• M.T.G


    And this is a common?

    • MithosFall

      Well, it can only counter instants, sorceries, and aura enchantments, and even then, only ones that target your stuff. It’s quite limited in usefulness.

      • Daniel Kaine Allen

        Epic for your sideboard though

      • Reevas

        Can also counter a creature spell if it needs a target to be cast, like most shapeshifter creature spells does .

        • MithosFall

          Actually, most clone creatures don’t even require a target, and even the ones that do, it’s the ability that targets, not the creature spell.

    • Kahai

      Reprinted at the same rarity it was original printed in Scars.

  • Well…

    So it counters kill, bounce and debuff spells… Freckin broken………….And its a common!!!!

    • Edward

      Well it is only good at protecting your things which is useful for some decks but only if they have permanents they need for the deck to run. Good for standard though with combo decks or to get creatures through in certain decks. Probably mostly a sideboard card

  • Edward

    I know this isn’t the best counter spell ever but it is still really good for standard. It stops that pesky Declaration In Stone and may be very good in the standard combo decks that are sure to come

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Debating whenever to run this or the blue cloud shift from SOI… basically the same thing in the long run, but this can help protect lands and blue-shift has tons of utility… Decisions decisions…

    • Edward

      Depends on the deck honestly. Both are good and have their uses. A spirit deck gets the most use out the the Essence Flux but any other deck they both have good uses and play pretty much the same role. Essence Flux is better though because it can always save a creature you want to live while this does not. They also both stop Declaration In Stone which is relevant in standard but Essence Flux gets additional ETB effects

    • Edward

      To put it simply this works better in decks that run relevant enchantments or artifacts they needs while Essence Flux is better for creatures

  • Robert FakeLastName

    So this is essential give target permanent hexproof. This used to be green’s and white’s thing.

    • Edward

      Since when was that white and greens thing? It has always been blue’s thing to give hexproof

      • Kahai

        Hexproof is Green primary, blue and white secondary and tertiary. Green also cares about creatures and other permanents, as does white. Blue doesn’t care about much other than blue things, and permanents are blue’s least thing to have.

        Edit. IT was colorshifted to blue during Scars, where Blue cares about artifacts.

        • Edward

          I know it is in green and white but it is in blue too and has been for a while. I just didn’t see why something having hexproof in blue seemed surprising. The card itself doesn’t even resemble hexproof either way

      • Robert FakeLastName

        Archetype of Endurance, Asceticism,
        Aspect of Mongoose , Ranger’s Guile, Sheltering Word, Skyshroud Blessing,
        Steely Resolve, Stonewood Invocation, Sylvan Safekeeper are some that specify hexproof or shroud. Clearly green has a history of giving things hexproof/shroud.

        • Nolly

          Im pretty sure hexproof is mainly in green/blue. Theres not many monowhite cards that have hexproof, since white’s thing is indestructible and formerly was protection.
          Can’t it be both a green and blue ability?

          • Robert FakeLastName

            it is. white specifically has dawn charm and rebuff the wicked technically.

          • Kahai

            It is Green Primary, Blue Secondary, and White Tertiary. There are 48 cards with hexproof.
            Color of cards with Hexproof by percent:
            Green: 52% Or about 24 cards
            Blue: 25% Or about 12 cards
            White: 23% Or about 11 cards.

            White isn’t some out of touch third, it is one card away from matching blue.

            I think the point Robert is trying to make is that abilities like this, spells that stopped things from hurting your stuff used to be in Green and later in White. It didn’t get turned Blue until Scars, a block with very little for Blue to do to protect the artifacts it wanted to keep.

        • Edward

          I know it is in green but it isn’t very unexpected for it to be in blue. Oh and this also in know way even comes close to hexproof. it is a counter spell

          • Robert FakeLastName

            do you know what happens to a spell if its target is no longer legal?

          • Edward

            Yes that spell is countered. The difference is that hexproof will coutner every single spell that targets said permanent for the duration of the hexproof. I guess saying it wasn’t even close was would be incorrect but still this is a counter spell doing what counter spells do. There is no reason to compare it to hexproof

          • Robert FakeLastName

            why not?

    • Nolly

      This is a reprint. Its a counterspell.
      Perfectly blue.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        avoid fate and rebuff the wicked. also i did not know this was a reprint.

      • Kahai

        It’s a reprint of two colorshifted reprinted. As Robert said, Avoid Fate was green. They colorshifted the ability into white with Rebuff the Wicked. They colorshifted it again into blue.

        This type of effect should never have left white. In order to give blue artifact synergy during scars they made it blue.

        At the end of the day, you’re both right. :P

        • eltratzo

          It still is a counterspell and as maRo recently blogatogged if a colour has access an effect it has access to it’s subsets though they try to do that very rarely to not take away from colours that only get the subset (the specifics were about tutors).

          so if it made sense from a design/ developement standpoint back than and does so again right now there is nothing from the colourwheel perspective speaking against it.

          • Kahai

            Oh, sorry i should have said why they were both right. XD

            It did in fact use to be a Green and then White thing. AND it is a counterspell.


            My personal feeling on this, it doesn’t really feel like a necessary reprint. Dispel does most of the things needed in standard. Like this doesn’t stop CoCo but it does stop a Declaration in Stone.

