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Destroy target monocolored creature.

“Let him be an example to others who would default on their debts to us.”
-“The Gozen,” Orzov assassin

  • Richardshort2001

    Go to Legacy.  Go directly to Legacy.  Do not pass Standard.  Do not collect $200.

  • Cooktheeighth

    Not the worst removal… 1 black 1 colorless… Destroy target mono-colored creature…. Hmmm… Delver… Big worm… Black vampire person…
    Lots of uses.

  • Tim

    Orzhov flavor in this set, not bad. Great card though, always nice to have more Doom Blade variants around.

    • I’m guessing that this couldn’t wait until gatecrash, or it would have had an orzhov watermark.

  • Highlander

    Good 3rd to go with Doom Blade and Go for the Throat.
    Can’t hit some big things like Eldrazi or the Colossus(s) that they can but having 12 two cost kill spells that hit most everything is more useful then 8

    • Supersmashprow

      Hey, what about Victim of Night? That’s yet another kill spell, even though it’s mostly for monoblack decks. You can have 16 two cost kill spells!  

  • Beto

    Question: Is colorless considered monocolored?

    • Nope.

      • Dv1L

        You should at least explain why…(he might be new, he might be a kid)
        It’s not mono colored because it has no color, hence “colorless”
        Monocolor means one of the five main colors.

        • Beto

          :) Yeah, I guess I made a stupid question after all :)

        • Well, it’s not like there’s many possible explainations, the fact that he raised the question meant that he himself was undecided so “nope” was all that was necessary for it.

          If you want the judge version, colorless is a positive check attribute (negative checks are like non-white) that checks if a card has no color, monocolored is a positive check attribute that checks if the color attribute of a card has a count of exactly one, and so forth. The negative version of colorless would be non-colored, the negative version of monocolored would be non-colorless non-multicolor.

          Positive and negative checks in those case are functionally identical, but can work differently for split cards, for instance a card with a colorless half and a monocolored half would match:

          is monocolored: yes

          is non-colored: no

          is colorless: yes
          is non-colorless and non-multicolor: no

          Every non-split card answer yes to both the positive and the negative instead.

          As you can see, there’s always room for expansion, and I don’t mind discussing the finer points of magic, but there’s kill, and there’s overkill, I thought I killed enough.

      • Beto

        Thanks :) That sucks tho… They made it worse than Non Artifact / No Double Colored

        •  I’ve been noticing a lot of color nerfs for core set staples across the board over the last couple years (no cultivate, no lightning bolt, no mana leak now, no doom blade, etc)

  • Sheepsmuggler

    Why do they do this go for the throat in artifact block and this in ravnica lol

    • Samuraisquid1

      This is almost worse than gftt

      •  With the *RARE* exceptions of monocolored artifact creatures and
        nonartifact colorless creatures: Strictly worse than Go For The Throat.

  • Aided

    Are you Sh*tting me??!!


    This card is soo..so.. (Coming from a 4 year experience with the game), so so so effective in MANY games. Especially in standard right now.
    Frick you dungeon geists! Frick you grave Titan! Frick you, you big fatty!

    • Kokono

       You are not the smartest guy aren’t you? There won’t be Gravetitan in Standard this will not be played that much in the post- rotation environment but in other formats it is going to be pretty good!

      • Aided

        Oops you’re right. Still has its good uses against dungeon geists.
        And now that I think on the subject more it can destroy delved flipped.

        For black, it’s a cheap removal that has many targets.