• Jalais

    This seems pretty good actually, if you can protect it.

    • much

      it must attack to trigger :/ without any evasion :( WE MUST PROTEC

  • Nanya

    Wouldn’t this card be REAAAAALY easy to ascend with?
    5 lands, this, the 4 tokens it creates…

    Yeah, that’s 10 permanents right there.

    • Marvin Sürig

      The problem is the Attack trigger and that there is no haste involved. Attack triggers are easily interrupted by spot removal and without haste your opponent has another turn to hit it. Druids’ Repository could combo of with it pretty well but one still needs haste.
      But one thing is certain, when her ability triggers and isn’t answered you can get the City’s Blessing quite fast.
      I guess you could run a Green/Red Aggro Deck with Enter the Unknown, Ornithopter, Old-Growth Dryads and maybe Ghirapur Orrery. For the haste one need Claim // Fame, Bloodlust Inciter or Samut, Voice of Dissent. The nice part would be that you won’t need a high cmc creature to ramp into because this card is a mana sink. And in Jund one could play Cut // Ribbons against creatures and another mana sink finisher.

  • ashton

    so good. omnath loves this, I’m definitely putting this in my horde of notions deck as token support

  • PhilThrottle

    Can someone confirm rules for me? Token death trigger is attached to the summoner. If opponent kills her before death trigger goes on the stack I can keep all the tokens I just made correct?

    If so, this card is bonkers. I will be purchasing all the foiled out playsets I can afford.

    • Coby Folk

      If it was required for the summoner to be in play then it would reference the tokens by name or something along the lines of “… Exile all tokens put into the battlefield with Tilonali’s Summoner this turn…”
      The fact that the effect refers to the tokens as “them” implies the clause is part of the same effect.

      • PhilThrottle

        That makes sense. The seperate paragraphs in the translation made it seem like they were two independent abilities. Looking at the actual card text it, looks like the translation was misleading. Oh well, and I had such dreams for a boros token deck. :(

        • Coby Folk


    • Kahai

      When the token is created it makes a delayed trigger that occurs at the beginning of the next end step.

  • DJ Pad

    Gross with purphoros

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Kinda neat, if you need cities blessing asap.

  • Happy The Cat

    my first thought is big mana red, get your Gauntlet of Power out there, your Caged Suns, and turn this into a 3x damage fireball. WKU ftw.

  • Bostorket

    OoOooooo. Something else I want to tinker along with Teferi’s Veil.

  • Steven Wallace

    my coat of arms is quivering.

  • Kahai

    Play with teferi’s veil and keep your tokens. :D

  • David Meyers

    Would this be a way mitigate flood in Burn, or push damage through without spending extra cards for it?