Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded - Avacyn Restored Planeswalker

Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Planeswalker - Tibalt
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+1: Draw a card, then discard a card at random.

-4: Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded deals damage equal to the number of cards in target player’s hand to that player.

-6: Gain control of all creatures until end of turn. Untap them. They gain haste until end of turn.

  • Guest

    Wow this guy is inexpensive for a planeswalker!

    • GUest

      Ya Don’t Say…

  • Jaryntaylor

    LOVE IT!

  • Jeremyromney

    I can see this in a red speed deck with act of treasons and traitorous acts. The idea of using an opponents creatures against them isn’t half bad and the coat is cheap… Really cheap. But I think sarkon vol is still a bit better, seeming tobalts last ability is most closely related to sarkons.

  • Mono-black

    ehhhh interesting but you can kill him with incinerate right away. If i were to proliferate him then thats a different story

    • Well there is, Volt Charge, it’s Lightning Bolt + Proliferate, for 2R, I could also see sneaking him into play with Doubling Season on the battlefield, suddenly he starts with 4 counters instead of 2…

  • Howlingerx3

    Nope! Want be playing with this card. Yeah, the casting cost is great, but i don’t care much for the two loyalty it comes with. This card would be super lucky to even last long enough to use it’s last ability before falling to a cheap creature or a cheap burn spell… not to over look Mana Leak would do the job. To me, this card sucks early in the game, and is even worse later on when your foe is set up and ready. Heck, it dosent even have a way to protect itself. Way to go wizards…. you give us a two drop, and your first attempt at doing so is waisted on this…. for shame.

    • Danduffee

      Except for the fact that he’s not really going to die to a cheap burn spell…The planeswalker gets priority and he will go to 3 before he can be targeted by burn. Lightning bolt is no longer in the standard format and no one really plays incinerate so I guess they can double galvanic blast, but he at least pulled two burn spells just for that. As for protecting him, burn is all about that, so I really don’t see him being too bad. And the whole thing with him being 2 mana is when burn has the play he sneaks under a mana leak. What’s more is you’ve probably never heard of a card called desparate ravings? A similar mechanic applys here and people raved about that. His middle ability seems eh for what your accomplishing, but the final can be gamewinning. He’s just a way to give red a mechanic uncommonly seen and potentially devastating for them. What is all this people are writing with incinerate though? What deck that’s done well lately plays that?

    • Wisdomseyes

      Not all planeswalkers protect themselves (see baby jace) for one. 2 judging planeswalkers by their ultimate and ability to get there makes next to all planeswalkers crap

  • swag is for boys, class is for devil planeswalkers.

  • Col Schafer

    Tempos perfectly in red Hyperaggro, lets you dig for more high octane one drops, and if the game drags on can have a huge impact on a close race. His middle ability is even potentially a finisher. This card is spikes wet dream.

  • 343 gelty spark

    This card is so OP!

  • Tim

    I like that for once, we have a walk that isn’t ENTIRELY broken. If his +1 let you choose the card to discard, this guy would be crazy. The random factor makes him a little more balanced (Especially since he’s a 2 drop). The -4 is alright damage depending on how your opponent plays. The -6 is also pretty nice, but I don’t think he’s the utter bombshell that previous have proven to be. And of course he should be balanced because of his mana cost. In general, he may not be the most valuable walker, but I like him. We need more weenie walkers out here. :)

  • Ihsansshade

    Honestly, he looks cool and there’s always initial hyper-ness about a new planeswalker, but let’s face the facts guy. Tibalt sucks. His plus one.. If you’re going to spam that at the beginning of the game you’re going to trash anything nice you have in your hand. Also, his final is pretty good (Unless you’re against a non-monster based deck) but it takes FIVE turns, and FIVE discarded cards at random. I may be one of the few people also disappointed by Tamiyo, but in my opinion, this swag-riddled-walker gets a 4 out of 10. I’d rather have two of the vexing devils.

    • Ever heard of Flashback idiot?…

      • Wisdomseyes

        I don’t think idiot is a good word to use towards his comment.

        He is very correct in a lot of his opinions. His +1 does not provide any card advantage at all, unless you want cards In Your grave (and as you had pointed out very rudely, flashback is a possibly)

        His -4 is great against control and falls flat against aggro.

        Ultimates on Planeswalkers seldom happen , and even then his ability is Sub par.

