• KrakenHunter

    This is amazing.

  • fullbuster

    I think this is very cool: it’s just a Cruel Edict with an extra!
    I mean, you may never ever play a Cartouche, but the option of taking this back is lovely nonetheless

  • asdafasda


  • Cthulhooo

    Repeatable edict? Sounds cool.

  • Nebulium

    All we need now is a nice aggressive 1 drop in black to be spoiled, something like tormented hero. That followed by this, followed by the black cartouche would be an amazing limited play

  • God Enel

    Best trial by far.

  • kmk888


  • Donovan Davenport

    This could be decent in the modern Mono-Black panharmonicon deck! It’s removal that fuels devotion.

    • Stefan Eitler

      Only artifacts and creatures trigger twice with panharmonicon

      • Donovan Davenport

        That’s why I said it fuels devotion for the deck, I didn’t say it would trigger twice…

  • Deadly Berry

    DO WANT.

  • Ryan Sullivan

    I’m gonna try a 5 color god deck in edh with these. With enough Cartouches and some devotion counts from the permanents, I’m pretty hype about it.

    Also, this card is bomb in standard control, great against Pummeler or control (if it gets down)

  • Jake Miller

    so dang good

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    My favorite part about the trials and cartouches is that no one’s gonna wanna destroy these. You’re basically admitting defeat when you kill an enchantment that basically doesn’t do anything anymore and then bam you regret it the moment someone bounces it to play it again.

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      Even better, once you play the second Trial of Ambition, why would someone kill the first one? No one has that much spot removal dedicated to enchantments at the moment. Also just realized the synergy between Kefnet and all the Trials. Only need a few cartouches and maybe 6 or 7 trials to reliably get yourself a few extra cards in hand without paying the draw spell tax.