• MTG fan

    This is pretty good compared to Chandra’s oath.

    • Jalais

      For limited, yeah. Standard, not so much.

  • Happy The Cat

    this actually made me laugh. three mana to deal three while the other colors get massive effects, wizards. if you dont want to print real burn then go ahead don’t print any burn.
    might have been okay if it had Annihilating Fire’s exile clause.

    • Random Guy

      The other (non-black) trials are pretty weak, and this is recursive burn which is decent as seen with Punishing Fire.

      • Happy The Cat

        punishing is good due to 1 up lands and stuff that allowed it to cantrip several times. with all the buffs in this set from the Cartouches and what have you combined with most 2~4 mana creatures (that aren’t red) now being x/4s three damage isn’t big anymore. compared to a 4/2, Ethereal Guidance+, and the draw three drop one this just looks weak.
        but yeah, the black trial is the best, repeatable forced sacrificing is powerful, especially when the big mythic cycle are indestructible.

        • Random Guy

          I still think it’s decent, the effect isn’t strong but it’s good as a recursive effect, it can help you finish a 6 life opponent or burn most 3 CMC creatures.

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      (1)R is the usual casting cost for a 3 damage burn spell by current standards. This has upside and can be straight up played again. (2)R is reasonable. It may not be super playable, but it’s reasonably costed. The downside of being sorcery speed doesn’t make it bad enough to drop the second (1)

  • Insight66

    I’m getting a “Soylent Green is people!” vibe here, because in the trailer it looks like Gideon is saving someone from their “reward”

    • ymmij X

      yea when you pass the 5 trials you are killed to rise as one of the “worthy” what part of “born by death to rise again” was unclear