Trostani, Selesnya's Voice - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice

  • Color: Green, White
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Dryad
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain life equal to that creature’s toughness.

1 ManaGreen ManaWhite Mana, Tap Symbol: Populate

  • GreyMan820


  • Dv1L

    Crazyyyy It’s going to be beautiful in my populate deck =D

  • YouGotFranked

    Well G/W tokens will be stronger than ever. His 4 CMC makes it quite viable in constructed.

  • Jamesrobbins2323

    worldspine wurm the deck?

    • D3nn1sthemenace

      LOL, yes, then cloudshift it a couple of times.

  • BigBurlyBill

    I’ve been waiting for nearly two weeks to see this card!  It’s truly going to be the best card in the deck.  Hey guys, I’m going to let you all in on a secret… Seance.  Use seance to exile cards to make a token for the turn… then populate!  It’s the greatest combo ever.  =) 

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Great Idea and you wouldn’t have to exile any copies you populated from it. I wouldn’t call it the greatest combo ever though because I think it’s Intruder’s alarm with any creature that tap’s to make more creatures

  • Mlundgoldstein

    Broken, just broken! I know she’s a guild leader and I know Leaders are supposed to be powerful but come on play a creature gain life, populate gain life, flicker gain life it’s insane I mean with her out just one flicker of Thragtusk gains at least 15 life but it will probably be more.because of other cards

    • Timmy

      true, turn 5 you can cast thragtusk and gain 8 life.  If you flicker him turn 6 you would gain another 11.  What other cards are you talking about though? The only standard card I can think of that increases lifegain is Rhox War Monk, and he costs 5 mana, so you would have to play him or trostani turn 5 and thragtusk turn 6.  I wouldn’t call the card broken, but he’s probably tied with Jarad for the best guild leader

      • Anz

         I think he means to flicker Thragtusk with Restoration Angel. :)

        • Tagonizer

          Or Cloudshift… or Conjurer’s Closet…

      • kevin

        Rhox war monk isnt in standard… Rhox Faithmender is and he cost 4 and will gain you 10 life coming in if you have Trostani

      • BigBurlyBill

         To be fair, the creator’s are developing this card for mainly Standard play.  Flicker is only in the Urza Block, so I’m sure they had no idea, nor care about the other types of play.  Of course, you could say Avacyn Restored was mostly for Commander. lol  Regardless, it’s very well balanced for standard.

  • rev_shad

    Life Gain for the win
    turn one: Forest, Essence Warden
    turn two: Plains, Suture Priest
    turn three: Plains, Rune-Tail Kitsune Ascendant
    turn four: Forest, Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice
    turn five: land, Ageless Entity
    you now have a 10/10 and possibly Rune-Tail flipped so your creatures don’t take damage

    or change Rune-Tail for Chalice of Life

    and if it late game Phyrexian Processor makes tokens to Populate.

    so i think i want two for my life gain

    • Bookworm1896

       In response to that: Havoc Festival

      • Neuo the 1

        And how exactly do you intend to deal with his 12/12 (forgot to consider Trostani’s effect will most likely check states on resolve) that can’t be dealt damage?
        plus Havoc Festival don’t come out until after this is set up, plus anyone that running that kind of a life gain is bound to be packing anti-enchantment because there have been anti-life gain cards b4 (leyline of punishment). granted his idea is best cast.
        there so many ways that Trostani fits into a White Green Life Gain. Rev was just showing some of the most effective. Ajani’s Pridemate, Ajani Goldmane’s Ultimate/Serra Avatar are more cards that work well. plus throw Rhox Faithmender or Boon Reflection in combo. there so many ways that life gain is an effective deck, granted it wouldn’t be standard.

  • rev_shad

    am i the only one that feels she needs a race creature type not just a position one. i mean she is clearly an elf

    • Facebook User

      Dryad is a race.

      • Neuo the 1

        caller her an elf most likely shows that Rev simply regards dryad as a subsection of elfs as both elfs and nymphs (dryad being wood nymphs) has the same mythological base. which i can see his point.
        or he simply misread dryad for druid and commented on that.

  • Flickerfan

    if you play Wolfir Silverheart and soul bond it how much life would you gain? 4 or 8?

    •  4, it comes into play with 4 toughness, it doesnt get +4/+4 until after soulbonding

      • Mixmastermind

        However, if you have Wolfir already out, I believe whatever you soulbond it to will have +4 as it enters the battlefield, so it will give an extra 4 life.

      • Yes, but you can stack the triggers, so that first the lifegain trigger goes onto the stack, then the soulbond. The soulbond will resolve first, and then the lifegain for 8

    • rev_shad

       it really will depend on whether the ruling it that it checks the toughness when it activates or when it resolves.  generally it is a on resolve which means that if you set up the stack so that soulbond resolves before Trostani then 8 but if you resolve Trostani b4 soulbond you would only gain 4. i’m going to check that as soon as the rulings for the set are out because it also affects my life gain idea which you can see a few comments down.

  • Tim

    Tree of Redemption just popped the question to Trostani. I knew those two were made for each other.

    • Dv1L

      Agreed. The children would look odd though.

  • Firestorm75

    This is yet another reason why I try to play Mill.. Life gain is getting almost out of hand, imo.

