• Jeremy Scott

    Bad, not playable for a few reasons. 1BB is too color intensive in this format for what it does. I would like to see if we get more Vizier’s we have a Gulgari Vizier and and an Azorious one.. wonder if we will get a couple more.

    • MrAptronym

      I believe it was confirmed to be just the two.

      • Kahai

        We got a mono-green one.

        • pain42

          There are only going to be two that are legendary and 2 colors. There aren’t going to be any more in a cycle of legendary 2 color viziers, which is what was confirmed.

        • MrAptronym

          True, I kind of forgot because it’s not legendary.

  • MrAptronym

    It’s nice to see old reprints back again. Well… It is better than Mind Rot, but not setting the world on fire.

  • Serj

    Totally love the art

  • MTG420


  • Kameenook

    This card seems very good in limited. You get to have the mind rot for the long grindy matchups you want it for, but you also get the cycling ability for when it would be a dead card. And the BB isn’t as bad because if you realistically aren’t going to be able to get that on time in a given game you can cycle it off and keep going.

    • MTG420

      Exactly what I was thinking. There’s a lot of cycle synergy and in limited every card counts.

  • kmk888

    This card is a slam dunk in limited and I am actually considering it in Standard constructed. Neutralizing the worst aspect of playing discard is amazing.

  • Jay Kilian

    Might find a spot in Pauper mono black control.

    • MrAptronym

      This is a reprint from Scourge.

  • Deadly Berry

    Sorry but, I’ll keep using my copies from Scourge; this artwork is unwanted.