            I would have rather gotten the white version of this spell (Rebuff the Wicked) but i like white having counterplay. Taxation is very white and so is protecting your stuff. Feels less blue in this set.

            I think the only reason it got printed in blue in Scars was to give blue-artifacts a chance to be a thing. Though i didn’t play during that set.

        • Tragic

          Spells that give protection are (generally) white.
          Spells that give hexproof are (generally) green.
          Spells that counter spells or abilities are (generally) blue.
          This is a perfectly color valid card.

    • Tragic

      But it’s not hexproof, there are many things this spell can’t stop.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        you are right. it isn’t hexproof. it is better. hexproof on one permanent only counters a spell that has only one target. this counters spells with more than one target or that does things before the targeting happens.

        • Tragic

          But that doesn’t make it outright better. I would say, at best, this is situationally better, but that would also make hexproof situationally better. Don’t forget that hexproof does stop abilities that target, where this does not. Also keep in mind this doesn’t stop board wipes or sacrifice effects on the same level as hexproof, for the same reasons.

          Yes, this spell can counter another spell with multiple targets, but your opponent needs to be running spells with multiple targets for that to be a benefit. Like I said, situational.

    • Hedronal

      Hexproof keeps it safe from multiple spells. This is similar, but not that.

  • Graymalkin86

    What are people freaking out about this like it’s something new and broken? It’s a reprint.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      We know, but reprinting it in today’s context gives us cause to think about it a bit more. I’m currently debating whenever or not I want to run it or Essence Flux for protecting my creatures for one blue, with the difference of protecting my other permanents vs the added utility of flickering (untapping, re-triggering ETB effects, etc).

      I might go with this since I already run Cloudshift in the deck I was planning this for.

      • Jacob Kodicovic

        Depends if you are playing spirits, but if you aren’t and already have cloudshift, use this

  • wwww

    Nice reprint.

    For creatures, I prefer to give Hexproof because it counters abilities too, or can counter spells that’s can’t be countered by spells or abilities (because the target will be an illegal one) like Abrupt Decay. In blue, we have Mizzium Skin and in green, we have Ranger’s Guile or Vines of Vastwood (doesn’t give Hexproof technically, but it’s similar).

    This however, can protect any kind of permanents.

  • Son Goku

    I love the art on it. Chances are that’s just some random mage, but I’d like to see more of this character and this artist.

  • Zombie

    Might be some decent sideboard tech in Standard for Blue based/blue splash creature decks if they turn up, nice to see this reprinted with some sweet art.

  • Nanya

    Neat! Considering Murder got reprinted, of course they’d have a counter to something like that.

    • Zombie

      It’d also be fairly relevant if any decks splashing blue have a big pay-off creature like Emrakul or Elder Deep-Fiend.

      • Nanya

        When you say “Elder Deep-Fiend”, I read it as “Elder Deep-Fried”. XD

        • Mr.Mayhem631

          I do that.
          Every. Time.

  • Anyone

    Flagbearers and this card

  • chad

    good sideboard card at best, negate is much better…like if you agree!!!

    • Arcus Diabolus


    • MrAptronym

      One mana counterspells are a pretty different category from 2 mana counterspells. Please like and subscribe, consider my patreon.

  • aswanlikeneck

    Protect your Things (in the Ice)

  • Arcus Diabolus

    the one thing that is going to annoy me about this card is it is going to be used almost exclusively to protect Emrakul.

    • Tolle

      You say literally right after someone suggests protecting their Thing in the Ice

      • Arcus Diabolus

        I DID say almost. :D

    • MrAptronym

      Doesn’t save Emmy from her greater weakness to annoying enchantments like stasis snare and activated abilities. If I am including this to primarily protect my Emmy I’d maybe consider Invasive Surgery instead. Sorceries are all this halts against her really, and that one can stop those more broadly for the same price. A deck running her is also likely do be doing a bit of delirium, so the upside is nice.

  • Jaya

    I think this counters Ulamog, funny. Aside from that nothing special.

    • Angrygnome

      Nope, Ulamog’s exile is a triggered ability, not a spell.

  • Matt Salvia

    Finally, blue gets to do what blue does again. We’re at the point where blue’s counterspells are below average and Green has more card drawing abilities somehow. I’m cool with my favorite color being weak for a while, but we’re 2 years into “Green and White domination”: so glad we might get some tools to make a viable blue standard deck, or at least splash in a la reflector mage.

    This does seem like it should be an uncommon though for the sake of limited–that’s a very powerful spell effect for today’s Magic, even if it is strictly sideboard material.

    • xSiNx SHADOW

      blue deserves to be the bottom of the barrel next to red

      • Orion Moore

        That comment was hateful junk! Lol

  • Samuel Jurewicz

    this is a white effect.

  • silverhawk100

    Tempo/Midrange anti-removal. Boy, Reflector Mage was already one of the best creatures in the format and he just keeps getting better.

  • Spacecat Runner

    So excited for this one. Loved it in white too. 10/10 for the new art as well. Anyone else still wondering about the moon on Innistrad though? I kinda thought we’d see something more about it lorewise.

    • Derthiel

      Someone is sealed inside the moon. IDK who or why. probably not even moon.

  • Melissa Juice

    Brilliant art. Just beautiful.