    • Wisdomseyes

      But lifegain isn’t a tactic. You Cant win by gaining life. You can only try to have aggressive tactics run out of fuel while you build up your tactics.

      There arent many lifegain cards with much, umph. Thagtusk and hunt master are the cards that come to mind.

      • rev_shad

        Ageless Entity, Ajani Goldmane’s Ultimate/Serra Avatar, Chalice of Life
        Cradle of Vitality will turn even little creatures into hard hitters
        Felidar Sovereign and Test of Endurance are life gain win, plus Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood will do it as well.
        turn all that extra life into a weapon with Phyrexian Processor
        plus cards like Ajani Caller of the Prides and Storm Herd give you massive amounts of creatures if you have massive amounts of life.
        So please consider something other then standard when saying something is not a tactic i win by gaining life all the time

        • Evan Stephens-Tiley

          Ostensively, don’t forget about gravecrawler sacrifice and blood artist combos.

      • Ricky MacLeod

         it more of a life sap but most vampire cards will gain you life and hurt your opponent Blood Tribute, Exquisite Blood, Blood Tithe, Feast of Blood, Vampire Nighthawk, Sorin’s Thirst and Tribute to Hunger, or Sorin’s Vengeance (granted that is a little high costing to be used much). Sanguine Bond combos so nicely.

  • Devinbeckley

    Rhox faith mender then flicker thragtusk

    • guest

      Quit taking my idea

  • yes!!!

  • rev_shad

     yes i do only play causally (in part do to appearance, Rev is a reference to me being a pastor) but on account that two of the five people i play the most come in top five of every event they go to i would say that my life gain deck, which often beats the deck they use there, is decent.
    most of the cards i listed i don’t use i was just give examples of life gain cards with umph, which you said you couldn’t think of and i do apologize if it seamed like an attack it was not meant as such.
    the card your thinking of is Serra Ascendant not Serra Advocate, which i have in playset along with Pridemate, Soul Attendant, Soul Warden, Suture Priest and Essence Warden. my main win is not with Felidar but by giving a massive Pridemate, Ageless or the token from Phyrexian Processor trample or just beating them down with Ascendant.
    and yes both Ajains are impractical as are Storm Herd and Serra Avatar.
    Martyr of Sands is great and i’m not sure how i missed it when i was putting the deck together so i thank you for bringing that up.
    i would say that if used correctly life gain can be out of hand seeing as you can end up with four or more digit life totals in longer games.

    • rev_shad

      *almost every event

  • Heinkel.

    i can put down another Marit Lage just for 3 mana…. :)
    i like the art 2. Nice card.

    • Neuo the 1

       Marit is legendary so putting another out would kill both

      • Opus141

        Not unless their the same creature.

        • Highlander

           and a copy of something has all the same stats name, type, mana cost, P/T so a copy of a legendary is a legendary with the same name meaning that the legendary rule kicks in and good buy both. unless it just the second Brothers Yamazaki or a Mirror Gallery is out

          • Opus141

            my bad i thought they were saying trostani would die too. now i get that they were saying both marits would die.

      • Heinkel.


        nevertheless, 2 marits on the graveyard could have some nice uses….

        • Ricky MacLeod

           tokens don’t exist in graveyard. plz learn the rules noob.

  • Opus141

    trostani>tree of redemtion>feed the pack = F**K YOU!!

  • Richardshort2001

     In the right deck 1 War Report flips Chalice of Life. 

  • Ordeals

    I love the art on this one, plus dryads are awesome. But a dryad without forestwalk? Hm… I think, every dryad should have forestwalk…

    However, Trostani really looks like a decent general, to me, but I think, only in ‘casual’ games… That the populate ability is a tap ability just makes it too hard to go infinite with this, I guess. Which is a shame, since I love combos, and this just seems like it would get really hard to combo with it. The Umbral Mantle could work there, but I think, they really should have made this card to be able to populate at instant speed, without a tap symbol. Perhaps also to be able to produce tokens on its own, without already having to have a token on the field, would be nice too.

    However, it may not be the best card, but it´s definitely my favorite card of this new set. Can´t wait to play her (or them?).

  • Sootoo

    Actually this could be an awesome general. I love the art, I love dryads, I love playing tokens, and lifegain is nice too. However, I still really hope they still change this card somehow… In a casual game, this still could be very decent too, but if you play against an Oona deck in a competetive game, for example, then I fear you´ll have not much of a chance.

    There may be some ways, but to always have to tap this dryad, to be able to populate, just makes it too hard to make really powerful combos with this, I guess. Plus, you don´t just need a lot of mana of one color, no, you need a lot of mana of two colors. And as if this wouldn´t be already enough, you actually still have to have a token on the field, to even be able to make any tokens with this. I don´t know… I really like this card, but if it stays like this, then in a competetive game, you wouldn´t have much to laugh.

    Remove the tap cost, one color of the mana cost to populate, and make this card give all your tokens haste. Then it really would be a nice general. Perhaps I´m wrong, and I´ll also still search for ways to combo with this as a general (Umbra Mantle could work somehow perhaps?), but if it really stays like this, then it´s really not that overwhelming.

    Chorus of the Conclave, for example, even would make a better competetive general than this.