• AustinSmith

    This…was not the card I expected to represent Innistrad.

    • Mark Pilzer

      I was expecting something a little flashier, but I didn’t have hopes for snapcaster or Lilliana with all our current mythics, but AT LEAST GIVE US SOMETHING WORTHWHILE. Maybe even garruk could be good.

      • AustinSmith

        Snapcaster and Lili would’ve been pipe dreams; they were both seen in MM17.

        No, this is concerning to me for a different reason. Original Innistrad was my height of playing Magic as a player. Those were my good times. Dripping with flavor, excellent limited. For a set that’s supposed to bring back memories, this was not one of those.

        I remember Travel Preparations. I remember Spider Spawning and Mulch. I remember Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves. I remember skaabs and Forbidden Alchemy. Fun draft archetypes that were balanced and DELIVERED.

        So many choices, and they go with the mythic wall. I have gone from wanted to co-purchase this set with a friend to buying a couple packs, and now barely that.

        • Flart Blowhard

          All because of one card. One card, in the history of 25 years of Magic. And the whole set isn’t even spoiled yet?

          Choose pettiness, choose unhappiness, and you’ll always be disappointed.

          • AustinSmith

            I’ll reserve my final purchasing decisions until the set is completely spoiled of course; I still want to give this set benefit of the doubt. It’s supposed to be celebrating 25 years of one of my favorite hobbies, after all.

            But based on what I’ve seen so far, there’s not much driving me to purchase booster packs. Value? I didn’t even originally care about value, but these rares are actual robbery if I’m spending $10 a pack. Nostalgia? Extremely hit-or-miss; this is a miss for me.

            I don’t want to be petty. But man, you had one job, Wizards; make a draft environment representative of memorable cards and archetypes in Magic’s history. And they kind of failed that.

          • Shagoth

            Actually the whole set sucks so far but the tree feels like it’s wizards trolling us. Like, it’s symbolic of how little they think of their audience.

          • Vando

            I dont think you understand. Innistrad was one of the best sets to ever come out. It was extremely fun, memorable, and flavorful. It was a set that really stood out above the rest and got alot of players i know into magic. If wizards thought this would be a good idea then they’re sadly mistaken. It’s honestly more of an insult to their customers and fans.

          • Kameenook

            Hey I dislike the entire rivals of ixalan set exclusively due to the card Thunderherd Migration. Sometimes it represents more than just one card but general philosophies that are disgusting

  • Makarthekorokwarrior

    I love this card in general, but seriously?

  • 葛雷斯

    Are you, are you
    Coming to the tree?

  • Kolya

    It’s a fake.
    Holostamp is wrong.
    Set symbol is differently sized and positioned.
    Watermark is taller than others in the set.
    The right side of the art spills over the frame.

    • 葛雷斯

      I also hope it’s a fake~

      • xxxx

        It looks like a fake. Set symbol is too far to the left.

      • Kolya

        Looks like this image is fake, but inclusion in the set is not. I’m seeing a Japanese version that looks legit.

      • TheRealSpecialK

        The bottom of the Japanese version is gray instead of black. I’m not sure if that is an indicator that it is fake or not, but I am going to hope that it is. This is very far down my list of green Mythic cards I was hoping to see a reprint of.

    • Aarhg

      I think it’s because the original spoiler image of this wasn’t in english, so someone made an english mock-up of it.

  • TheAllyKat

    The Tree has all the halmarks of the last fake from this morning. Additionally, Phyrexian Obliterator looks the same as these two AND after multiple days of Previews has NOT been acknowledged as a Preview card on their FaceBook. As we all know, after 24 to 36 hours after an official Preview, the cards are posted on FaceBook to ensure the local language version is shown confirming it’s being officially Previewed.

    • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ
      • TheRealSpecialK

        Even this has weird things about it. The bottom of the card is gray instead of straight black like every other card in the set.

        • AHunter

          cuz that’s lighting,ain’t a perfect scan

        • Shagoth

          That’s called lighting.

    • Makarthekorokwarrior

      In addition to this likely being real, sadly, Phyrexian Obliterator has been acknowledged officially on Magic’s website where all the official spoilers are listed.

  • Shagoth

    A mythic for innistrad, for green, is a god damned plant?
    Okay, I was hating this before, but it went from bad to insult. This better be fake because I am way too mad and petty about this.

    • TheAllyKat

      It is a fake. The font is completely different from Magic cards,

      • Shagoth

        Sometimes there are redo mock ups for translations that turn out to be real. I think this happened with RXL ascend edict.

      • Monk

        Not Fake but the spoiler was in Japanese

  • Peter Nordstrom

    no tarmogoyf. skip this set!

  • Henry FS Evans

    I would rather drag my ball sac over a broken bottle of vinegar than pay $10 for the chance to open this. Go home Wizards. You’re drunk.

    • Shagoth

      Avgn fan?

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Next mythic in this set: Razor Boomerang. Let’s do this!

  • Happy The Cat

    why? we’ve seen none of the cards that combo with this, Mythic? I could see rare, it’s s $3 nf for some reason but Mythic?

    • Kameenook

      Mythic since it’s a surprisingly strong card in limited. Although I don’t think it should have been in the set at this rate, yes it’s a super cool card but not sure who actually thinks of this card when they think of Innistrad….. Nevermind actually this was a perfect card saw 4x play in every deck because it was loads better than GoST, Snappy, and Lili, those cards are dirt cheap cause they’re hot garbage..

      • Happy The Cat

        I get the joke but this card can do work in Limited, but it has to have Equipment to work, possibly Auras but then you just get blown out for nothing. have we seen any equipment? better question, WHY haven’t we seen any equipment? one of the mechanics of the game just ISN’T HERE!?

        • Kameenook

          Yeah I don’t understand, and I did mention it’s a surprisingly strong limited card, but its lack of being nostalgic / iconic and lack of value is disappointing. I sent a strongly worded e-mail to WotC asking for explanation we’ll see if they provide one.

  • Ankulay Poulay

    they have to be kidding, the 2 green mythics are hot garbage….

  • Bruiser Moore

    Wow. How could this slot not be taken up by Goyf, or Doubling Season, or hell, I’d even be okay with BOP being at mythic since it’s heavily played, unlike this turd. :(

    Also, they really screwed up making Iconic Masters right before this set, there were so many cards in that set that should be in this set, if this is truly a set to celebrate 25 years of MTG. How can Channel not be in this set? I would be fine with it as a mythic in here because of the history it has with the game.

  • Ryan Cameron

    I didn’t know April Fool’s has arrived a month early? In all honesty though, I think this can be redeemed if there’s something either like doubling season, scapeshift, or noble hierarch at rare.

  • AHunter

    Don’t worry friends,this is just garruk in disguise… right?

  • Hritzdaddy

    Well this doesn’t at all look like the Scapeshift reprint we have all been waiting for, but my eyesight isn’t great maybe I’m just seeing it as some dopey plant… maybe….

  • Tavis Carrillo


  • Aidan23

    This is not the redemption this set needed.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    I just realized this thing blocks death’s shadow forever and kills it as soon as it no longer has summoning sickness. Too bad they’ll always have Thoughtseize or Fatal Push before you can use it, but hey, i can dream!
    I’ve loved this card in EDH and Innistrad draft in the past, but i cannot dredge up a single reason why this would be the choice for a mythic slot in a Master’s set. At least with the Akromas and Prossh, we have huge lore legends and massive format defining bombs. This is just.. What?