        For this planeswalker you would have to center your deck around his +1 to not risk discarding your hellrider because it’s random and still not be screwed. I don’t see any particularly good ability in planeswalker terms, and that makes sense because he is 2 mana. The only advantage I see is digging for an answer, which has a chance of getting discarded.

        Also let’s not forget that he has a RR cmc, which leans towards mono red. Let’s try and think of a mono red deck that doesn’t just have 2 cards left in their hand turn 3

        • Oh come on, calling random people on the internet idiots is fun, also I have to point out the applications this guy has with Chandra’s Phoenix…

          • Wisdomseyes

            Yes, he does have chandra’s phoenix.

            Though a planeswalker i can think of works with chandra’s phoenix more effectively


            (Yes i know its a crap card, shush)
            ——– /joke/——

            He is good if you build around him. Chandra’s phoenix is a good example of a card that works well in a red deck that has him, where lightning bolt is a good card that shows examples of good cards NOT to put in a deck with him.

            Now obviously, not so extreme, but that random factor can lose you the game. If it was just discard a card, he would be mythic material. I feel that it is worthy of rare as it stands… simply because it is a consistent desperate ravaging over and over and over. (while it may not seem it because ravaging draws 2 cards, desperate ravaging leaves your hand putting you one card down)

            My advice when using this card, don’t use his +1 every turn unless it benefits you (similar to lilianna)

        • guest

          His first effect is not to bad it lets you control what is in your hand and like you said flashback. Also it could start working in the first 2 turn. In all it is decent and could be worse.

  • meowmix

    While the planeswalkers can be good in the right deck, i’m just excited for the new planeswalkers. I’m sick of playing everyone with a god damn jace, the mind sculptor.

  • kyklops

    he is so cyoo (cartman voice) but his name……….are they pulling stuff from shakespeare……what next a planeswawlker named romeo?

    • Lumia

      I think he’s from Lumia and Tibalt from Ravnica

      • Empyrean

        It’s TibOR and Lumia.

  • Souprocks44

    think big games and set off the -6 when it’s you and one other player. or run a blue red deck with some poliferate and set off the -6 to a token deck.

  • Damocles

    Too fragile and too narrow. I don’t like him at all.

  • Cob


  • Yeehboooy

    Duel deck Tibalt vs Gideon?

    • Tgtechguru

      sure, make the worst matched duel decks ever, tibalt is not that good against the likes of gideon jura.

      • The Metal

        Lol Gideon sucks you blind fangirl.

        • Gideon is solid, Tibalt sucks.  He sucks so bad…how can you not see that?  I would much rather pull an incinerate.

    • Empyrean

      And what, pray tell, is the pre-existing relationship between Tibalt and Gideon? If he’s going to be paired up with anyone, it’s probably going to be Taimyo.

  • Joejitalia

    This planeswalker is actually alot more than what he first appears. The problem is that most of you are looking at him in the same way the rest of the planeswalkers are set up. You see the first skill for pumping, a secondary skill at a cost for a neat effect, and an “ult”. That isn’t what Tibalt is about. He’s all about the gamble. Using his first ability and betting you won’t lose something important. But, here’s where he gets interesting. He doesn’t have a secondary ability. He has two “ults”. One geared towards control type decks, and the other for creature oriented. The third ability certainly is more flashy, and is reflected in cost. Simply put, Tibalt can answer your opponent no matter what they play, you just have be willing to risk it to get to those answers. For just RR, it sounds damn good to me.

    • nataku

      Tibalt isnt completely about gambling, alot of this block is transitioning into ravnica, the land and legendary colors, and even Tibalt. In ravnica we run into madness “if you would discard this card, you can cast it for its madness cost instead” which happens to be similarly cheap like miracles. Now if you run with madness and flashback cards, Tibalt is nothing but awsome.

  • Wisdomseyes

    @Mod: I am not allowed to link cards from the gatherer? That seems… odd…

    the card i put inbetween cough symbols was Chandra Ablaze

    • I can agree with you there, although I have to point out that Chandra Ablaze coupled with Pyromancer’s Acension and Grapeshot can end a game quite quickly, she is also best suited to a deck centered around her specifically, but she is by no means terrible…

      • Wisdomseyes

        I have said it before in many other forums. There is no such thing as a bad planeswalker.

        Though, you do have to admit that when one is limited, as this one is, it becomes less useful.

        Chandra Ablaze is a planeswalker, and therefore is good. When she was new, all they hype was up about her, mostly because of the sheer damage you could inflict with her +1, alongside her -2 killing control players momentum and increasing the speed of RDW.

