• Oscar

    Cool card, but would it have been too strong at uncommon? It was printed only in an EDH precon, so its ratity had a different meaning.

    • Happy The Cat

      well, it’s ww put target creature on top of it’s owner’s deck. ruining their next draw and then making them cast it again. this card probably has had the least amount of mana paid for X total out of all X bombs ever.

      • DJ Pad

        Not just creature, any non-land permanent. Considering how good griptide effects are in limited being only 2 mana is huge.

        • Happy The Cat

          not only that but it’s an instant so at the end of your turn I can bury something of yours into your deck as far as I can. I don’t really want to deal with that jms, so lets not look at it for about four turns.

      • wiseguy

        Its even better as a response to an opponent’s fetchland. Too bad it feel out of favor but it was hyped pretty well back in the day.

        • Happy The Cat

          how does this respond to a fetchland? it does say non-land on it.

          • wiseguy

            Meaning you cast this for 2 on a problem permanent when your opponent cracks a fetchland. They will place the permanent on top of their library but when the fetch ability resolves they end up shuffling that permanent away.

    • EJ

      This was a $20 card at its height. The 2nd most expensive card from Commander 2013 after True-Name Nemesis. Toxic Deluge topped out at $15. It saw play in Legacy and Vintage. It’s fallen out of favor, but the rarity is certainly justified.

      It’s an instant and can hit any planeswalker, errr. I mean permanent.