Ulvenwald Captive - Ulvenwald Abomination

Ulvenwald Captive // Ulvenwald Abomination

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Creature - Eldrazi, Horror, Werewolf
  • Rarity: Common
  • Set:

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  • Andy Upton

    not bad. expensive flip, but a 1/2 elvish mystic for 2cmc with defender, is quite good

    • DJ Pad

      Actually a 1/2 elvish mystic with defender is pretty terrible, but this is what we’re stuck with playing since Wizards apparently feels 1-mana dorks are too good. The flip side make it better for limited, but likely won’t be flipping much in constructed.

      • Jody Williams

        Vildin-Pack Alpha feels differently.

      • eltratzo

        they don’t think they are too good. they explained it recently (I think it was stoddard in one of his latest developemets articles):
        there will be a time when they will start printing 1 drop dorks. right now they like the added flexibility that no turn one acceleration gives them. the biggest example of this being two and threedrops. in a environment with 1drop dorks twodrops are in a very awkward spot since you want to be casting threedrops, not them. and the green threedrops for constructed have to be designed as if they would always enter on turn two. right now they feel that it is better for green as a colour to take a break from turn one dokrs and try new things.

        that said, I still miss them. ^^

  • Nolly

    Great for limited, not what werewolf decks in constructed want, and it will always find a home with Overgrown Battlement. :)

  • Edward

    Can we please get a good werewolf from this set? They have all been really bad so far besides the 2/1 for 1

    • ZeraKoN

      This, so much

      • Edward

        This is coming from someone who isn’t a big fan of werewolves too. I just don’t want humans to get the upper-hand like they have had.

  • Boogers

    I believe this is the little red riding hood reference werewolf from the original innistrad block

  • chad

    solid mana dork

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Dece early and dece late.

  • Happy The Cat

    this feels more than useless to flip.

    • EJ

      Not really. The problem with mana dorks is that they’re great in the early game and lousy in the late game.

      Early game, it helps develop your board. Late game, it either becomes a threat, or it gives you the mana to cast an even bigger threat.

      If Birds of Paradise or Llanowar Elves or Noble Hierarch had the ability to transform themselves into 4/6 creatures which tapped for 2 mana, they’d be ridiculous.

      • Happy The Cat

        most of the time when those cards become useless is about the time you die, unless you have no spells in your hand chances are that dorks will being something. the only time this is better is when you are top decking and have the nine mana to turn this into a 4/6 with no evasion that on longer produces colored mana.
        if you think that this is better than birds or hierarch I’ll gladly trade you these for whatever copies you have.

        • EJ

          No. What I’m saying is that Birds of Paradise would be better if it had this ability.

          Allow me to play a game of magic where all of my Mana Dorks have “GG5: This Creature becomes a 4/6 with ‘tap to add to your mana pool” and see if the ability doesn’t come in handy.

    • NoobOfLore

      Strong in limited. Frontside is ramp, flipside is big. Big stupid beaters win games in limited. Big stupid beaters that do something before 6 mana win more games.

      The mana on the backside isn’t going to be relevant in limited (most of the time) unless you balanced your curve way too heavy on the back-end, but it will be at least occasionally helpful.

      In summary: a 4/6 is better than a 1/2. Flipping it is useful.

  • Zombie

    Kinda sad for such a cool card to be only good in Sealed and barely playable in draft.

    In case you were wondering, Squires with Defender aren’t good.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    I’d be more willing to look at this if it cost 1 to cast. Hate mana dorks that tap for one but cost two.

  • Reyos Blackwood

    by the time you can afford the transform, will you really be needing the double colorless enough to actually pay the 7? You’d be transforming it for the big body, and there are easier, ways to get something that size.

    • silverhawk100

      For when you desperately need colorless to cast Kozilek? I’unno.

    • Cody DuSavage

      You’ve clearly forgotten about waxing moon.. You can transform him by turn 3.

  • Corey Reks Anderson

    still missing the dronepack dude from the trailer , please be tovolar

  • Kaiser

    plz now my rare dreadronewolf

  • Bostorket

    Side one: “See? Nature’s got this. That’a’girl.”

    • ZSensei

      I was about to say something like this

  • Urdothor

    This and Geier Reach Bandit work pretty well together, assuming Geier Reach Bandit is flipped over.

    Paying 2 for a 4/6 sounds good.

  • Typhuzuzu13

    So turn 2 this, turn 3 waxing moon for a 4/6 that generate back the mana you spent? Yes please.

  • Cody DuSavage

    Already have a turn 4-5 combo for this ^.^