        But her abilities end up falling short because her mana cost is so high for a red deck.

        Which brings us to the point that generally, Planeswalkers with lower mana cost have a more suggnificant impact on the game. Which is where this cards hype lies… its 2 mana, and therefore the lowest mana cost planeswalker ever printed. Jace beleren and Liliana of the Viel running in close second.

        But i have to look at those planeswalkers… Jace’s +2 is a +2 and therefore makes him survivalbe. His +2 makes both players draw a card, which can be seen to hurt you a little, but that is why its a +2. His -1 is a means to a draw engine. 2 cards a turn until he hits one loyalty and then you +2 again, for another 2 turns of drawing 2 cards.

        liliana’s +1 has to be built around. In standard in the set she was printed, graveyard abuse is so promenent, there is very little worry. It hurts the opponent if the opponent is not running graveyard abuse, and even if they are running graveyard abuse it cuts down on the number of spells they can cast.

        That brings me to my biggest point. Even if you are running a flashback based deck, this planeswalker still gets rid of one of your spells. Flashback is not good because you can cast it from your graveyard one time. that is a benifet, but not a means to9 an end. Flashback is total card advantage, allowing you to play spells twice. If your goal is to get a card with flashback in the graveyard, it is better to cast it then to discard it.

        All planeswalkers are an investment of mana. Next to all of them are only used for their + and their second ability. Fiend Blooded is not very capable of getting his second ability easily, and his first ability is situational.

        My idea with this planeswalker if anyone will be playing him. You have a problem on the field and no solutions in your hand? +1. If you dont have any problems? Leave him out to do nothing. Forget his -4 until the point you can use it or it will inflict enough damage to win you the game. And his -6, lets face it, isnt the most powerful ability in the world.

        PS: Tgtechguru Collapse… okay, whatever. Does that invalidate my argument at all? Its desperate ravings as a permanent. Am I wrong?

  • Tgtechguru

    so pretty much better than a 2/2 for 2, thinking that loyalty points are somewhat like toughness

  • Tgtechguru

    its desperate ravings, dumb one

  • Ohknowjoe86

    Perfect for a Frites deck

  • Madou Diallo

    Main phase Reforge the Soul, then minus 4 in your face. This card is interesting to say the least. If you play a burning vengeance type deck with flashback on everything it doesn’t really matter what you discard with his plus 1. And his minus 4 is dangerous in the right deck.

  • Daultonlee123

    His story is up for anyone that is interested.

  • KingPose

    Tibalt is decent. I’d probably run him in a burning vengeance/proliferate deck. If his +1 was just discard, he wouldn’t get any hate. His -4 is amazing against control, and his -6 is amazing against anything creature based. You’re all just too focused on the random discard.

  • guest

    I’m a bit of a noob…does Devastation Tide work with Tibalt’s second ability? Devastation Tide returns all nonland permanents to owners hand. Can Tibalt’s second ability activate after Devastation Tide runs through? Or is Tibalt put in your hand before this can happen?

    • Arcanefyre

      Tibalt would go to your hand first, he is a non-land permanent.

  • Liniker Kobold

    I believe he would do well in a Grixis deck. I believe Ravinica will bring many possibilities for multicolor decks where he can fit and work so splendid. 

  • Zachary Rafferty

    I run tibalt in a deck when you just throw whatever the hell you want into the graveyard and bring it back because you either unburial rites it or you flash it back. I see tibalt as nothing but help in this deck and I love him so i find him pretty awesome.

  • GlyconEOW

    Uhg. I’m tired of people saying his +1 gains no advantage. It does, a lot of advantage, even without a flashback deck! The reason being, imagine if you could draw 2 cards a turn, but only play one and discard the other. Well, Tibalt is almost that. You see, let’s say you’re running mono-red burn and your opponent has a 2/4 on the field you want to remove. You have 3 lightning bolts and 2 mountains in your hand, but you definitely don’t want to waste 2 lightning bolts on one card. If you activate Tibalt’s effect, you gain another option, perhaps even stoke the flames. I’m not sure how to say it, but isn’t getting more options every turn good?

    Also, a lot of people are arguing that Tibalt doesn’t gain enough immediate advantage, but it’s hard to think of a card with RR as it’s cost getting more than a 1 for 1 in a normal game.

    TLDR: Getting more options in a game is always good, and Tibalt provides options. His +1 isn’t just pure downside, since it provides said options.