• Gaius_Ultima

    Ok, WITH delirium, this is one HELL of a tutor.

  • CrozzStorm

    and creature or land for 1 green…. i might splash green in my deck just for this, or just run werewolfs, if they get 1 more support or something

  • Desuitis

    what sexy madness is this, must have 0.o

    • Happy The Cat

      I must be a poison/ fighting type because that confusion was super effective
      this doesn’t have madness

      • Desuitis

        lol, wasn’t talking about the madness ability just a statement XD, about how sexy the card is, gonna replace my lay of the land in the edh super excited

  • Zachary Cooper

    Starts reading card… Ugh it’s just going to be a conditional rampant growth, why is this a rare?
    Reads delirium text… ow… that’s why.

  • Jay

    It’s gonna be alot harder and take alot longer to get delirium now without fetch lands right?? Am I missing something

    • Happy The Cat

      we’ve got evo for about a year and there are the crack lands, plus suicide mill can enable this most of the time

      • Alex Egertsen

        crack lands?

        • Mr.Mayhem631

          If I had to guess, they’re referring to BFZ’s Steppe cycle.
          Don’t force nicknames on things, folks, you’ll only confuse people.

          • Alex Egertsen

            got it

        • Happy The Cat

          any land that you can pay mana and sac to do stuff, we had some really good ones from last set and a fetch from this set

  • yolksoup

    w/o delirium, a lay of the land, w/ The OP Green Tutor that can search for any land or any creature, have fun tron if you ever reach it (not)

  • micgre8162

    It’s a little more interesting with delirium, but without it, I just see a sorcery speed inferior Evolving Wilds.

    • Kotadis

      Not true, evolving wilds is not limited to the one land per turn restriction. You cant play 4 evolving wilds in one turn and with this you can.

      Also anything remotely close to worldly tutor in standard is a win any day.

      • Hedronal

        This doesn’t let you play the land sooner either, it’s a tutor not ramp.

  • Dominic Ng

    read for 2nd time, delirium bonus does not restrict the land searched to be basic. this thing almost definitely get into any edh

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Good catch.

    • EJ

      Definitely goes into mono-green EDH decks. Early game, get a basic Forest. Later game, search for Gaea’s Cradle / Avenger of Zendikar / Craterhoof Behemoth.

  • MrAptronym

    Wow, I expected “and put it onto the battlefield” but that delirium bonus is much neater. Any creature or land? I could see some GB decks in EDH loving this. Depending on how hard delirium turns out to be to get online, this seems reasonable in other constructed as well.

    • Alex Egertsen

      Tarmo decks love this in Modern.

  • Ryū

    That’s pretty damn spiffy.

  • Zombie

    For a single Green mana this a immensely powerful effect if you can actually get Delirium to go off.

    This might actually be playable in Modern if it can find the right shell. It’d be kind of like having Worldly Tutor in Modern.

    I’m thinking that this is the kind of card that Oath of Nissa was looking for to find a home in Modern. Both are dirt cheap card draw that could really do some work with the right support.

    And the best part is , with Delirium active it can hit ANY land, not just Basic.

  • Deadly Berry

    I like. Damn I like it a lot, With delirium so easily achievable in every format I’m sure this one will see lots of play.

  • Hedronal

    This card design is so elegant. Wordy, yet simple, effective enough to reach modern, but not breaking things (I assume at this point). It even has its block-specific name work better because the block-specific mechanic on it would make reprinting it difficult anyway.

  • davee

    I’m in love with this card. I want 4 right now.

  • Jonathan Mueller

    It’s a one mana creature tutor.

    Conditional, but the fact that you can potentially get any creature for just one mana is still pretty damn good.

    Might even end up being better than Worldly Tutor in the right deck… although I admit, those are probably just a few.

  • Velvet Wurm


  • Happy The Cat

    or, I dunno… a creature?