• Chaospyke

    Well this is certainly interesting. O-Kagachi approves.

  • Kitnz

    Such a weird politics card. Somebody is certainly going to “gift” this via Zedruu.

  • Jude

    This….this is a dino card….seriously, you play it with dinos that are huge with enrage and at least ensure one enrage trigger

    • TogetherAlone

      Agreed. Playing this at the right time in Dinos is very good.

  • Grant Jacobson

    in 1v1 this card is pure upside right? (except for an above average mana cost)

    • HeyHey

      Not sure it’s pure upside because if they are planning on attacking you anyway, you just payed 4 mana for a treasure token. Still a sweet card though.

      • Bobit

        Treasure token every turn = a mana rock.

      • galen150

        well if they were already planning on attacking you, then this doesnt cause a downside. so yea, it is purely upside because it doesnt cause a downside. also, treasure token each turn, it triggers each time you have an end step

      • Grant Jacobson

        so keep it in play for another 3 turns and then its paid for itself?

    • galen150

      yea. forces them to attack when they would either already be attacking, or when they have something they dont want to attack with, or maybe force them too suicide into a deathtoucher, and on top of that treasure tokens each of your turn.

  • HeyHey

    This is a really sweet card. Different and flavorful and fun. You have the treasure hoard and your opponent is overcome by greed and has to make a grab for it. Now I just need to find a Hornet’s Nest to put by the hoard…

  • Bobit

    Essentially a 4 mana rock with the upsides of the first ability and the fact that you can save the mana. VERY fun design, unlikely to see constructed play tho.

  • galen150

    this + death touchers + revel in riches :D maybe some blue for draw and more treasure generation as well

    • galen150

      plus, captain stormy, maybe the treasure map that flips to generate 3 treasures. just janky enough to maybe work

    • galen150

      or splash white for annointed procession. then each turn cycle you’d make about 4 treasure tokens (1 for this and revel in riches, doubled to 2 each)

  • Aidan23

    At first I thought that it was a curse, but this card is just terrible.

    • galen150

      its not terrible, its a build around. in 1v1, this basically has no downside, it would just sits there, spawn treasure tokens, and force them to attack when they normally wouldn’t.

  • Alex

    The treasure tokens scream made-for-pirates, but the downside seems like it could be an upside in a Dino deck where you could force your opponent(s) into unfavorable trades with your giant creatures and then triggering their enrage conditions. At first glance this seems awful, but I would not be surprised to see this incorporated into such strategies.

  • ColorCaptain

    In RB, Grixis or Mardu kill everything decks this seems great!

  • MrAptronym

    My Fumiko EDH is in dire need of this card. Yes, please run into my blade and give me money. Feels like it may cost 1 more than it should to me though?

  • Chris Tomsky

    I’m torn now between blue/black control with revel in riches/mechanized production or red/black agro with revel in riches/lannery storm, wily golbin, this. Thing is RB agro looks like it wants to be attacking a lot meaning leaving up blockers might be hard, but then again plan would probably be to just burn and kill everything on their board. Could work. I think most people are going UB treasures so I might wanna try this RB version.

  • Happy The Cat

    this feels like it could have been good, but it costs a bit too much, O-Kagachi will pick it up sure, but outside of that or other combat control commanders i don’t see this getting much play. if it was more than an Awakening Zone with “hit me!” stapled on it’d probably be decent, like if it also made a treasure when you were attacked, not just once on your turn.

  • Deadly Berry

    Both effects are good, my only complain would be the 3R cost, coulda been cheaper.