• http://www.facebook.com/emil.noren.3 Emil Norén

    Extort seems like a very useful mechanic when given some thought.
    Stalemates becomes very undesireable for most opponents, as any spell will little by little drain down their life, and tick up your own.Cheap spells that otherwise wouldn’t be very impressive can become serious threats in dedicated Extort decks.Control based on cheap targeted removal will greatly benefit from this, as you’ll drain their life without ever attacking or directly targeting them with spells. Although this strategy might not be very viable unless there are artifacts/enchantments with Extort.
    It goes without saying that anything resembling Exsanguinate will be great in multiplayer.

    In sealed/draft this should also go quite well with Cipher, since you get free casts even when you have nothing on your hand.

  • Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

    It looks like a phalic man part with legs

  • Xero

    I’m playing Orzhov.

  • Ardanaz

    Extort would work nice with drogskol reaver. 

    • Ardanaz

      And Rakdos, Lord of Riots