• Hedronal

    This seems limited because it only works three (ish with extra mana) times, but that’s a feeling from long before seeing it wreck someone. Get it off once and it’s expensive instant (but seen coming) exile. Twice and it’s expensive two cards for one. Thrice and now you get some opportunity.

    • Hexilon

      I read on another website that you may transform it when you get 3 exiled creatures.

    • DJ Pad

      It’s definitely mana-intensive to use, but being able to exile 3 creatures with one card (and then eventually casting them is insane card advantage). Seems like it’s best suited in grindy matchups or EDH where you can afford to take turn 3 off.

  • Tolle

    Oh come on, we got Gaea’s cradle, we got Tolarian Academy, this was the time to get Sera’s Sanctum!!!

  • Oscar

    This could be playable in edh just because it transform into an additional manasource in colors without land ramp.