Tyrant's Choice - Vintage Masters Spoiler

Tyrant’s Choice

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Will of the council – Starting with you, each player votes for death or torture. If death gets more votes, each opponent sacrifices a creature. If torture gets more votes or the vote is tied, each opponent loses 4 life.

  • Aaron Seet

    Isn’t will of the council a conspiracy mechanic??

    • They are including will of the council and parley, into VM because they’re are like 53 Vintage-Only cards In the set.

  • Levee

    This is a pretty nice burn spell for rakdos or RBW burn. In 1v1 if you say torture you are guaranteed torture. Finally an opponent chooses effect that doesn’t completely suck.

  • ultramegalord

    what happens in the event of a tie somehow?

    • ultramegalord

      nevermind. i need to learn to read better.

  • Atarka Effreet

    What is this ?? Fake?? Or a person from Magic Card Smith made a card and WotC likes it??