• Jacob Anderson

    Rabble rabble rabble.

    • Atarka Effreet

      ugh filthy peasants, ouch, no please ORMENDAHL WHERE ARE YOU
      – Skirsdag cultist, final words

  • Samuel

    i love how simple it is to flip it, i guess they made it that way showing how easy it is to start a rabble anywhere.

  • TheAweDude

    This might actually be a really good card. You have to remember it can block as a 2/3 on turn 2 if you drop another creature.

  • Hedronal

    The back face flavor text is quite wise. At some point I hope to have an Incited Rabble be what helps my second Town Gossipmonger transform.

    • ashton

      agreed. I’m more of a murmuring phantasm guy though when it comes to philosophical flavor.

      • Hedronal

        That’s one of my favorites, along with Gridlock from the set before.

        • Happy The Cat

          I’d Demonic Tutor a Mad Prophet to incite the rabble.
          everyone should know the ways of the demon, especially the common folk.
          or Rabblemaster he seems like he would work well.