• Dr. Burn Crow

    Is that Gitrog Toad????

    • Pulverizerg

      Pretty sure that’s a little sheep

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Noooo, the claw, not the lamb.

        • Zachary Cooper

          It’s just a generic demon. If you look at the spoiler article there is a enlarged image of the art.

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            Toad is all. All is toad.

          • MagicGALAXY


  • Arcus Diabolus

    Its kinda “ehhh” to be honest. Sacrificing has never been a good form of removal. You almost need delirium to activate for this spell to be cost effective, because lets be honest, unless the opponent only controls a single game ending creature, he’s going to sac that creature for the sake of keeping whatever game ending planeswalker he has alive even if just to force you to attack it rather than him.

    • TogetherAlone

      This would be good in a B/x control deck. Now that seige rhino is gone, and creatures are looking smaller, languish could do some work along side this in standard. and black has a few decent looking win conditions right now.

      • Dakota Matson

        pretty sure that origins won’t be standard when this releases.

        • Axel Tousignant

          Pretty sure it is

          • Vizzerdrix

            Fate reforged, origins make block 1, then zendikar block 2 innistrad block 3

          • Hedronal

            Dragons of Tarkir is what pairs with Origins to make block 1, Fate rotates with Khans.

          • Dakota Matson

            Yep, my bad. I’ve been out of standard for a while and for some reason I thought that origins came out before khans.

          • Vizzerdrix

            Yes thank you mixed them up

        • AlaAlba

          I’m positive you’re wrong. Standard is losing KTK and FRF when SOI hits, DTK and ORI will drop at the next block, and after that for the foreseeable future, Standard will be 3 2-set blocks at a time.

    • Dave

      Foul-Tongue Invocation was played in nearly every Black control deck and so will this.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        True, but still. I’d rather simple destroy/exile removal rather than sac removal. Its just more reliable.


    Great flavor text: “Where has little Gossamer gone?”

    • MagicGALAXY

      It’s so awful, but I can’t help but laugh.

  • ye

    I love how the card name answers the flavor text.

  • Chaospyke

    Amazing Flavor, Just like Gossamer I bet.

  • yolksoup

    Ruinous Path or To the Slaughter? Why not both?

  • LSVfanboy

    I will shed a tear every time i see this card

  • Zombie

    Black/X is getting some ludicrously good removal for the upcoming Standard season.

    A deck with this and Anguished Unmaking is going to be disgusting.

    • Vizzerdrix

      If only siege rhino wasn’t rotating we could suffer through another season of abzan

      • Zombie

        Inb4 Siege Rhino has a mono-black functional reprint in Eldritch Moon.

  • just some guy

    rip sheep 2k16

  • ArcaneMelee

    Love this card if nothing else for the Loony Toons reference, Gossamer is the name of a monster that chased Buggs Bunny for a couple of episodes.

    • boogers

      While you are correct about the name of that looney toons character i think gossamer is the name of the lamb “used to refer to something very light, thin, and insubstantial or delicate.”

  • wwww

    The removal quality of this set is incredibly amazing compared to what we have got for 2-3 years.

  • DirtyHoboLord

    Look at this monster. Now look at dark depths. This probably ain’t Marit Lage but the similarities are strong with this one.

    • DirtyHoboLord

      3 eyes on each side, same divides in the teeth, same face shape, same color. If only this had tentacles, I’d be sold.

      • Boots

        Much more likely Withengar

  • skslsmdidndidj

    where has little ugin gone?

  • Johann Davies