Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign - Hour of Devastation Spoiler

Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign

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  • Raimund Keller

    a sphinx tribal commander? some blue players just wet their pants

  • Soren Szilver

    if only sphinxes had literally any other tribal support. this might be a good card in another few years if any other tribal support is printed but right now it is not good enough to build around, probably not even in commander since a lot of good sphinxes are esper and thus more then just blue

    • Lord Krunt

      Pretty sure one of the commander decks printed this fall will be sphinx tribal. You can expect a lot of support coming for this card.

      • Soren Szilver

        There is literally no reason for one of them to be sphinx tribal. They are far from an iconic tribe in magic’s history and there are tons of better candidates. I would bet any amount of money that sphinx isn’t one of the tribes.

        • Kahai

          >Far from iconic tribe
          >literally blue’s iconic tribe


          • Soren Szilver

            many tribes are far more iconic for blue then sphinxes. Merfolk, faerie, wizards, and even arguably leviathans to name a few. sphinx are definately well after the first three in “iconic for blue”

          • Kahai

            Merfolk, Faerie, and Wizards are all characteristic creature types that are very popular, but are not the iconic creature type.

          • mehngo

            How could you possibly argue that Sphinx is any more iconic than the others he listed? When you ask the question “Name a red creature tribe,” people usually think of Dragons or Goblins first. If you ask the same for blue, how many would realistically think of Sphinx? They’re pretty forgettable, save for a couple EDH staples, let alone popular.

          • Soren Szilver

            pm what i meant^ thanks man

          • Kahai

            I’m talking strict definitions, you know how WotC markets things.

          • mehngo

            Based on strict definitions, I’d consider Djinns a more iconic blue creature type than sphinx.

          • Soren Szilver

            that arguement is crappy, and either you know it and are intentionally playing dumb, or are too dumb to convince otherwise, so i wont waste my time trying. you are wrong though, and i will leave you with that

  • Kaiser

    I like this sphinx so hard

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Why does it say rare when it’s clearly mythic?

  • Rocket Raccoon

    Sphinxes + Heartless Summoning, amazing combination to enter a sphinx for, 2 mana?

    • Happy The Cat

      not really, I mean you can, but the amount of Sphinxes that already wouldn’t have colorless costs or just 1 generic is pretty high, plus, lets be real, the deck that’ll be running this is going to have this as it’s commander, so HS cant really go in that deck.

      • Rocket Raccoon

        Im not a commander player, only modern, and I like to play very casual things that can be fun hehe

        • Deus Exx

          You’re not a commander player, but you modern, and you like things that are casual? WHAT?!

          • Jackson Means

            Doesn’t seem that confusing, I guess they enjoy modern and casual but not commander

          • Rocket Raccoon

            I like casual playing, not randomness about having just 1 copy of each card, up to 100. I just don’t like that

          • Deus Exx

            It was a joke, because modern is anything but casual. Well, at least not in my area.

  • Happy The Cat

    shouldn’t it be caprasphinx since it’s clearly a sphinx with a goat head?
    could be cool, Argent and Conundrum both cost uu to play with this, but what I really want is to get Uthuun and flicker him a bunch so I can get all the fact or fictions

    • Falconfly

      No, krios is greek for ram. Criosphinx is a type of sphinx

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    This is unexpected. Could be fun.

  • Nanya

    Too bad it’s Mono-Blue and not Esper

    • jaya

      Esper and izzet alrdy have a sphinx legend, only mono blue was lacking, looks fair to me.

      • Geoffrey Baron

        wrong in origins, monoblue got Alhamaret , high arbiter.

      • Nanya

        True, but if Esper you could use almost all the Sphinxes (save the Izzet one) in a deck.

        Should clarify, I’m thinking in terms of Commander.

  • Scott Fridinger

    Cost so much to cast, EDH fun though.

    • Kahai

      Sphinxes average cmc is like 5. XD

  • jaya

    Well, at least u have an excuse to make a mono blue tribal sphinx deck, still waiting for leviathan. Same cant be said for dragons, zirian is a vashiano btw.

    • Shagoth

      Viashino who can be a great mono red dragon commander

  • NC

    sphact or sphinxion…

  • Who doesn’t like a fact or fiction on a rambirdlion?

  • Shagoth

    This s basically everything one would want for a sphinx legend, aside from the colors.

    • Kahai


  • DJ Pad

    Bulk mythic.

  • Aurore

    Part of me really wishes this was Esper colors.
    And another part of me is really really glad Magister Sphinx doesn’t get a 2 mana discount.

  • Miles Rinesmith

    Mirror Gallery would be great with this in 60 card casual.

  • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

    Why is its head a ram-ish type of head, while all other amonkeht sphinxes have Egyptianish heads

    • De’Elgathor

      That’s what a criosphinx is. A ram headed sphinx.

      • Happy The Cat

        his point does stand, why are we getting a greek mythological creature in our egyptian themed set? there are tons of weird amalgamations in egyptian lore, so why go with something not from egyptian lore?

        • De’Elgathor

          Why are there angels? Or things reminiscent of biblical plagues? Because someone in design or development thought it would be cool, or that it would add an interesting facet to the world that is not “Egypt world”, like so many people have fallen into the trap of thinking.
          Besides, there’s a surprising amount of cultural and mythological bleed between Greek and Egyptian mythologies. Why wouldn’t we see something like this?

  • Evil Tactics

    Seems like filler art. The other sphinxes in the picture look too similar to Unesh.

  • Han Solo II

    this is gonna be terrible in limited, “I hope I get the two rare sphinxes to go with my mythic sphinx”

    • Hedronal

      It still draws you that first time, plus is a 4/4 flying.