Underworld Cerberus - Theros Spoiler

Underworld Cerberus

  • Color: Black, Red
  • Type: Creature - Hound
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

Underworld Cerberus can’t be blocked except by three or more creatures.

Cards in graveyards can’t be the targets of spells or abilities.

When Underworld Cerberus dies, exile it and each player returns all creature cards from his or her graveyard to his or her hand.

  • DimitrijeSimic(surname isreal)

    this is awesome

  • Jordan

    this guy. this is the guy i’ll buy 4 of.

  • William S. Miller


  • DeAnthony Grenesko


  • Kevan Kramer

    Insane R/B card.

  • LeonFA

    1) It has evasion so good that chump blocking it just isn’t even an option.
    2) 6/6 at CMC5 in these colors without a drawback is very good.
    3) Ground Seal effect will let it hate on graveyards very easily and protect your graveyard from oozes.
    4) It can’t be hit by Doom Blade, Ultimate Price, and its too big for the vast majority of burn spells.
    5) It refuels both players hands on death. With Scavenging Ooze and Deathrite Shaman, you can make this a very one sided benefit.

    I think this is just in general, and extremely powerful card that is going to contribute to the shape of the upcoming standard. You pretty much need to exile or pacify this thing to take it out of the picture without it ruining your game.

    • Antares

      There are SO few ways to deal with it, and most require very deep color commitments. Banisher Priest gets him, but is double white. That means that one of your deck’s colors is going to be white. Another is the new “Chain to the Rocks”. That one requires either R/W or White with a Red splash and a consistent way to get a mountain. Detention Sphere also requires deep commitments, as you need a consistent way to get an island or a plains, or be U/W. Vraska can handle this guy, but requires G/B, or a way to get the swamp or plains out consistently.
      That gives us, at the 1-for-1 stage:
      – Vraska
      – Detention Sphere
      – Banisher Priest
      – Chain to the Rocks
      – Thoughtsieze

      As for dealing with it UNfavorably:
      – Orzhov Charm works, but you lose 6 life. You also give them all their creatures back, so it really only works if you’re in an aggro/midrange deck as well and will get a lot of creatures.
      – Having some sort of “Fight” effect and someone big enough to handle him would work.
      – Multiple Burn spells.
      – Assassin Strike (it’s 6 mana T_T)
      – Dangerous side of Armed//Dangerous, and a deathtouch creature.

      This guy is the new Thundermaw Hellkite. Deeper color commitments, but it does MORE than Thundermaw. This guy will easily be 30$, is my prediction.

      • Gabriel Colhoff

        don’t forget exiling him with swine

  • Levi Warren

    Let me play the devil’s advocate here for a second and say that this isn’t the greatest thing for constructed as black does a lot of recursion and graveyard fiddling. His second ability works against black but after he dies, your graveyard will become your graveyard again in short order. It’s very much a niche card that you have to build a deck around, totally the mythic flavor. Still a strong card.

    • Antares

      Black also does a lot of things that AREN’T graveyard fiddling. The ones that DO, are things that don’t want to be in a Rakdos or R/B/X deck with him. They are either 5 cost (like Rescue from the Underworld), or don’t fit the “aggro/midragne” mentality of this card very well.

      This guy is BRUTAL. Think of other cards coming with him. Master of Cruelties is an amazing top end with him, thanks to Deathstrike. This guy can be given armed to make your opponent choose a 14 life hit or losing three creatures. He can bring back your graveyard, so if an opponent has been consistently wrathing your board, suddenly you get a TON of creatures you can play (imagine this guy dying with six mana up, and you have 3 cacklers, exava, and a Rakdos. That’s 8 damage coming to the face next turn, and a HUGE threat the turn after).

      Honestly, this guy will be the replacement for Thundermaw, I think. He’s ridiculously powerful, especially in Rakdos or R/B/X aggro. He requires deeper commitment to colors (I think the best would be G/R with a black splash using Deathrite or the 1 mana sorcery that lets you get a land), but can also provide HUGE dividends (Thundermaw was just 5 to the face guaranteed for one turn. IF the opponent didn’t have removal. This guy comes down. Yeah, he doesn’t go to the face immediately (oh, wait, RED HAMMER), but your opponent has to be careful removing him, because they can swing the game back to you if they do).

  • Devin Beckley

    Can we just discuss the fact that he’s not legendary also ? Imagine having two of these bad boys out.

  • welan


  • Tim

    This was made for the Vorthos’