getting some ‘drazi vibes here, and I don’t believe that’s a bad thing.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    The look on that face

  • Marvin Sürig

    “Emrakul is the Titan of Corruption, the largest and most fearsome of the Eldrazi. She does not affect unliving matter – rocks, water, etc…but twists all things living, be it plants, animals, or sentient beings. She causes silent terror wherever she soars, embodying desolation, emotional and physical distance, the chill of the void, and the terror of being alone.” – Magic Wiki
    Which means it’s impossible for Emrakul to turn Stone into Tentacle.

    Nicol Bolas
    The Madness could be caused by Emrakul but by knowing that Nicol Bolas is around and his Ability means that he is the “thing” corrupting Angles and especially increased Nahiris Rage to a point where she wants revange.
    “Bolas’ hallmark is his touch, an inborn ability that causes a mind shattering effect with the slightest caress. It makes coherent thought nearly impossible.” – Magic Wiki

    Marit Lage:
    The summening at the Water sight would most likely refer to Marit Lage instead of Emrakul:
    “Marit Lage was a powerful being comparable to a demi-god with a kraken-like figure who came to be imprisonned on Dominaria at some point before the Ice Age.” + “it’s clear that she had a human following (Acolytes of Marit-Lage and Brine Shamans)”
    Marit Lage is similar to Cthulhu and has devotes. Nahiri could’ve learned about her by planeswalking and realized the similarities. By learning means to awaken Marit Lage or summoning her (either by traveling or Nicolo Bolas). She could’ve seen a Chance to do something to Innistrad which was similar to Eldrazi on Zendikar.

    Next point is the Moon which could be the doing of Nahiri as a Lithomancer or Nicol Bolas by somehow corrupting the magic that it’s emitting.

  • zenlyarrogant

    I don’t care for the Eldrazi all that much, but if this is sort of conditioning them to being MTG’s new Phyrexian Horror… I’m 100% on board. Because, eventually, all of that stuff is going to meet up, and that is the event I want to see happen.

  • The Man on the Other Moon

    What if this insanity is completely disconnected from Emrakul, Marit Lage, or Nicol Bolas. Has anyone given any thought to the Second Moon?