• That Guy

    Tibalt sucks.

    • Mixmastermind

      That’s really all you can say. 

    • Gidamerth

      makes sense that he sucks, he JUST became a planeswalker in the lore. though i am hoping he becomes far more epic as the yearsr and sets roll on.

      • Yhokolunaris

        I think he should be re-imagined as a Rakdos Aligned Planeswalker in Dragon’s Maze. He tortured people and did experiments with pain to get his spark, who better to refine his abilities than Rakdos?

        • B L A C K P182

           izet thats who nim the pain artist

          • sphinxy

             hey was kinda a scientist so i think he could be be blue and if i recall the lore right he was a bio scientist. theres our red green blue planes walker jkjk.

  • dante

    …his ultimate is insurrection and his negative is sudden impact…he doesnt suck, his +1 sucks. and really you can build a deck around him to negate that effect.