• Zombie

    Seb McKinnon’s art just keeps getting better and better oh man…

    • sansmyhands

      I’d say he’s the best highly active Magic artist at the moment (Kev, Rob and John are too scarce these days, and Rebecca is all-but-lost to us :( ), with Dave Kendal and Noah Bradley right behind. Gotta love the artists keeping some of the old style in the game.

  • lonewolf

    holy mo-fockin jesus of mtg art… and what’s with this ability

  • Edward

    Well this is the first Dark Confidant effect I have seen that makes your opponent the lose life except for Sorin, Grim Nemesis.

    • galen150

      and it makes you gain it to boot.

      • Edward

        Yeah that is what makes it one of the highest potential cards in this set. It fits perfectly in with Vampires and if you can get Ascend right away it is insanely powerful.

  • Han Solo II

    moar mythics, how many have been spoiled now?

    • Edward

      This is 13 including the flip Mythic so unless we end up with a Legendary Pirate or another flip Mythic this is the last one

      • Robby

        How many flip mythics we seen so far? I’d think it’s safe to assume that we’re getting 10 flip cards like we did last time: five artifacts and 5 enchantments.

        • Edward

          This is a small set so we may not get any more flip cards. We have 2 flip Artifacts so maybe we will get some uncommon ones but there is no guarantee. It is highly unlikely we will get more Rares or Mythics. If we were they would have most likely been spoiled already.

  • Tolle

    Oh, need… please don’t see play in standard. I want to be able to afford like 6 of these.

  • Johan K

    My casual commander 33-50% decks have been longing for a card like this, and so has my 75% drain-and-card advantage durdler.

  • amicdeep

    This will be seen in modern! its not quite Bob but it’s now the second best in of this effect
    (This will definitely help out tokens after a bad year)

    • eltratzo

      it’s a 4mana creature without protection (except dodging bolt) that needs you to have boardpresence and it to last a turn to do stuff. if this helps you in modern you are probably already winning.

      • Jay Kilian

        It’s quite bad if you don’t have Ascend in place when you cast it. If you have the 4 lands to cast it + this creature, that is 5. You’d need 5 other permanents by turn 4, which is a stretch. Otherwise you hold in hand until you get there. It’s a late game option.

        • Nadorou

          Could maybe see it as late game gas in some Grixis control deck running 6-mana Chandra? Probably not good enough but at least seems kinda interesting.

  • Laws

    wtf? This seems insane in both standard and EDH

  • Kitnz

    This honestly seems very overpowered to me. 2/4 flyer for 2BB, nothing special but also fair value. Then that ability… it’s card advantage that potentially gains you life AND drains all of your opponents?! If it drains from everybody (including yourself), I would still be happy. This is insane.

    • Sciguy27

      It requires a lot to get online, and it still cost 4 mana. It is good in Commander, but I doubt this will see any play outside of that and Standard

      • Kitnz

        Maybe this stood out to me since those are the only two formats I care about (unless you count Tiny Leaders as a legitimate format). But I suppose you’re right. Most of the Ascend cards strike me as rather pushed, but again, the formats I play cater to that mechanic quite well.

  • doba joba

    Will not see A lot of competitive play though with glory bringer cuck dragon and Chandra as perfect answers

  • Bostorket

    She’s SUPER BOB!

  • jochen

    oh! it draws the card. allright then,gimme ten


    bob AND vagene

  • Happy The Cat

    well, it’s good, but I feel without protection this is a bit too exposed. This’ll probably be one of those cards that’s way stronger in edh simply because there are so many more threats around. This could be cool in some Stax builds where you get this online and melt the people who can’t fight back

  • Ryan Ross

    It’s a cleric and it doesn’t care about vampires <3 <3

  • Oscar

    Artwork is stunning…

    And I say it again, Ascend is automatically activated in EDH, that’s why I love this mechanic so much!

  • Andrea Lanzoni

    New trick for black monument

  • kmk888

    Treasure Map seems like the best single card to turn on ascend, and go wide/token decks shouldn’t struggle either. This card looks worth building around to me.

  • Dave

    IX/RIX Vampires got such awesome art!

  • David S. McCrae

    All those times you get the Bob trigger hoping for a land.
    Now, you get a Bob trigger and you’re like, “Please don’t be land.”

    • Cthulhooo

      Or you play both and you are never disappointed :D

  • Luminous_leper

    Especially good with explore to scry the top? What tribe is best for ascend? Vampire, merfolk, pirate, Dino in limited?