• Shagoth

    This set is bringing back so many mechanics from the past few years, I kind of like it.

    • Hedronal

      Double-faced cards are my favorite Mtg mechanic, so so do I.

  • Happy The Cat

    that kinda sucks for such a pretty card…

    • Alexandre Donnart

      I think it’s quite good, and we’ll have 9 more cards like this one (10 double-faced card, all lands).

      • Happy The Cat

        but Treasure map is already 2 mana and then three uses of 1tap: scry 1. if this could produce any color mana instead of colorless I’d like it but as is I’d rather have Treasure Map just reset every three counters and pop out lotus petals.
        if this was
        treasure cove
        tap: add any color to your mana pool
        tap, sac a Treasure: draw
        or land
        tap: add 1 to your mana pool
        (no tap) sac a treasure: draw a card
        either option gives this Rare artifact bang for it’s buck, as is it’s a five mana black lotus with the option to draw an extra card for three turns. none of those are good *for five mana*
        it this was uncommon I’d be fine with it at this power level, however.

        • Hedronal

          Maybe “tap, sac a treasure: get two mana of any color” or something.

  • Deadly Berry

    The effectiveness of this card will depend on how easy it will be to come across them treasures.

  • Lixilix

    this was suppose to be the art/border for the masterpieces of this set

  • Hedronal

    Beautiful weird frame. Art all the way to the border is cool to see, it makes it seem more like it expands on beyond the card. Less like we have a window into another world, more that there’s actually a world through there.